Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My living in the New

Dear Beloveds!

What is living in the New like? You have probably noticed me using the words "the New" constantly. What does it really mean when we use the words the "New?" I AM using these words to describe our ascending reality, for we are all flowing along with it, and it’s all happening in the Now, and in the Now everything is brand New. There are no assumptions, definitions or labels, and we are all learning as we go along the way. This is the basis of surrender to our Divine Self and the expansion of our Soul, which is a constant journey. Can You feel the latest shift in energy that is a result of our expanded awareness? Have You leveled up? When I say "leveled up" it does not mean that You need to be at a certain specific point of awareness or comparing your journey of Soul awareness with anyone else. No, what I mean is attaining and embodying yet another level of higher frequency within yourself, as You embody more and more of your true Self, and the White Light of Creation that You are meant to bring forth to this plane of Existence as All Life in Creation expands.

We had a few beautiful sunny days here after a few days of purifying rain, and I mostly spent my time outside, feeling the shift of the Mother as well! It was amazing and I enjoyed outside so much, and so many Spirit messages and confirmations came. I was out, and when I returned I was just guided to clean and organize my sacred space, and I was all active and hyper yet again. I just shifted so much internally, and so my sacred space Now needs to match that physically. At one point I was looking at myself in the bathroom mirror while scrubbing something and I said to myself: "Earth ... 3.0 ... that's what You get here," and I began laughing.

Here is another interesting story to share! On 22.4. (Earth day) I felt something shaking as I was sitting in my bed in the morning, but I thought I was imagining as hardly any earthquake activity can be felt here in the Mountains. I shook it off and I went out. When the day was nearly over, I read about the earthquake and I was like: "So that's what influenced my physical purging!" When Gaia births earthquakes, she has contractions, and she is entering a new phase as well. It is no surprise with the Grand Cardinal Cross being most exact last week! The earthquake was just a gentle nudge though.

Many of us are now experiencing a deep life transition, which is sometimes not easy to cope with. We are each feeling a uniqueness of this experience, but it feels like a gentle (or more firm) push into something that is beyond everything we have ever known before. Yes, the mind can sometimes have its own ways and inner "battles" and excuses, but You know what they say: "Resistance is futile!" It is true, and eventually all of us will just let go and flow down the river.

I was mostly seeking to embody greater balance myself while soothing and replenishing outside in Nature, and my Aura-Soma tarot deck was with me as well, as I was guided to do a short reading of the current energies and Soul integration. It is all about leveling up and stepping into Self devotion in the New.

I created a powerful reading that is in alignment with the main shifting energy and theme of the Grand cardinal cross, which was peaking at the end of last week and we will continue to feel this energy all the way until 2015, as it's associated with great changes on this planet.

The first one is number 55 (the number of change), and it is the color combination of Clear/Red. It's called The Christ; Light and inspiration enters the physical world. This is Ten of Swords in tarot, and it represents destruction of the old that allows the new to come in. Sacrifice. Accepting the unexpected. New horizons. The second one is number 19, and it's the archetype of The Sun in tarot. This is the color combination of Red/Purple. It is called Living in the material world. Regeneration, the renewal of the body is generated by the renewal of the mind.

The message is: The light of consciousness, harmony, strength and enthusiasm. Allow the light to shine, radiate love, release from the darkness. The chance to give and receive happiness. I AM seeing Hearts everywhere and in everything. What about You?

Do You see the main message? It is all about Christ consciousness, and this surely is the message of the current Grand Cardinal Cross alignment. Many people were saying exactly that, but it's not something that enters outside of us like many still perceive as such. It is not related with a specific Being or entity, it does not happen to save us from anything ... it is the inner Light of the Christ that re-awakens inside of us, and then we move even beyond that into the Light of One, the Light of Unity and Universal consciousness. Ascension is a choice and it begins with our inner Soul alignment and integrity. We do not wait for the "perfect moment" for something to happen ... we always create Divine Perfection from within our own sacred Temple and Soul awareness.

So for the past couple of days I have felt a shift in energy greatly and I was preparing for a new influx of energy/new life. I was cleansing, cleaning and organizing. Just before the Solar Eclipse I was inspired to shift the energy in my sacred space, and I re-created my special altars and sacred items.

I noticed that every time I step up in my vibration, Spirit sends me a beautiful white shell, representing the Spiral of Spirit. I have seen quite a few these days. This little specimen acted very strangely today, for it totally disappeared on me before I went home, and then it reappeared again as I got back home. Don't You just love it when that happens? Can You see an ant on the left that is trying to steal my prize? That naughty little creature! Or maybe it wanted to live in the shell?

I also finally created my Twin Soul/Aurea-Aureon sacred space with my personal Soul paintings and the crystal altar, and I feel how the energy in my room has shifted immensely since. New life wants to break through! Let us be gentle with ourselves and allow it!

These are my High Priestess and High Priest stones together as One. They are the symbol of the sacred Union, of the perfect Divine masculine and feminine. Me and my Soul friend were just talking about Divine reunions lately, and how they take place and become seeded first in the Hearts of those pure ones who know what a sacred union truly is. And then they emanate the most sacred Light/awareness and Divine remembrance out into the Whole as all is One! How did they come into being and found me?

I was spending my weekend in a silent retreat, away from my computer. I went to the beach to be amongst my stones and to capture the last sun rays of the day. As I sat on the floor, I saw this stone that stood out from all the rest, as its shape appealed to me instantly. The moment I first picked it up, I knew it was special, and I saw the High Elven Priestess in it right away. She has a long robe and long white hair that go all the way down in the back. The message of the High Priestess is always about awareness, neutral observation, sacred knowledge of the Soul, humility and deep Presence. She brings us the message of seeing things from a higher perspective and grounding the sacred feminine. Sometimes we all still like to do things from the old masculine paradigm, which is based on doing.

This old paradigm craves to be united with the sacred feminine, to once again breathe together as One ... in sacred Union. The High Priestess asks us to step outside of ourselves for a moment, to get clarity on why we do things from the old, if they simply no longer serve us. Why are we wasting our precious energy, if our focus is best needed for that which is for the greater good. As we open up to our higher channels, we embrace the Divine and allow the Will of One to simply flow through us. The message of the Divine Will I have received in my Nature sacred space goes: "It does not always have to be so hard. One does not need to push against the flow. In sweet surrender, the Will of One does everything effortlessly." We all know that deep inside, but we still like to kick around from time to time, and think that we need to get everything done on our own. It takes great Wisdom to transcend this old belief and move on to a higher octave of Being and living in the New. 
Then I had another amazing find on my Mountain beach right after that ... just two days ago. I sat on the sand to rest again, and I instantly saw this stone that resembled the first one. I picked it up, and I saw the image of it right away. "The High Priestess doesn't walk alone" was the message from Spirit that came instantly. I knew they are a pair, and I was so happy to have them both together. At the very same time, I also picked a few Heart shaped stones and a tiny stone with a figure/number 2 on it, and it also looked like a tiny swan. This is the symbol of the sacred Union, of the perfect Divine masculine and feminine. What a beautiful message and guidance to receive today! I AM grateful and so happy on my beach!

Messages about this are everywhere!!! Here is another magical example! Sometimes we drink this vegan "coffee", and it leaves us these beautiful messages with its leftovers. This weekend I got one of the most powerful messages, and it was all about Divine Union and Reunion. I also remembered that the image reminded me of a symbol I once saw in one of my books, and I was instantly guided to look it up. Spirit sends us signs and messages that we know how to translate, and the feeling is often accompanied by a strong sense of Soul bliss. This particular symbol means "connected, unified" and it can also be seen as two Beings within One that are always interconnected as One and they stand in the Heart of Divine Love. They are approaching each other with Love and devotion to the most High. Enjoy opening up to the messages that are within and all around ... don't forget about your magical Soul Essence! This means expecting the unexpected for sure! 

And since I love receiving messages from oracles as well ... meet my new baby! This is another color/crystal oracle and attunement. I added it to my Spirit readings for sure, as most of my focus will be on the color Ray of focus and purpose from Now on. I also added a new reading/guidance to my personal services last week. This is a yearly/birthday/Self mastery reading, which focuses on your year ahead and strong devoted focus to personal Ascension. Last weekend was my mother's birthday and I did one for her and she totally loved it. Right after it, Spirit showed me to put that on the list of my personal services. Interesting! And we had a spider running on my wall just before we began with the reading, which was a strong message of new ideas and projects ... weaving the web of the New!

The first card I got with this deck was "Seraphinite" ... Angelic energy. The Light of the Seraphim is the purest, and not just anyone can attune to it and work with it. I loved this lovely confirmation of my Soul path and Ray of purpose!

And the story of Seraphinite continues. How do we always live in a state of higher perception and seeing messages of the Divine everywhere and in everything? Here is one of mine examples. Recently I was guided to purchase a Seraphinite crystal, which is linked with the energy of the Seraphim and it's a very high vibrational crystal that I was guided to use for my devotion to service. I chose a bigger piece, but as it came to me today, it was broken on half. At first I felt a bit sad and disappointed, but I shifted almost instantly. Instead of reacting, I began to feel into the message behind all of this. I got a perfect message of two halves that are perfectly whole as One, and now I will also receive a compensation crystal from the seller, so I will actually not have just one, but two of them. Life is always abundant and meaningful in Truth. Can we wake up to that simple and yet profound Truth of Existence?

Talking about magical crystal companions ... I got my first piece of Moldavite as well. It is so super extra tiny, but I hope it will be powerful enough. I was getting messages about Moldavite for a while now, and I knew it was time for me to get one. This is not a regular crystal, as it's actually a meteorite (tektite family) that became this beautiful green glass. As I was watching the pictures of green Moldavite, I was seeing all these different Beings and had magical sensations. It truly feels like a special piece, no matter how small it is. I was attracted to this one because it's shaped like a Heart. I will call it my ET Heart, for its origin is extraterrestrial, so it can help link us with extradimensional remembrance and abilities.

I love creating color combinations! Maybe a powerful trio for a specific Soul Essence? Whenever You are feeling the energy of pressure of release, try working with the color Essence of pale blue or turquoise to light green tones. These colors are very soothing, and I was using these gemstones to do some clearing, as I was hiking outside in Nature during the peak of the Grand Cardinal Cross. I was guided to grab them before leaving home, and then I was just juggling them from one hand to another, as the energy was raising and all the pent up tension was coming up for release. The specimens here are Angelite, Blue lace Agate and Emerald. Can You see the letter "L" in the emerald tumblestone? I keep seeing these shapes everywhere, and it's a beautiful message of the Divine, for so many Divine words begin with the letter "L" ... like Love & Light ... can You think of any other ones? (winks)  

Our Mountain beach stones also have tiny crystals in them. It is such a delight to come across an example of such a magical stone. This particular specimen was found today, and it has a "V" shaped hole in the middle, symbolizing an opening, with butterfly wings surrounding it. These are powerful times of transformation indeed!

We also found this perfect stone representative of the Grand Cardinal Cross. You know that last week the Grand Cardinal Cross was perfectly exact, right? How synchronous! Our Mountain beach has such magical stones, I can get lost in them for hours and hours ... always so many faces, interesting shapes and of course ... Spirit messages.

And since rocks and stones are my favorite ... It's about time that we play our favorite game again ... the "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" I found this red stone which gave off color, so I took it and painted a large white stone with it. I was guided to create big waves that look like flames. What does this image reflect back at You at this time? What is the first thing that You notice? Know that this is a message from your Soul and it's perfect for where You are Now. 

We are really embracing our Self mastery, and lately my stones have reflected this message as well. I love my sacred messenger stones so much, and me and them are best friends, so naturally I find so many interesting specimens. A while ago I found these two perfect messenger stones, and it is no surprise that they represent the same archetype, as they were found on the same day. I instantly saw an old "Buddha" or "Yoda" like beings of tiny stature, dressed in long robes and walking with a rod. This definitely represents Self mastery and awareness. What do You see in these two stones? What energy are You feeling from them? Know that this is a perfect Soul message for You at this time.

Nature is blossoming beautifully as well!

All is green!!! 

And these guys know how to enjoy it ... together! Here is to Unity consciousness and Oneness of all Life in Creation! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my latest video about embracing the New and coming into our own: