Sunday, June 15, 2014

The Magic of June & Gemini energy

Dear Beloveds!

The month of June is my favorite month of all, most definitely! Here is something more about the energetic month of June! By now we already know that this is a 13/4 Universal month, which is a number of the Mother Goddess, Divine Magic & Creatrix, meaning all Life in Creation and the Holy Spirit Presence in All That Is. This month we have the ability to connect to our renewed life purpose in a deeper way, and so we will be invited to make some choices that will affect our actions following those choices. We are all preparing for something new, and although it feels frustrating at times, because the energy just keeps on rising and culminating, we are all learning and integrating patience. Things become ripe in their own given timing. Sometimes we feel so close to something, and yet there can be something more that needs to be embraced and embodied. Everything is made manifest through the Divine decree of Perfection and Faith/the law of Trust is in direct correlation to that. Everything is pure symmetry in fact, and it all works through the law of Divine harmony in Grace.

This is also the energy of Temperance, which means "all in perfect Divine timing." It also means that everything needs to come through proper moderation. Too much of everything is always off balance, and just the right amount of everything always does it and brings our focus straight into center of our Divine Vortex. We all understand this saying mentally, but Now we are asked to integrate it with our full awareness and embrace it into our pure Hearts. Through this natural law of perfect Flow, we learn how to surrender while being active at the same time. This energy is not passive at all, because Gemini is all about sharing our experiences, trying new things, visualizing new ideals and mental concepts and constructs, while seeing the bigger picture simultaneously. This is how choices in perfect Divine alignment will come ... through realizing the importance of both, the micro and macro ... the Divine & Human self, our Cosmic and physical experience.

In the month of June, the planet Earth is always being washed over with the Magenta Pink Ray of Divine Love and Higher Heart activation. Remember that all we need for our physical Ascension, already lives inside of us, and is reflected in all of Nature's perfection. All of Nature always reflects to us what is currently being seeded from the ethers into the physical existence. Each particle of Creation has a unique Essence and task to accomplish something important and extraordinary, as we bring Heaven down to Earth. Each aspect of Creation is utterly Divine, with a deeper meaning in the grand scheme of things.

One single look at the flowers, smelling the Divine scents and feeling the gentle Sun rays on our skin opens our Heart a bit more, and it's how we make love with all of Life in Creation. With all this Gemini energy, we remember that our Soul journey is not just about our personal experiences, but also sharing those experiences. Being a Divine Lover of Life is all about the magic of sharing and partnership, not just with fellow Divine companions, but all Life forms. We then realize just how important each aspect of Creation is, and move deeper into the awareness of Unity consciousness.

Open your Heart to true Love and make love to Life!

If You wish to know more about the Principles of Creation, I write and share a lot about this on my web page through articles and videos, so just browse through the tags on the right side menu.

Recently I recorded this video about Divine Principles and sacred "laws" which captures this topic in a nutshell:

June is all about openness, and so is the Gemini archetype. The path of physical Ascension does not ask us to deny our feelings or cover up our inner truth by thinking only positive thoughts. Our Ascension process requires devoted integration, which is embracing what Is, whatever that may be in any given moment. Only through perfect flow, the waters of Life can be free to run their course and move us to wherever we desire to go.

So today I had to remain really open. Why? I don't usually pick flowers, but this flower was lying on the floor today, being washed over with the rain. She began to offer herself to me, and told me that she wants to be of service with her unique Essence and scent. Do You know that we don't need to pick flowers in order to benefit from their Essence? We don't necessarily need essential oils and other products, because it's the energy of the flower that works its Magic way beyond what we perceive physically.

We just need to know how to tune into its energy and make the connection in Purity and Oneness. But I decided to go for it today, as I felt how deep the energy exchange of this was. I picked it up, and put it into my hair. The gentle smell was intoxicating, and it kept opening my Heart in pulsating waves. There was so much coming through, and I so loved the experience. The physical world is made of the Essence of the Mother Goddess, and she offers Her gifts to all of us on every corner of Her majestic Beingness. When we become aware of these Gifts, they become our daily experience in full Gratitude of Being alive and One with all Life in Creation.

The reading I did yesterday with flowers, also shows a Pink Essence! Here is its message: Our wishes and desires are always coming true. We just have to know what we truly desire through our Soul. Trust that it is always so, as You move through your Soul journey in Divine Grace. When You have moments of doubt, despair or feeling abandoned and alone, don't suppress them. Allow yourself the Gift of deep feeling and open to your inner vulnerability, for it's the first Key to your physical manifestations. It is the Gift of the Divine Feminine to feel, and it runs through the holy blood/sacred chalice of the Divine Mother, which is the fluid of all Life in Creation.

And Now I AM also paying that energy forward, gifting You all a magical leaf of the fragrant Pink flower! Just say "YES" and take its energy right into your Heart center. Observe your feelings and You will see that You don't need to be physically in touch with it in order to receive its gifts and magical blessings!

Our Heart can open up in many ways. The easiest way is to just be open to whatever it may come our way, and then expressing ourselves through some form of Divine creativity. This means anything that we feel guided to at the time being. Guidance always implies to something that our Soul requires us to do in order to open more flow for conscious Soul integration. For example, I wasn't writing poetry or dancing for quite a while now, but I AM slowly re-integrating that part of me again.

Open your Heart ... and then keep it open!

Here is something I wrote a short while ago:

"The path of the chosen One belongs to the Gods,
It is never lonely, for the One is never truly lost.

The path of the chosen One is special indeed,
Without comparison, One only needs to heed.

The path of the chosen One is Will of the Divine,
In Truth of One, One's Being is fully intertwined.

The path of the chosen One is the sacred breath of Life,
Igniting all Creation on fire through each and every Spark!"

Do You know that the month of June is also considered the traditional wedding month? I only recently discovered that, and it makes perfect sense, in alignment with the Ray of Divine Love in Reunion. Nature makes its own sacred altars and arches, and this one is made with white wild roses and do You see the two Pink flowers underneath it? Yes, another message of Reunion within Divine Love, our natural Divine Spark in Creation!

Oh, and something else that is New wants to come through me at this time! 

I was out in Nature all day yesterday, and then I was just sitting with myself and all that is New in deep Presence. I suddenly got this interesting idea, to not just write about each month and the energy shifts, but to also record a short segment of Elven singing/toning, and putting it online for free, via SoundCloud application. I would really love to source higher frequencies through sound as well, besides all that I do in written word, videos and my Elven Art through color. As You know, these aspects are all One and intertwined in all of Creation. I would really love to hear from all of You, as I require your feedback on whether this is something You would be interested in receiving from me each month. I will see how I will continue to be guided in this direction, but I AM really looking forward to some early feedback. I love sparkly new ideas which shift our focus and move our energy forward, and so our purpose expands a bit further as well!

This is so perfect, because I made such a jewelery Essence just a while before receiving this guidance. This is what came out of it! This is my Heart toning vibrational jewelery, and I named it as such because the pendant and beads used are of Rhodonite, which is a powerful stone to use for chanting and toning. I was guided to use the color combination of Green and Pink, because these two are all about the Heart. They reflect the outer/physical Heart (Green) and the inner/spiritual Heart (Pink). As You know, our physical Heart chakra is Green, and our Higher Heart chakra is Pink. I used a combination of these as Rhodonite and Jade beads, in an intertwined pattern of Light through symmetry. I AM always naturally inspired and guided into the right patterns and proportions, so I just follow that guidance as I create my Soul Art. 

When toning, the energy goes straight from our crown and the Higher Heart (as we receive), through our throat (as we make things/sound manifest) and down into our Heart center. So we actually receive from the Higher Heart and make it physical through our physical Heart, combining the perfect sound and letting it run through our body and all of the chakras. When we are in full alignment and resonance with our Soul, we cannot go wrong and we source only Divine codes of Light through sound, which move from ethereal sound into physical sound, which appears a bit more tangible. I used the triangle as a symbol of wholeness for the earrings, and the pendant is heart shaped as well, which makes the Essence of this jewelery very soft and yet strong.

The Mountains are always my infinite source of inspiration and Divine abundance. I receive all that I need "up there" in the ethereal planes and I AM here to bring it down to Earth, into the aspect of Creation that is Pure and utterly Divine. They are also my deepest Heart desire and purpose at the same time, for it's both One anyway!

Remember ... our Soul desires and Heart dreams will only come true when we embrace all aspects of this polarity that we call the Human experience in Ascension. I wish You the happy second half of June, when many things will be shifting for us after the most recent Full Moon in Sagittarius. Know that it is only us who make it so. Observe your focus and stay in alignment without a doubt!

Oh, those meadows in June ... pure Magic!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. I brought the flower home with me, and I will put it on my sacred altar, so that she can spread her Essence there as well. This is the purpose being fulfilled to the fullest!

P.S. Here is my video update about our New illuminated "ego" and ascended Beings: