Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Living as Divine Grace

Dear Beloveds!

How does it feel to live in a state of Divine Grace? We are all Humans, but as we walk our path of physical Ascension, we are getting more in touch with our natural state of Grace, and so many things touch us deeply on this journey. At such times, our inner senses awaken, and we become more present in our God Self/Spark. I AM often crying out of mere happiness and gratitude for Being right here and right Now. This journey of being a volunteer Soul here on Earth is not always easy, especially when You witness so much darkness, control and manipulation everywhere. And yet ... there is Light. There is always Light for those who see, and who live with Magic in their pure Hearts. There is always the Beauty of Nature/Creation and the Grace of the Divine reflected as Heaven on Earth. It is moments like these that make everything totally worth it ... so let's make them an eternity!

I AM often reminded this outside in pure Nature, as I AM deeply touched in our little corner of the world, in the presence of our magical Alps, which are Purity embodied. I have many pieces of Heaven here in our little corner of the world. I found another one of them last week on one of my hiking trips!

When we live as Grace, we live through our authentic state of Divine Love. What does is really mean to be authentic? It is so common nowadays to hear the words: "Just be authentic. Just be yourself!" It has become such a common phrase. The fact of the matter is, that most often we don't go deep enough into that statement and explore the energy dynamic behind it, when those words are being used. A lot of times we believe that simply doing what we love means to be authentic. Is that enough, is that all that is to it?

Authenticity in the New equals being in a sacred space of Divine Love all the way. This means being in alignment with the Integral Whole, not just the individual self that we often perceive ourselves to be through the aspect of our personality. When we perceive ourselves as a consciously aware Soul Essence, we also perceive ourselves as One with all Life in Creation, which includes everyone else and all other Life forms. This means that we don't just do things that please just us, for we walk in Grand alignment with All That Is, through utter Divine Love of our Being. When we are authentic in our Hearts, we are authentic in living as an embodiment of Divine Love ... each in our own unique way, through the individual Soul expression that we embody.

But being authentic doesn't just mean bluntly doing or saying anything that we feel without Grace, especially if that comes through lack of integrity and at the expense of hurting others. When we hurt another through negative patterns (such as judgment, blame, jealousy, spreading lies, rumors and gossip, etc.), we actually hurt ourselves first. So authenticity in Divine Love means standing in our Divine Grace, walking the path of spiritual mastery, adulthood and maturity. It means owning our energy, mastering our lower self in order to live our Higher Self. It means to love all without any conditions and to serve the bigger picture. It is only then, that we can actually become the real us ... our Soul, for our Soul knows only benevolence.

When we are authentic in Divine Love, we live through the Soul Essences such as Beauty, Wisdom, Compassion, Honor, Dignity, Courage, Power ... to name just a few. We live in Love and as Love embodied. We become pure Grace!

The flower world always reminds me of Divine Grace instantly. The month of May is the month of daffodils here in our Mountains. These are mostly beautiful white ones, which are perfectly aligned with the White Ray of Creation, Purity and Unity consciousness ... all through the Ascension Flame! Daffodils always grow in Spring, so they represent bursting out into a new life, and they are also messengers of Divine Grace. They can represent Purity, Awareness, Clarity, Inner reflection, renewal, creativity and inspiration.

See what message they offer You at this time! And their scent when they are en masse is simply breathtaking! 

Talking about flowers!!! I have a lovely story to share here. It came through the power and beauty of the written word. How often are we aware of the Beauty of written word? I was writing a letter to a friend on the beach, and I was doing this for the past few days actually. It is so much fun to write snail mail instead of engaging merely in electronics. This brings up so much Magic, and it's such a lovely surprise to open a letter with goodies inside. We are physical Beings at this point in time and space, and we love to experience things in a tangible form and play with the Beauty of Creation. I love being creative with my packages and surprises.

I was putting the color yellow in this letter, and I had guidance on finding one single yellow flower for it, so that the vibration would be just perfect. I forgot about it for a while, and then I looked around my shoulder, and there were these 3 magical tiny flowers just behind my back! What a Divine surprise! I never actually pick flowers, but I took this one tiny blossom and added it to my letter. I later also created a Soul gateway for the same person, and the same color combination came through Aura-Soma and my own intuition ... yellow/yellow ... how perfect is that! When we know we just know!

So ... grab a piece of paper and write to those that You truly love ... and surprise them along the way! You will be surprised about how much of the New this can bring!

