Saturday, July 5, 2014

Mountain retreat & Summer adventures

Dear Beloveds!

I AM all prepared for my Summer vacation in the Mountain wilderness. This has been such a hyper time for me, with so much going on and so much culminating. The integration of the New Light has been ongoing, which is pretty intense for a Pillar. This week I was running through my favorite Mountain valley here, and I had such profound realizations and insights coming through. I was also shown just how much I (and all of us as One) expanded after this year's June Solstice. Spirit showed me a "previous" version of me, and the New Self with so much Grace, Peace and deep Presence in body. Lately I feel so patient, accepting and peaceful with everything and All That Is. I just feel so illuminated with the Light of One Love, and I only wish to serve within my White Ray and share this Bliss with everyone in Unity!