Saturday, May 31, 2014

Becoming Masters of the Self

Dear Beloveds!

Lately a lot of us are embracing the path of Self mastery more than ever before. This is all about commitment and devotion to the New and the path of Divine Love. How does it look and feel to become a Divine Human in the New? Well, it's very simple actually. The process of becoming a Divine Human by the Primal Source design is a natural one, and during our natural Soul alignment, we simply lose interest in many things of the old, because we are simply attuning to a higher frequency. This is not a controlled or forced process, and it happens through Soul choice. Because of this, we desire to be in higher energy spaces, while creating our own sacred spaces wherever we go. Nature becomes our sacred Home and where we spend most of our time, while co-creating with Light wherever we are, and wherever we might travel. We do everything through conscious awareness, so dense activities simply no longer interest us and we do not engage in past activities or dramas any longer. Our diet/cravings change completely as well, and we wish to be surrounded only with beautiful things and create Divine Beauty ourselves. This has nothing to do with being more/less spiritual, because it's all about experience. This experience is what we choose consciously through our devotions to the Light of our Being and Divine Magnificence, and we don't just know of it ... we walk in this alignment with all of our spiritual integrity. We change from within to without, and we feel like we finally truly belong ... deeply rooted in our Source Self.

So much is changing at this time, and many of us are feeling it week by week ... day by day. Some days are light and full of creativity, and others are fully in the void. These are all constant cycles of death and rebirth, and we are getting used to this rapid flow by now. We just had a very intense week going on. Did You feel it? I was guided to spend my days in my inner/silent sanctuary and to allow myself the space to just Be. A lot of things were just passing through me. At such quiet times, we are always invited to go deeper within, and reflect on the subtle messages of the natural world. Much is to be heard in the deepest of Silence, especially when we know so through conscious awareness and Self reflection. I was observing the flowers on the meadow this week, and at this time they mostly grow in the color combination of Yellow and Violet. In Aura-Soma, the color combination of Yellow/Violet is associated with the archetype of the Moon in tarot, which is perfect for this time of the New Moon. It is called the Egyptian bottle; Turning tide. The message is: "Spiritual teacher, having the wisdom to find the healing within."

Yes, this is a perfect message for the energy of Now, and it beautifully resonates with those who are perfectly in tune with Nature's natural rhythms, as She breathes in and out just like we do. Some days are naturally joyful and fun, and others seem heavier as we face the uncomfortable in order to expand and stretch out a bit more. The message for this archetype is also: "Intuition. Illusion. The unconscious. Trust in the feelings. Remember that all situations have two sides, one apparent, one hidden." Also know that whenever we feel out of alignment, the focus on service will always naturally bring us into the Soul alignment once more! How amazing is that!

I AM having an artsy weekend! Here is a sneak preview of the new Art piece which I AM creating, and it's called Divine Will. I AM really enjoying when I AM creating these Soul attunment grids/vibrational paintings. I AM guided to create other new works of Art as well. It is so deeply felt that our Beloved Venus now moved into her ruling sign of Taurus ... as I AM so deeply expanding in my Soul Art. Taurus is pure Earthly Beauty, the Divine transferred into matter. I AM currently guided into many different ways and techniques of painting. I feel like an initiate of Beauty! I never know what's gonna come through, and when it does I AM always surprised, because I simply follow the flow of Spirit guidance ... and it simply flows!!! 

This week I also painted my very first Dragon! It is my first dragon drawing and painting ever, and this time I was guided to a new painting technique, which ended up looking pretty nice. A few weeks back, I really started to merge deeply with the Dragon energy, and I also received a Dragon name in one of my meditations. The name is purely phonetic to pronounce, but the closest that I can write it in words is "Keneth Karan". I AM deeply excited about the Dragon guidance coming through at this time ... for so many of us. To embrace our Dragon is to embrace the path of conscious Self mastery!

Well, my creating didn't end with the dragon. Yesterday I was guided to begin with Aura paintings, which capture the Soul Essence and energy purpose of the individual at this time.

Mine was the first that I created. I love this sacred space that I AM creating with my Art, it's like every corner of my place is becoming illuminated and highly vibrant ... so special and sacred! This Gemini energy that we are currently in, is so hyper and it connects us to new forms of Being and each other.

We are sharing and connecting even more at this time, especially because we are in the Gemini energy. This week I also received the most beautiful letter from someone in e-mail, and they introduced themselves as a close friend. They shared their own vision of what is happening with the planetary Ascension and explained exactly what Spirit showed me in a dream years ago. They said that my wisdom helps them greatly in their personal Ascension journey, and that they see me for the Master of Self that I AM and how my sharing serves many Masters that are here at this time. They also mentioned the fact that those who don't understand what I share about, are those who are not yet meant to, because it's not meant for them at this time. Because they do not yet understand, they can often judge and criticize, but this is not where the attention is to be placed, as there will always be those who are not yet ready to embrace the Divine Truth of One. 

They expressed that at the same time, there are people who are embracing their Self mastery, and that on each level of such an experience on the planet, there are masters guiding them into Ascension, and that I AM definitely one of them. My Heart skipped a beat, for it feels so rejuvenating to be seen in the Core of the Soul Essence, for the purpose alone, without any other filters and attachment. I spend all of my time doing what I do, as this is what keeps my sacred breath of Life going and going. And it is Divine companions like these and all of You Ascension Pioneers that keep me going for miles and miles. I love the nature of Creation and all of Humanity, but I know that my vision always needs to be clear and my mission focused on those who are ready and willing ... devoted to the path of expansion of the Self. This is what makes it all the more worth it ... truly! We are in this together and we are One!

There are so many new Ascension Pioneers connecting with me lately and I AM feeling such Gratitude for this shifting process. If You feel guided to connect, please don't hesitate any longer ... listen to your Heart! We are Family of Light, of the One Heart of Divine Love!

Our communities within Divine Love continue to grow stronger as we embody Divine Love ourselves. I spoke about this in my latest video update:

There are so many sacred expressions of Love, and I explained about them in my latest video:

Here is something about the sacred ways of Love. There are many expressions of Divine Love, which are all One in Divine Truth of Unity/Source consciousness. The Agape Love is love full of joy and excitement for the partner and the world. It is the purest form of spiritual expression in Bliss. Here we have the sacred embrace that encompasses awareness. The Philia Love is love that is first friendship and is full of respect. It is the love between a sister and a bride, a broter and a witness, and also love between brothers and sisters and true friends. Here we have the sacred embrace that encompasses trust. The Charis Love is love of Grace, commitment/devotion and honoring God in all chambers/forms. Here we find the love of mother and father, on Earth and in Heaven. The Eunoia Love is love that inspires deep compassion and devotion to serve the world and all the godly people. Here is the love for charity and community. The Storge Love is pure love that is full of care and compassion. Here we find the love of children. The Eros Love is love that is a deep bodily celebration in which two Souls unite and merge in the joining of body/matter and Spirit. This is the highest form and expression between lovers, and is the most sacred in the expression of Hieros Gamos, which is the sacred/holy marriage.

There is no darkness that could not be overcome by the light of Love, in one of the above forms of expression. When all forms are present on Earth, darkness ceases to exist. It can no longer exist. Love overcomes everything. (Inspired by the "Book of Love" by Master Jesus).

As we grow in awareness, we become more and more illuminated. Please know that Wisdom is Universal, and each Master who became illuminated grew in Wisdom and knew the Truth of One. This Truth does not belong to one particular Master or Being ... it is shared within All That Is, and everyone has access to it, for we were all created through this very same Truth of Divine Love! This Love is Cosmic and it flows through all Life and knowledge in Creation.

I love experiencing the Love of all Life in Creation the most ... because it's just so natural to me and my Soul path. Last weekend we visited an amazingly beautiful and most precious sacred water spring/waterfall. I AM guided to remind You that our Presence is amplified at such powerful Vortex points, and so we can take a few moments to do a Light activation ... either by toning, speaking the Divine word/Light language or just humming a melody that comes through our Soul awareness in the Present moment. What matters is our conscious intent.

We were guided to sit down, enter a meditative state and source a perfect Light melody/Soul attunement that would be in perfect harmonious resonance with the water. We called forth the Water elementals and nymphs, and we began to sing a melody that came to us through Source. It was a beautiful Soul attunement which entered the water as it travels its journey from its source of origin and into the sacred lands ... embracing all that it touches with its presence.

Don't forget how precious your sacred energy is, and how much value You have ... so step into your Mastery and share it with all of Life in Creation! You are a magnificent Being of the Divine, a Divine Human Being with full Source seed potential!

When You are truly touched by the Presence of Divine Love, everything else simply drops away ... but that infinite and eternal Love of the Divine. There is no need, no separation, no control and nothing less but pure Divine Grace of your true authentic Being! Your Heart is whole and rejoices fully in each Present moment. This is who You are beyond all the labels, definitions, attachments and expectations ... pure Love of Source! Become the One!

We also had a Gemini New Moon this week, and there is something deeper about the nature of Gemini that we are to understand on our path of Ascension. The archetype of Gemini is also the aspect of Twins, which is symbolic for our Divine Beloved, the nature of our Twin Soul. Gemini is not only about duality, which we perceive on a denser level of reality. The archetype of Gemini is also about the nature of polarity, which is the Principle of Creation. We are all born of the Divine this way, and there is simply no separation in this Truth of Divine counterparts, which are a perfect and unique bubble of Divine Love. Through the Love of the Beloved in the physical, Source reunites with itself, which is called the sacred marriage, alias the Hieros Gamos.

During the time of the Gemini energy we can get more insights into our true nature as a Twin Soul in Oneness. I don't know if You remember my repetitive Nature messengers of the kissing couple (the Beloveds), but here is another one ... a perfect stone of the kissing couple!

I found this nice messenger stone this week as well, which firstly reminded me of the Tree of Life, but there are also other things in it. The Tree of Life is always a symbol of our own Divine blueprint, and the nature of our Twin Soul/Divine birth within the Divine Principle of polarity. The whole of Creation is held together by the Divine Love of the Great Beloved, our Source ... and all of us as extensions of that Divinity. We have a unique Soul signature that is just ours, and it pulsates through the sacred Union ... the holy breath of our Being! When we know our Divine birth, we know of our uniqueness within the Variation of Creation.

I also found this interesting stone messenger today, and it instantly reminded me of the serpent's head. I call it my "snake stone." The snake reflection in it was very obvious from the first time I found it. I actually found it in the water, which is very interesting, since the serpent is connected with the Mayan Goddess Ixchel and she is also represented as the water and fertility Goddess. She is the Nature Goddess and a female warrior. The symbolism of the snake often deals with ancient energies coming to the surface, DNA activation and ancestral healing through primordial life force awakening, which is kind of like the kundalini rising as our vibration rises. Serpents are also about the cycles of life, shedding our old skin and rebirth, and they can also represent venom ... so being observant through caution. They are also about patience, fertility, eternity, balance and awareness. They are also about protection, rejuvenation and transformation. They carry many different meanings in their nature, but they also bring forth the knowing of the united kundalini energies through the merge of the Divine feminine and masculine, the yin and the yang as the two opposing polarities. They can therefore represent transcending duality and moving into the neutrality of polarity within Unity consciousness.

I found this stone messenger to be very powerful indeed. What do You see in its reflection? Whatever You see in this Now moment, is a perfect message from your Soul at this time.

During the time of the most recent New Moon in Gemini, I was also guided to do something different and new. Since Gemini is all about connecting and groups, I was guided to a shared sacred space. I then created a lovely New Moon meditation with holding the sacred space for all of us Ascension Pioneers. Here is my experience. I first lit the candles in my room, in all four basic corners and all of my altars. Then I sat in the middle of the room, in a prepared white circle, dressed in white. I first invoked the I AM, and what followed was the Light activation/attunement for our Soul group as One, sealed with a White dome of Light. This Light attunement goes across space and time, and it touches everyone who is open and willing to receive through a pure Heart and conscious intent. Then after this, I opened myself to listening/receiving, and I also received a message for our intentions at this time. This is guidance on the action steps to take to embody all of our Heart's desires that we intend on through devotion.

Here are the messages which I received: "Look at your pattern in relationships. It requires inner strength to recognize that you need to change or modify your behavior. Forgiveness. Nothing can be gained by holding on to past disappointments. Physical touch is important. For some of us, nothing is more important than a tender touch. This might include a pat on the back or giving a hug to someone who needs it." This guidance is all about relationships, and it stresses the importance of the words "live and let live", realizing that when we try to control others by judging them or telling them what they need to acknowledge, we are actually the ones who need to hear and heed this guidance the most. This is where forgiveness comes in. So often we can't see past the surface, but we are asked to keep our eyes open and always unveil more of the sacred Truth. Masks and filters will not bring us awareness, and we will continue on the path of deception and temptation of the lower. We need to own our vibration and how we express ourselves in purity, become more conscious in our communication and embrace forgiveness in the neutrality of Divine Love/the Absolute completely. When we communicate this way, nothing is personal and we are only serving the Truth of One. There is also a message about the archetype of Twins as the Beloved energy within the perfect balance of sacred feminine and masculine, and inviting it into all aspects of our lives. We can also do this through embracing ourselves as perfect and innocent children of the Divine ... a perfect bubble of Divine Love. When we feel ourselves through this sacred Divine birth, we remember the true nature of our Twin Soul.

There is so much yet to be embraced within us, and our inner Self mastery keeps blossoming. You can still join our New Moon circle of Trust/manifestation at any time, if You are so guided. Please know that it's not about when You do it, as it's not time that binds us. What holds our sacred space together is the Divine Love that we are co-creating from within to without. So trust that whenever You are guided to take a few moments to contribute to this sacred space, is the perfect Divine timing for You ... time is an illusion and we are interconnected as One only through true Love of Source! Connect to your inner Heart space and find your deepest desire at this time, then share this focus in our circle of Divine Trust. Let us connect as One!

Spirit guidance is always interactive, which means that it always comes in perfect Divine timing. 

We are One and synchronized in Divine Love! Look at these beautiful worker ants, each holding their chosen fortress with all of their focused intent and devotion. This is a perfect message for us to do the same, and rise in our efforts towards conscious communities within Divine Love.

Here is my recent article about this!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

 P.S. Here is my video about being a Divine Human in the New: