Saturday, October 4, 2014

Mercury retrograde: Let the Beloved speak

Dear Beloveds!

Our "lower mind" communication planet Mercury goes retrograde today. This is the last of all three of its retrogrades this year, and it is a Libra/Scorpio one, so its focus will be on relationships and depth. For me, it represents the deepening of our Beloved Union. Libra is about relationships and harmonized balance, while Scorpio is about the underworld, depth of feeling and Union. Through becoming more open and vulnerable, we can enter a deeper level of Self harmonization in Unity, so that the Divine Love can pour through us. This is another one of those air/water retrogrades, so the focus is to balance our thinking and feeling side of life, and enter a deeper level of Self discernment and trust! We are here to become Divine Beloveds and to enjoy a Life full of Bliss! During this time period, which is actually a cycle of expansion, we can ask ourselves some pivotal questions on our journey of Self Mastery!
Where do we still perceive ourselves as separate instead of united with all Life in Creation?

How do we enter a deeper level of harmony and intimacy in perfect balance in our daily reality?

How do we merge our Divine Heart and Mind as One, in a perfect equilibrium?

How do we always stay in tune with our inner Beloved, sending us perfect Divine messages and guidance?

How do we trust our Soul in body to perfectly guide us, to fully surrender to Life being our biggest guide?

How do we always live as a perfect Divine Lover, full of Magic, awe and Divine inspiration?

How do we serve others through our own intrinsic Divine connection in Purity?

It is time for the Beloved within us to speak ... and lead the Way!

I was in the Mountains this week, and as I was meditating, I was shown something important. I was just allowing myself to deeply sink into the awareness of my physical body. As I went deep within, I began to rotate as I usually do, but I noticed something amazing. Most individuals begin to spin in a certain direction, which is either clockwise or counterclockwise. I was actually spinning in one direction, and then the movement went back into center a few times, and then I began spinning in another direction. The energy was perfectly balanced and interlocking in the middle/zero point. With this, I saw the symbol of Vesica Piscis, and then I noticed that I AM spinning exactly according to its Divine formation and geometry. I was shown that this denotes a state of perfect balance, the yin and the yang embodiment of the polarized opposites; our Divine masculine and feminine.

By definition, Vesica Piscis is "a shape that is the intersection of two circles with the same radius, intersecting in such a way that the center of each circle lies on the perimeter of the other." It is the representation of a state of Divine Union in Oneness. Even if we cannot yet naturally spin this way, we can do a short energy exercise in a relaxed meditative state, where we can just visualize this movement and rotation and continue to follow its spiraling circulation until it becomes perfectly natural. This is when we deeply tune into our sacred Beloved energy and enter into a Bubble of Love of our sacred Union of the Soul. We are all entering a deep Self Reunion in this New, and we are mastering the energy polarities of our true Divine Self ... bringing it into perfect form and embodiment!

I asked to receive a message of the Beloved, and it was such a lovely Spirit alignment and confirmation. The message is about yin/yang, the coming together and merging of polarized opposites. These are not the same as that which is vibrationally out of alignment. This simply means that they are perfectly Whole together as One, as light and dark, Love and Light, the void and the perfection of Creation ... Divine masculine and Divine feminine as One. The two symbols are the owl and the raven, and they are both magical creatures who bring messages of the Divine. When we move deeper into our personal Ascension, we move deeper into our perfectly balanced yin/yang nature of our sacred Self!

The interesting confirmation is this. The last time when I was in the Mountains I was sitting and meditating, and then I asked to receive the message of the Beloved. The moment I did so, two ravens began to circle around me, coming out of nowhere. The energy of the Beloved is always there, because it always lives within us. It always gives us messages and impressions of Love, we simply need to open our eyes and pay attention. We are never not plugged into the Source of the Beloved, it is only us who are not paying attention at times, keeping ourselves too busy or distracted by the "modern pace" of Life. When we slow down and take a deep breath in, which is our first Divine Lover, we open ourselves up and we become more vulnerable.

Ravens always bring messages of Divine synchronicity through magic and mystery, meaning that which is not seen or fully recognized as raw Divine potential. Their symbolism merged together with the owl brings the Divine knowing that with Wisdom, all can be seen as it is ... through deep Spirit feeling. This is how we can live in the light and shadow at the same time, knowing how to walk as masters in between the realms ... the seen and the unseen world ... the aware and that which is yet come into awareness and focus. We simply need to ask our Divine Beloved, which is our "I AM" and our first individualized aspect of it as our Twin Soul ... and then be open to receiving all the Wisdom that is already there.

Lately I AM also finding yin/yang feathers everywhere, and magical stones as well. I know my Divine guidance deeply ... and I feel where it's leading me. Do You?

And here is another message! What a wonderful Spirit guidance! True liberation through personal Soul freedom brings us the desired success, which leads to inner Divine reunion. When we live our true freedom, we live our Soul's authenticity, and as we do so, we open up to a new level of living in the energy of success. This New is no longer about identification, but rather true giving and receiving from the Heart. When a desire is Soul based, it will always lead us deeper into our true Self Reunion and awareness. This is a time for many of us to come into our full power and Soul potential, to blossom beyond the standard and move into the "New" extraordinary. A deep sense of Union flourishes from within when we live through an open chrysalis and a chalice that always overflows.

Something is surely blossoming ... can You feel it coming to the surface?

When I was in the Alps, hiking in the beautiful Italian Julian Alps, I found these two precious Mountain stones that began to grow crystals on them, and as I put them together, they kind of looked like polarized opposites, like Beloveds ... the golden masculine and the silver feminine as One.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

I also received my Beloved portrait. A Divine companion drew this portrait of me and my Beloved as a Soul Gift, after a vision that She had. It is so beautiful!

I have also received the most beautiful Soul Gift ... a Beloved Unicorn painting. This one is called "Unicorn of pure Love and protective Light", which so describes me and it has my Seraphim Essence of Golden-White as well, I adore it so much.

Love is all around us ... everywhere, within and without and always. Even when things seem challenging, that is just pure Love stripping away everything that is not born of Love ... and making room for itself as it flows through Divine Grace. This image represents to me a strike of lightning hitting a Heart, which becomes open and vulnerable ... ready for exciting new opportunities and Divine surprises.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn