Sunday, October 29, 2017

The Era of the Galactic Human

Dear Beloveds!

Those ascended Beings who are ready on a Soul level, are Now walking through a Gateway of Life force cultivation where we are learning to embrace manifesting/creating through Life force as ultimate surrendered flow. When we undergo this initiation, there will be an endless ocean of inner peace which will overflow our every cell with the Light of illumination. The first prerequisite to this initiation is the dissolution of all old patterns and false structures that do not support living through the organic flow of Life force or a complete state of Grace. The second step will be becoming pure, transparent and unconditional, so that our body will be able to translate the uninterrupted flow of Life force driven creativity. The third step will be becoming a pure vessel for Spirit in constant dedication and devotion to selfless service through Life force. This is the next step for all the Galactic Humans.

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Galactic & planetary Light servers arise!

Dear Beloveds!

We opened a New doorway with a Full Moon in Aries, a sign of individuality, new life and beginnings. It was followed by a Libra New Moon of Self liberation. It is very important to build a solid foundation here on Earth, in order to ground our Light in the physical. However, we must do that attachment free, and as ascended Beings we must learn to create abundance from our inner Spirit. There are still a lot of material concerns on this planet, which are a part of collective disengagement with the physical body and the planetary body of Gaia. Yes, we exist in our bodies, but creating through Soul embodiment is not the same as being attached to the material reality. Co-creating with Gaia through the embodied beauty of our sacred vessels is a process of deep merging, not separation and disengagement. There are still so many who are deeply disconnected from the creative power of their bodies, and they don't know the Divine gift of using them in the right way, the Way of sacred creation.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

The Gateway of illumined Union

Dear Beloveds!

Happy new energetic month of October! This is an 11/2 energetic month of rooted stability and harmonious partnership, with ourselves, others and the living planetary Being we know as Gaia. The most powerful energetic influences of this month are Jupiter moving into the sign of Scorpio and Mars/Venus conjunction. There's no doubt that this all points to a deepening within the path of Divine Union which also corresponds with those who are on the path of illumined Union. We have been activating and gathering inner resources, so that our strength could multiply in Divine partnership in perfect Divine timing. This month holds the energy of reaching a stability within our Union that points towards a stage of completion. Through this journey we are dissolving all that is inauthentic to our Cosmic Beloved path, embracing only true Love and selfless service through Life force. For us to be in a partnership that supports planetary Ascension service, we have to first fully embody this ourselves, as nothing comes outside of us, especially on the path of Cosmic mastery. Nothing is a given, everything is Self created, and we are offered a dispensation of "going the distance".