Tuesday, July 26, 2016

The New Sovereign Beings

Dear Beloveds!

There are those of us who have Now finally graduated on the path of Self healing and fully stepped on the path of true Ascension! What is the difference and how does this graduation or better yet maturation look like? As we are walking the path of Self healing/wholing we are still gathering and unifying the many aspects of our Soul so that we can create our unified Light body through the column of White Light! As we are healing ourselves and others, we are working with many Soul aspects and rays of light, but on the path of devotion to Ascension these unify, creating a solid pillar within us! This is where the true art of Self mastery actually begins, because we no longer need to heal as our wholeness is synthesized and embodied! We become our highest version of Self, a sovereign Master of our own reality! This doesn't mean that our journey ends here ... it simply denotes a whole new beginning of Universal expansion.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Becoming the New Humans

Dear Beloveds!

We are becoming the New Humans more so every day. The destruction we have all been moving through is only the ruin of the old, the no longer fitting, authentic and resonant! This relates to the New energy influx and when these New Cosmic waves come, they will blast everything out of the way, which is everything that limits the expansion and expression of our Soul! Our Soul needs to feel free to soar in our Human body, and so the old can be seen as something fixed and enigmatic, but as the Light of the Divine hits it, all the walls and heavy bricks begin to fall away and dissipate! In Truth, this speaks of courage and liberation, and those who are brave enough to see the Light in everything (even in the seeming darkness) are going to continue to expand and break all false boundaries, so that only that which is real shall remain! Too often we keep ourselves stuck in the same mind sets, same routines and beliefs, but when the Divine "Eye" comes and leaves its signature upon us, it puts everything into a new and fresh perspective! The liberation is the first step towards healing and illumination. Hope is inspired by trust not fear, and sometimes certain events need to happen to truly hit us on our head so that we can see the Light of the Truth beyond all illusion!