Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Aquarius New Moon & the Galactic initiative

Dear Beloveds!

The energy of the Galactic Pulse of Life is really activating us deeply, bringing the focus and awareness fully to our mission. Those that walk upon this planet as volunteer Souls are beginning to remember their Galactic origin and surrendering the old defense mechanisms within this world. The world is actually a home where our Love can blossom and express itself freely, so there is absolutely nothing wrong with the world, as it's actually us who are being moved in our consciousness shift. Those who are on the path of sacred Divine Union have undergone so many challenges and initiations, and Now it's their time to surrender and bring the awareness back to their Heart where the connection to their Core mission resides. We had to do many things prior to our Union, and this is because this was a part of our sacred agreement. Some of us had to work towards leaving a New legacy of Light on this planet and beyond, and our own homecoming was put on hold until we fulfilled the promises that we've made. 

Thursday, January 12, 2017

Weaving a New Creation cycle in Cosmic Union

Dear Beloveds!

So we have the first lunation of the year today on January 12th, which is a ruling Cancer Full Moon in 22 degrees, occurring right after an 11:11 code day! This is a culmination and initiation Moon that aligns us with both endings and beginnings, as we are tuning into what we truly wish to experience this year and aligning with the vibration that makes that happen! The moment when we really choose to engage in a higher vibration and reality, everything within that magnetic resonance will align in order to create that for us externally. We simply have to accept ourselves unconditionally and feel our worth and value beyond just feeling needed. We are wise enough Now to know that these are all aspects of us that are playing and co-creating, and how we really make this happen is allowing the lower aspects of us receiving from the higher aspects. This is the true Nature of Divine Union, and the moment we understand the natural flow of this, we no longer have to control, try hard or push things into manifestation.

Monday, January 9, 2017

Cancer Full Moon: Taking it to the next level

Dear Beloveds!

We are right before the first lunation of this New year, which is the Full Moon in 22 degrees of Cancer on January 12th. During the time of the Full Moon there will be a Grand square forming, with a precursor of mystical rectangle on 10th of January, which is just after Mercury going stationary direct. The reason why this Full Moon is so important for our next stage of Soul's Ascension and evolution is because it marks the tone for this New year ahead. It holds a very potent and nurturing energy, as well as depth to transform and root our newfound stability into a manifest form. It will show us how we need to grow and evolve, because we are taking a stand on a new level of Light. What this means that we have to swim through all the appearing confusion and delusion of a world in transition, where many are using this confusion to feed off of those who are naive enough to fall for the tricks of the ego. We are to step up in order to become the protectors of those Beings who wish to awaken and are ready to do so Now, but are simultaneously open to all the psychic debris that lurks outside of us.