Saturday, January 18, 2014

My path of least resistance

Dear Beloveds!

What Magic we can create, if we step away from all the "need to" and "must" and stop resisting ... while fully surrendering and embracing the flow of Life completely, and realizing that personal freedom to express our Soul comes first, and should always be our top priority on our Ascension journey. After the most recent wave of integration, I stepped deeper into pure allowance of what Is, instead of creating resistance of the flow in the Now. And after the intense shift, I AM having the most amazing days of peaceful bliss and creativity. Here is an example of just how much we can create in a day, if we stop resisting the flow of what Is and wants to be born out of us!!!

The example comes from one of my days this week. In the morning I woke up, I went to the new dentist here where U live, and found out that everything is okay for now, while my body gave me a message to nurture it with even more awareness because my teeth are very sensitive. I then went to the store, bought some fruits and some home decor goodies, which totally made my day. I came back home, decorated the place and had my smoothies. I finished a few errands, and then I did some writing and sharing. I was on fire! I then watched the movie Contact with mom (second time for me, first time for her), which I absolutely love. Then I created some Elven jewelery while watching a show called "UFO Hunters". I then danced and exercised to Loreena McKennitt's music, and then I wanted to do some puzzles, so I opened and began a new one. Each year I do at least one new one, and I still haven't opened any this year. I have this new beauty ... don't You just love it! The year of the horse will begin with horses! Perfect alignment!

The point of me sharing my whole day is this: We can create so much more, when we live in perfect alignment with our Soul, without the feeling that we should be doing something else, or that we are not being productive enough, and all those other silly beliefs that we tell ourselves from time to time. This is old ... we need to let it go. Freedom of Soul expression needs to come first Now! This New wave of energy sure brought some deep inner shifts, and we are ready! I AM game and ready for more expansion through conscious awareness and Divine creativity. Will You join me on this beautiful ride?

Our sacred Mountain portal here always mirrors our current state of awareness and expansion, and it sheds light on what is currently going on in the ethers. One week ago we already saw the first butterflies of the year and daisies growing ... in the first part of January ... and in the upper hills. This is simply fantastic and it is amazing how Nature is shifting and blooming into the New! I have never experienced this before in the middle of the Mountains. Today the energy was amazingly beautiful and peaceful. Our environment perfectly mirrors us and matches our state of vibration.

During one of my Silence days in Nature recently, I was guided to expand on something. Our way of living will always mirror our inner state of expansion. Those who are always expanding, will always live with a Heart fully open and always ready for the next adventure. Sometimes I notice how most people seem to only walk the paved paths, while never moving deeper into exploring Nature and its wildest and purest faces. I myself AM a wild woman, and I love to explore new terrains and sacred spaces in Nature, whether by running, climbing or hiking ... the wilder the better. Sometimes I entangle myself in thorny bushes, and other times I discover the most amazing beauties that Nature has to offer. Those who are never willing to walk the mysterious paths, will never get to experience this.

The wilder that You live, and less tamed your free Spirit is ... the purer your innocence and childlike Spirit will be. When You live this way, You will see and create adventure in the most ordinary things. In the end, You will see that nothing is truly ordinary ... but You need to move beyond the routine, and into the Magic of the moment. Nature has so much to offer, and it's an endless playground ... with so many opportunities to create and play. I love to play with Her, the Great Mother who loves to expand as well, and so we expand along with Her. Nature is my biggest playground, not the artificial things and objects. And the most random paths always lead me to the most amazing discoveries. I found the richest bounties in the simplest of things!

Give yourself into Nature, and surrender your established paths to something New and amazing! Be the wild Spirit that You are in your organic Truth! This is true Oneness with Nature and the Great Mother!

Here is another awareness about this! And guys, this is seriously hilarious! On this sacred spot where I like to sit at, I noticed this huge boulder rock, which probably tore itself away from the main rock. When I was here last week, it completely surprised me with its presence. I wasn't sure that I saw it there before, when I was here the last couple of times ... it looked brand new to me, although I wasn't really sure. I guessed that my mind was somehow playing tricks on me, and showing me that I can be even more sure, if I AM even more deeply Present in Nature. Then I moved even deeper within. I was sure that I would notice such a huge rock when passing by it, and after making photos on that sacred spot a couple of times. So my awareness expanded, and the main message was to trust myself and believe in my inner knowing, not doubting myself and what I feel to be true.
Let us not forget to balance the dedication work of our personal Ascension journey of Soul expansion with spontaneous playfulness and self care. To be serious when we need to, and to be playful when we are called to by the magical inner child, is the best formula for Being in the Now with a fully open Heart. We are all innocent in our Purity of the Spirit Self, and embodying that pure Self is a choice. Be careful ... one wild deer on the run in the forest! (winks) 
And here is another wild one! Meet one of our best animal friends and companions ... Miss Golden kitty. This this little kitty feels like mine, but I do not own her. She is the nicest and friendliest kitten I have ever seen, and I AM so happy when I see her on my hikes. She is amazing! Today she greeted us with such love, licking us all over and sharing so much Love with us. She was like so overwhelmed with Joy, while constantly rubbing herself against us. She totally made our day, and it was very hard saying goodbye to her. She is a very special intelligent Spirit. I love all of our animal companions with the full freedom of Being, and as I AM a fully free Spirit, so are they.

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my latest video about Self mastery and how to move through resistance into full allowance of what Is: