Sunday, November 23, 2014

Serving the land & Creation

Dear Beloveds!

The weather has shifted here in our Mountain portal. We had our first snow, and then sunshine after weeks of rain. The skies have cleared, and I was called to spend most of my days outdoors. I had my first run in the snow this year, and I felt so empowered and at peace. I was feeling the Joy of the land, which told me that She receives new information with each precipitation, and so do we. I was guided to write about the importance of Nature and how to serve the land through Divine Love, and why this is so important in our Ascension, for the land and us are One.

We just had a New Moon in Sagittarius. Sagittarius represents the infinite seeker in all of us. I always feel that as such a good way to expand in our internal polarization. A wonderful way of doing that is trying out something that we normally wouldn't do. We might not like everything about it, but it will definitely offer us a part that has yet to be embraced and bring us in greater Soul alignment and expansion. Also, such examples serve us when we are communicating within our relationships. The more balanced and whole we are, the less we resist anything!

I was also guided to create a mini Spirit reading for everyone, so check that out as well here!

A lot of inner work is taking place in the higher planes at this time. I was guided to make a video about Ascension and dreams:

With Venus now in the sign of adventurous and expansive Sagittarius and Neptune moving back direct, we are now being invited to go deeper into the concept and construct of romance. What is romance, truly? Romance is not an external state of something that brings us a sense of pleasure. Romance is depth of feeling through intimacy. It's an inner pleasure born of deep Soul intimacy in awareness. Without deep Soul intimacy, we are not fully acting in Union, and we therefore only feel romance as an external state. 

To feel romantic is to feel connected to our inner sensuality and what connects us to Source in our own unique way. When we begin to understand that we are all actually romantic, we know it's because we are all vulnerable at our Core. Vulnerability makes us open, and being open helps us to learn. When we learn, we can experience and so we can grow in Love and Wisdom. 

The more Divine Love that we embody, the more romance we will feel, but our sense of romance will shift from external to internal. Venus represents our values, and so with this new integration of romance, our values are shifting. 

The less we suppress and reject in deep intimacy, the more romance we will feel, and each moment of Divine adoration will feel romantic. We can deeply integrate that when we observe Life in Nature. Nature is always so sensual and so full of diversity. It brings us so much more than artificial constructs that we perceived as romantic in the old. Our sense of romance is Now shifting to all things natural and understanding that there is always plenty there to feel romantic about, when we deeply connect with it in Union. 

Divine Union is not just with another Human Being, so another person is also not our source of romance, no matter how much love we feel for them. Our sense of romance truly comes from us loving how Source moves all Life in Creation in infinite ways and forms, and how all this diversity is so full of Life that is always shifting, never being the same, with so much to offer to our physical senses and beyond. How can we not be romantic when we know this ... when we deeply feel it?

All Life is becoming deeply romantic when we allow ourselves to feel deeply!

I love working with the energies and cycles of this land here in the Alps. A huge part of my Divine purpose and reason for being here is the land and sacred Vortex energy work, so at times the land just calls me and I need to retreat from everything else. This is one of those times. 

These times are super intense and I know that lots is going on behind the scenes, and that our bodies are currently processing so much! After waking up the whole of last week I almost felt like dizzy, and so it's very important to ground ourselves, if this is how we are feeling. Because of this intensity, I was called to take a short break from everything to ground and replenish in Nature and so today our Souls called us to this place we knew nothing about. 

It was a totally spontaneous calling, and we just asked some people around to find a path. We did not even know what we were getting ourselves into, but it was amazing! A while ago I made an intention to find a perfect spot full of rocks to climb and tiny pine tress, so that I could just come and sit there for a while, on top of Mountain cliffs, which is perfect for the Elven that I AM! This is my favorite landscape and it feels like Home.

So I got an answer from my Higher Self ... this was it! This was the place. I mean, I AM already used to tiny Nature miracles like this, because I AM so deeply connected to this part of the land here, surrounded by the Alps, but it can still leave me breathless. It was exactly as I have imagined it in my vision. So there we were, all in awe and adoration, and there I said that I wish to go to the scree and search for some stones, possibly on our way back. 

But I did not even have to wait minutes, because there was a beautiful path leading up to the scree ... tempting me, and so I simply needed to go have a look. There was water pouring over the scree straight from the Mountain cliffs, and the view was the most beautiful scenery that I have ever seen. And right as I looked down, I found the first Mountain crystal. It looked as if it was placed there especially for me, and then we also found the other ones. 

It was just such a priceless moment, when You know that this is all You ever need, and You feel such immense Gratitude for all the Nature's Gifts that You are being offered from Creation.

We completely fell in love with those precious crystals, and I know that I AM coming back there for sure! 

How about this? This was the first Mountain crystal that I found there. It is so pure and soft in energy. 

How about this one? This is the mother Mountain crystal that I found. Its shine and magnificence is so breathtaking.

May You receive the pure frequency in Grace!

Nature already shaped this crystal stone as a tiny wand. I mean, this is so fantastic and it made me smile.
Then this weekend we visited our beloved Twin lake, and as we came there, we were so in awe to see it all flooded. We had so much precipitation here in the past few weeks, and the element of water has really been doing its job. Naturally, for we were in the Scorpio energy, and Now that we have shifted into Sagittarius, we are going to be plugging into all of this new information that came in through the physical embodiment of the land. As Ascension Pioneers, we each serve the land where we live, as Pillars in our own unique way. We all know how to connect with the land where we reside, and for everyone of us it will be unique.

Some feel guided to engage in prayer and meditation, while others love to perform sacred rituals and magical offerings. For those like me, it's simply enough to just Be and feel such an immense Creation Love for the land. In whatever way that we are each blessing Divine Creation, we are already serving the land in our own unique way. And when we serve Divine Creation through Divine Love, we will always be in a mode of receptivity, and therefore we will never feel lack. Abundance of Life in Creation will be all that we will know and live by ... through the natural Laws of Nature.

We are the highest offering ... so let us offer all of ourselves to Divine service! Let us Be as the Ancient Wise Ones!

I know all Ascension Pioneers are Gaia lovers, adoring the infinite creativity and Magic of Nature ... in all of Creation. My favorite Nature space is a remote Mountain cliff over a scree, full of pine tress and a tiny Mountain stream running through or possibly a waterfall. It is kind of like the scenery in "Lord of the rings" in Rivendell. I imagine myself sitting there and overlooking the entire valley and receiving pure Spirit guidance. This what resonates most like "Home" to me. I love to spend my "alone" time there, which is actually the time when I receive most of my Spirit guidance.

In order for us to master Self Love, we need to master our alone-ness. We will not have enlightened relationships in a conscious state of Unity before we truly master that deep within our own selves. When we master our alone-ness, we master our fullness, because our deep Spirit connection always comes through being with the Self in our uniqueness and authenticity. No one will ever be exactly like us, and that is why we need to first truly accept who we are and how we serve Creation through our uniqueness. The more we love our alone-ness, the more we love being together as well, because it doesn't come through attachments, expectations or control of another.

Many times we still seek for someone perfect for us who will fulfill us in all ways, internally and externally. But that is an illusion, for togetherness is meant to serve co-creation and greater expansion and service, not to fulfill us and complete all of our gaps. There indeed needs to be compatibility of Souls, but even that doesn't come before we master living our full Self in all that we are. 

All the gaps are our own to fill, and as we do so in deep solace and internal connection, we will form much better relationships, which will blossom into Divine partnerships. It is time to truly feel in our Heart when we are called to be only with Spirit through our own Source, and when to share and co-create in Unity.

Here is my video about this: 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. And this one is dedicated to becoming pure Gratitude: