Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Moving into a new lifestyle

Dear Beloveds!

There is a huge opening taking place Now. Everyone who is ready will benefit from this energy in their life, and we have been walking into this blossoming the entire Summer. It was the perfect Summer of Divine Love, with new levels of our initiation. If You are experiencing new waves of abundance, new offers and opportunities, vivid dreams and confirmations to your inner feeling, then You are riding that wave of the New! Walk through this immense doorway that began as we entered this new energetic month and enjoy sharing it with the world! Become a ripple in a pond and move into the vast ocean of the Infinite! We are meant to co-create a New paradigm and bring the energy of "Heaven" down to Earth, which means living as the living embodiment of our pure Soul.

Recently I experienced a profound shift as I went to our Alps. This little Mountain goat was finally climbing again last week. I went Mountain climbing after a few months! This season has just not been good for the Mountains, and so Now the opening finally came. I was feeling so empowered from within after a few days of the void, and so it was time to shift the energy and move on into something New! I had an amazing adventure which I can hardly put into words. To gift ourselves what we love the most is the highest expression of Self Love! After spending some time in my Mountain Vortex, I AM fully recharged and I feel like a heavy load has lifted off my shoulders. I AM free to begin a new chapter. I feel super hyper and wide awake!

How about those Mountains!!! I AM connected to them more and more, in a more grounded sense. I AM beginning to work with their stones on almost a daily basis Now, and this is how I bring their energy down into the valley. My desire is now to bring more and more of my Divine Being into the Human experience and to integrate it into each level of my living reality. With this New energy wave that began this month, this is now deeply becoming possible on so many levels.

Watch our for new opportunities and shifts in perspective, because this is where our inner guidance lies!

I mean, just look at these amazing walls! I adore limestone and crystalline rocks ... and imagine the Core crystals underneath them!!! The whole time of my climb, I was receiving guidance, and when I came on the top and sat for a while, the Family of Light/Cosmic Elves said that I already received everything that I needed to. The flow of receiving is different than it used to be, it's like a constant ongoing flow.

I climbed a Mountain peak called "Mojstrovka." In our language, "Mojster" means Master. The whole time when I was climbing, I was receiving many messages from the Spirit of the Mountain, mostly about its purpose and emanation and limestone in general. Mountains that are very ancient are made out of less dense material, which limestone definitely is. 

The emanation of these Mountains is very light and pure, and that is why our Alps are mostly white. Younger Mountains are usually made from a denser material, e.g. granite, etc. and look a bit darker. Mountains that are taller are much younger in their form, whereas our Mountains are very old ... ancient! The older the Spirit of the Mountain, the more knowledge they hold. The more they become crystalline, the more their form is ascending!

I speak a little more about this in my video which I recorded there:

This surely was an amazing climb, and I finally realized why I love these Mountains and this peak so much, because it's a perfect representation of a Self mastery journey in Ascension!

I have a cute story to tell. I found these sunglasses in the Mountains. Someone must have lost them when climbing the peaks. I then remembered how I once lost my own sporty sunglasses, and although I don't really wear them anymore, I was reminded of something very important called the law of compensation. We are pure Source, and whatever we give and radiate out from our inner Vortex, always comes back to us. It is only a matter of Divine timing, and so we must be patient and trust.  

I also found this! Our Mountains are super amazing! I found another crystal stone when descending back down. This is my second one of the Summer. These crystalline stones are so pure and powerful and it's such a Joy finding them and gathering them. Right after finding this beauty, I found many more crystalline stones, and I will share them on my Facebook page daily. Each one will be bringing us a special message, and they will also be available as offerings.

This is a whole bunch of crystalline (white-golden) Mountain stones, which are so powerful and pure. I meditated with one of them just to test them, and I felt such connection and resonance. I call them "Vortex stones". They are truly amazing, and my desire is to use the smaller ones for my new Ascension necklaces, which I will be developing soon, and give away the bigger ones.  

This week I was meditating and Spirit showed me to create a Mountain stone spiral outside my window. It's Now raining a lot here, and the spiral is assisting with the collective purification.

These are such beautiful times!

And here is my creative vision for the next chapter of my Divine purpose in Ascension. These will be Ascension necklaces for all true Ascension devotees. Until Now I was gathering ideas, visions and materials, and this next week I will begin making them. They will be created with Mountain crystalline stones straight from the portal in the Slovene Alps, and they will anchor the energy of the Ascension Flame through the White-Golden Ray!

I AM super excited about this! Coming soon!

And Now it's time for some power stones. This is another beautiful stone specimen, shaped like an infinity symbol. But I turned it upside down in order to give us messages.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

I AM also curious about what You can see in this image. Do You see a couple in the middle? A girl is kissing a boy, but he is looking away, and he is only half of a face. This can speak about unrequited Love and putting to much love and attention to something or someone that might not be fully aligned with it.

It's time to Love ourselves first and always!

What do You see and what is the message?

After my climb, I stopped for a while just to absorb all the New.

How Angelic is that?

Relaxing after my Mountain day is the best thing ever! Feeling the pulsations of the Mountain running deeply through You.

What does this image represent to You?

To me it represents Mountain Ascension.

I AM feeling such an immense expansion at this time. I AM constantly receiving creative visions of the New and how I can put myself even more "out there" to be of greater service to the Infinite One and All! My true desire is to work with people in person as well, not just online, and so I will be making this available soon for those who are local or desire to visit. I will be adding exciting new (real and authentic) personal services, and I can't wait to begin with this new step!

Are You feeling the wave of the New in your Soul expansion?

Affirm "YES" if You do!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn