Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Sagittarius New Moon: Our New Year!

Dear Beloveds!

We have a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius today, which is like a "new year" of sorts. Many of us are entering into a deep internal shift at this time, becoming aware of new philosophies and Soul renewals while being blessed with profound Spirit insights. Sagittarius is all about Soul expansion, which is that part of us that never stops exploring, growing and expanding. Even when we reach a certain level of Self mastery, it would be stagnating to stop there and think it is all there is. Our Soul growth is imminent and constant, and so this way we learn to turn our breakdowns into breakthroughs. We have some intense Pluto influences at this time as well, and they are stretching us back to front. We may feel as challenged as ever with personal crisis, and often for no particular reason. Our life could be as peaceful and still as ever, and we may still feel a rumble inside, an inner "battle" of something else that we feel is lurking there, underneath the surface.

Pluto will simply draw forth anything that is ready to come from underneath the surface, transforming and renewing us. But at times this will make us feel restless and uneasy. No material change has ever been easy, but at least we are being shaken up because we allow ourselves to go deep and to feel. We are not just transforming and healing ourselves, as many of us are doing this for the Whole, for as we open up new pathways of Being and working with energy, others will be inspired by us and able to do so themselves. To pioneer ourselves is not as challenging as pioneering new consciousness, so we have to become aware that we are doing that exactly. On this New level of Being, we don't even have to "let go" of things anymore. Everything is naturally perfect and unfolding through us. Masters don't let go of anything, they embrace it. And so we embrace this New world in the making, birthing forth new awareness within and a deeper Universal consciousness that wants to Be! And so it is! Happy New Moon, everyone. May it be a foundation for a New beginning in your Soul's evolution!

The so-called Earth Mastery school is progressing for so many, which means that there are levels and layers of emotional Mastery that are being perceived and integrated at this time, as many awakening Beings are stepping on the path of New Earth mastery, becoming the New integrated Masters. What does this mean? In many Ages past, there were many ancient sages and wise people, and often they were incarnated in male form. What is Now coming to the forefront is the importance and equality of female Masters of this day and Age. Women are not just Goddesses, they are also potential Masters. It's all about equalization and transcending gender roles. The New Masters are Masters of Polarity, equalizing and integrating both feminine and masculine principles of Creation and learning how to consciously apply them on a day to day Human experience.

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This New Moon in the sign of Sagittarius feels like a big time for new beginnings, which is already setting up the tone for our New Year ahead. When such energy portals occur, it’s always important to observe what is happening in our reality on that day, whether that be an internal or external experience. This will set the tone for our new year ahead, which is bringing us more Soul embodiment and profound opportunity for personal mastery. Sagittarius is the sign of expanding different philosophies and it’s ruled by the planet Jupiter, which is all about expansion and limitless potential for our growth that can occur in many various ways and through many extended activities. Regardless of where this Moon occurs for us (which placement of the personal houses), it will set the tone for our new year ahead, and we can prepare by decluttering and diving right into the Essence of what it is activating for us at this time, and what opportunities are being currently shown to us by what we need to address.

This is also a time when many Light Beings are reevaluating their purpose in Life, because the mission is shifting and deepening for many volunteer Souls. The month of December is bringing in more time for reflection, conscious integration before moving forward in a new vibrational year. So much has been shifting, and as we watch the world events go by, we are feeling like on the threshold of various frequencies, with many still choosing the old while so many already creating within the New energy. For those who have done a tremendous amount of Light work on this planet, this is a time to deepen the inner studies of Self mastery in order to prepare for serving the Whole within the next cycle of growth in Human evolution. This is simply related to constant passing of the torch, meaning that whatever resources we have already depleted, Now they will become resourceful to someone else, and it’s time for us to deepen our own personal growth and discover new resources within and without. The thing with New energy is that it’s not a constant and it’s therefore always expanding through the great Spiral of Life.

How will we know when something has run its course? We will feel it deep in our bones, because we will suddenly no longer feel inspired by what it used to bring us immense Joy. Nothing is wrong with us whatsoever, these are simply cycles of Life and death, and as we culminate in something, we move onto an expanded version of us and what we will desire to create. For many who are successfully completing this 9-year cycle with lessons learned and integrated, a whole new Era shall begin, and therefore the ending of many things is nothing bad, it’s simply a necessary requirement for which we can be grateful for as the New is already on its way to us. Everything is orchestrated through the wisdom of our Soul, so we can always relax and surrender! If we are guided to rest, it simply means that our bodies need preparation time for this New wave of immense Light that will bring us new energy levels to master, and for that reason we will find Nature a fine muse and inspiration for healing and recovery, but also for this new cycle preparation.

The more we will embrace and appreciate this cycle, the less we will struggle to go against it by resisting the inevitable. We will also be able to tune into the new inspiration and what is coming up next for us more if we stay aligned with inner peace and knowing what we have reached a safe passageway, and that we don’t have to push against the flow into the New ... we are being carried into it, and we will know what to do when it’s time for us to know. Until then, we can rest a bit and enjoy a life of being a Human, a Human Master for those who have embraced their ascended mastery. We don’t always have to jump for the gun, we can take it easy and patiently await our next calling and the moves to be taken!

We will also know that we have done our work of preparation by getting compensated for it, by receiving acts of Grace, financial influx and altogether walking into a greater abundant windfall. Whenever there is a graduation, there is also a pay off, so whatever we have been working for with great devotion will Now reap its rewards. But this is not merely a physical thing. This is also teaching us how to create and be reciprocated for it within the new crystalline Realms of Creation, which is the New Human prototype. Those who are already deeply rooted in the crystalline levels, are feeling more energetic compensation for lesser amount of physical work, because the crystalline levels require less physical engagement to create, as all is created from a higher refined forms, beginning as an Essence Self.

We will be able to feel that specific shift when things in our Life will seem to operate on an auto pilot mode, meaning that they have reached a proper level of Self mastery and sufficiency, and that they are Now self sustaining as we go along, moving onto creating within the New energy templates. Many are still learning how to create on crystalline levels of Creation, which is a process we all undergo as we move into a higher density form. But let us again remember that we cannot walk into it by gaining only a mental understanding of it, we need to activate deep feeling levels and tremendous courage in order to actually live within the new frequency.

Many are feeling this, and it makes them connected with All and yet disassociated with the world drama at large, for they are merging with their own higher realities. The energy at large might feel like we still wish to push somewhere, always wanting to take the next step further, and yet at a certain point of culmination, a Master in training needs to surrender for that greater process to unfold. We are the collective and yet we are also an individual traveling its own spiral of evolution. This is a very important passageway of our Soul alchemy, so it’s paramount that we release into this process. Soul alchemy might require lots of patience from us, because great works of Art and Soul refinement take longer with greater requirement for devotion and dedication at large.

Our intuition levels are increasing, but we are still learning how to function within this so-called New guidance system, which makes us still feel rather vulnerable and not always trusting it. As with all things, our current evolutionary pathway will require us to leave room for practical experience which will show us the Way forward. We might not always get it right the first time, but we will only succeed if we try and allow for the experience of Life in the New to reveal all the important gifts that we are to benefit from. Even many Masters and Sages of times past cannot know everything, for they are not living in our current time and framework, so it’s important that we trust our own inner developing mastery over all else. We are beginning to trust it more than ever, and this will definitely bring us new miracles and the alchemy of Mystery.

Yes, true living is all about the unknown, and we have surely all walked deeply in it. Nothing will ever be the same anymore, within ourselves and the planet ... including the Beyond and All! It’s a challenging and yet very rewarding time for all of us! No one has all of the answers, but together we all hold the proper keys and codes that the Whole has and needs for this art of maturing Creation! The more Love and effort that we put into this higher knowing of our New world, the more rewards we will reap in the indefinite time frame, so it’s important that our values are straight, and we are doing whatever we are doing for the right reasons. It’s time to buckle up!

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The Masters of Union understand both the masculine traits of knowledge and illumination and the feminine traits of the Heart, taught through radical compassion and wisdom of the Heart. This is how Spirit and matter are merging and unifying, for there is no one without the other. Many spiritual seekers have gone into extreme levels of spiritual "understanding" before going through the full experience of emotional clearing and mastery. Without this, there will be a constant empty space that the rational mind will try to compensate for. But it's not how we were meant to become as the New Humans. Our task is to each become a "safe house" for ourselves and others, fully and responsibly embracing our spiritual nature and our Human traits as equally Divine, for only that way we can fully transcend them and evolve into a new infinite form of Creation! It's time for these New Masters to arise within us! Embracing all of who we are and walking through deep emotional mastery is where we begin, for that will give us the grounded template for more embodiment of our Soul! 

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Since the planet Neptune Now went back direct on November 19th, we are slowly adjusting to a new energy influx, for planetary gateways feel the strongest as the movement is changing from one state into another. At this particular time we may feel more bubbling to the surface from our subconscious states of Being. There is definitely more movement and our dreams are intensifying, bringing us messages and contact from the "subterranean" worlds. What was once submerged is Now ready to emerge, for that is how the movement of consciousness always brings new states of awareness and realizations to us, when we are ready and when the environment around us reflects the safe energy dynamics for our Soul to undergo this deeply healing and transformational process.

What can sometimes surprise us is how many layers of our Human psyche there are, and how as consciously aware Humans we are always growing and becoming aware of new things. As these facets of our Being present themselves to us, we are to invite them in slowly, making note of every feeling that arises. We may be surprised at how quickly our moods can shift at this time, moving from deeply ecstatic and joyful into murky and deep, as we are processing all of those layers. In our personal Ascension that is completely normal, and the more tuned in we are through deep feeling, the better our circumstances for personal metamorphosis.

Those who have been negating and suppressing their deep sense of feeling as if it's "too Human", have actually been setting themselves up for a fall, only prolonging the inevitable. Those of us who have been processing, integrating and embodying each level after another, are becoming so courageous Now, with nothing able to stop us in how deep we are willing to go. There are many encounters we are having in dream world at this time, and we are aware of how much these mean as well, for nothing is separate and it all serves our Ascension. It's time for dream journaling, diving deep into the subconscious realms and knowing that our Souls are on a deep journey at this time!

We are learning to harmonize and balance our multidimensional awareness and Being with our practical day to day reality. For many they are unifying. Have You ever wondered where all the energy goes which You spend on processing various thoughts and feelings? Energy is never wasted, it's simply processed through different levels of form, and although our personal processing doesn't always result in instant physical manifestation, the energy of it still remains in various forms. As Masters of New energy we are called to take a stand in feeling and choosing multidimensionally and receiving practically. So regardless of how far spread out and wide our entire Being is, we are still learning to balance our decision making and grounding our choices in a certain framework, anchoring a particular reality of our current dominant Presence.  

With focus we are not limiting all the other potentialities, it simply means that we are currently choosing to draw in a particular experience and creation beyond separation within limited choices. But there are aspects of us that co-create with that in parallel, because the pure Spirit Life force is vast and limitless. But when we deeply connect with our ascending bodies, our earthly mastery school will take us through creating in a merging process with our physical Life force. The more our physical Life force is cultivated and spiritualized by the infinite Spirit Life force, the more crystalline frequency we are able to bring into our physical body form. As we process each choice we are making, we best filter it through the organic understanding of our Life force. The more spiritualized it is, the more Divinely intelligent we become in our body. And our Human experience of choosing through our Life force becomes so open and clear, no longer linear and targeted! It is rather open and expanded!

There are New Heart openings occurring at this time, including powerful mediation between us and another (others), with Divine intervention which is making sure that all of our Hearts remain open and pure. With any difficulties around us we are bound to move through it with Love and understanding reignited and powerful new realizations about ourselves and others. We are learning about ourselves through relationships on this planet, and although our Souls are vast, what occurs between us on the physical plane and the astral planes during dream time (the planes closest to earth) might feel condensed, and yet it's equally important in its focus. What we are experiencing in our micro level is important in the macro perspective as well, as it's all written in the records of time and experience in the worlds of matter. We are learning patience and nurture in our relationships, which means giving them time to breathe, expand and evolve to always new states of expression, reaching new highs.

Often we will be presented with the understanding behind the scenes during our dream time, with powerful Soul meetings and conversations that will reveal the deeper energy dynamics behind the seeming conditions. We are learning to humbly wait things out while pouring nothing but Love in our circumstances and relationships, including the people who have seemingly wronged us. The moment when we step behind the veil and see the bigger picture, our Hearts will soften and radiate more compassion! Be gentle with yourself and others, these times are intense for everyone, not just You! It's time to witness everything like we know nothing about it and let the Hearts speak beyond words!

With the Thanksgiving and Holiday season, no matter where we are in the world we can tune into the energy of gratitude and giving thanks. The thing with these man made holidays is that they always have a genuine root beneath it all, so no matter how we approach them, there is still a greater depth beneath the surface which we can tune into. Many of us have been on a constant roller coaster ride, with so much happening in the world at large. But as we allow our grand Spirit to fly and embrace everything in a happy dance of Joy while we zoom in our day to day Human experience from time to time, we will be more relaxed and at peace. Many people are trying very hard to bring more peace into the world, but in Truth peace is not something we try to establish and it's not meant to feel like hard work.

We can't always be there for everyone, save the world or make radical changes in our countries and societies. But the more we actually enlighten our own lives and Human interactions naturally, the more Peace becomes a given, a natural offering straight from our Divine vessel of Life! So as we are tuning into what we are truly grateful for, we are already filling the world with the Essence of Gratitude. When we are living peacefully and simply, we are radiating the Essence of Peace. True gratitude comes from remembering how simple everything actually is and can be, if we want it. So let us embrace each other with a true liberated Soul, a warm and loving Heart and an honoring of each other in our sacred family of Light!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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