We really need to learn to speak only through the Heart. Our Sun is Now in the sign of Gemini, which is ruled by the planet Mercury. This is the aspect of Mercury that deals with our connections, communications, talks and sharing. That is why we are always so full of energy at this time of the year, while receiving new ideas and insights about the next steps of our journey. This always broadens our perspective and opens us up to embrace new horizons. It is the time of the year in the Grand cycles of time, when we feel so ready to embrace new adventures, and an exciting feeling of awe enters our Hearts. This is when our lower mind can surrender to the grander ideals that are carried within our Soul. During this time, other people and various connections might also have a bigger impact in our lives. They always play a crucial role, and at this time this is magnified. This includes the old and new connections in our life. 

So during this time, we are asked to pay special attention to all talks, communications, plans and ideas that come to us, and many times through the ideas of others as well. They might not reveal the whole picture, but just share a new perspective or insights, and offer us a new clue or two. I always feel this time as a grand opening, and that is probably why this time of the year is one of my favorites. Our communication center will also be expanding further, and we will see just how much Life force can flow through us. There is always more, and when we continue to affirm this simple Truth, we embrace the natural expansion of all Life in Creation ... within All That Is.

I AM wishing You a happy transition in the Gemini Sun! Be open to exchange, talk, communicate and share from your Heart!

Let me share some of my personal examples. On our ascending journey together, we always walk in the Light. For us this means to consciously participate in anything that we are guided to create through Divine Love. Last week we had an amazing all-day hike, and at the end of the day we sat by the Mountain river, and I was guided to do a Light activation for everyone who is still in the dark. We held our hands together, as we allowed the White Light to enter through our crown, and then it moved through our Higher Heart and began to emanate through our palms, as we began to create an illuminating fire of liberation. This was created for anyone who is still participating in the old negativity through patterns of self sabotage, victim consciousness, manipulation and control, spreading rumors and gossip, or anything of such destructive nature. We did this in order to move from separation into Unity consciousness. We allowed the orange-blue-violet Fire of Freedom/Liberation, Truth and Transformation to spread out, and then we created a giant flame which then built one single column of Light. This column then exploded like a giant Supernova, and it was then guided by the Divine Will of Grace, to spread wherever it was needed most ... and to whomever was ready to receive it.

Ascending together means consciously working with the Light ... Being in the Light ... and Becoming the Light in all ways! 

At other times there can also come a time when we feel utterly vulnerable as a Human Being. This might show up as being a bit too sensitive or cranky, overwhelmed with everything and everyone, juggling our tasks and responsibilities, or simply feeling a deep sense of void. We know that in Truth we are pure Divine Love, but we are not to neglect that part of Divine Love that is having a completely Human experience at this time. To deny our Human nature brings a sense of being ungrounded and a bit too spacy, or just out of sync with our feeling side of life. Emotions are always directly linked with our reactions to life, when we are not fully responding through conscious awareness. But nonetheless, they are an important key factor to our experience, which is always changing.

Emotions are not bad, and they are to be fully embraced and valued, always through compassionate understanding in neutrality. Sometimes it's wise to ask ourselves: "Is there anything missing in my life at this time? AM I truly engaging in Life as a Grand player, a lover of Life ... or AM I being too passive about something instead of consciously co-creating?" We ask these questions not because something at this time would not be proper, or wouldn't be perfect as it is Now, but simply because we are always expanding ... and in order to embody more, we have to allow ourselves to openly feel and to always feel even deeper. So the search for the "lost cup" begins within. And when we fill the void of the Divine womb with new Soul attributes and Essences, soon a new way, an insight or a renewed life force and purpose will flow again ... and we will become that flow! 

Being by the water helps with this process ... a lot! It was a perfect Summer-like day on our Mountain beach. I was feeling the need to release everything for a while and just Be. This can be quite a challenge for us Ascension Pioneers at times, but we must learn to relax our mind and release all the cares, responsibilities, new insights and ideas with aligned action steps for a while ... before the real action can begin again on a new level! I was thinking about the carefree times of the past, and how my life has changed since then, and I received guidance that even though our responsibilities increase with the level of our Soul awareness, it doesn't have to be so intense all the time, and we can live in a more harmonious balance, as children of the Sun ... the Light of the One ... in Divine Love! 

Nature always has a perfect spot for us, we just need to open our eyes and embrace the Magic. When we embrace our natural surroundings as our indoor spaces, we can learn so much about the simplicity of life, and how little we need to actually feel good and happy in the Present moment. I usually have just a few items of great value that I carry around in my backpack, and they always work their Magic at any time! 

And after all the Beauty of Nature ... I wrapped up my week in a beautiful Mountain valley, overlooking the entire scenery from the higher perspective. This last week was very intense in feeling, and because we are expanding so fast, a lot of times we feel like something inside us is constantly dying. This is all good and well, because that dying off just makes more room for the New. A lot of us Ascension Pioneers are expanding really fast, so our "death" cycles are quite frequent. Remember that the more we die, the more we can be reborn in a new way again, and there is absolutely nothing wrong with death. We only fear it if we are attached to the old ways and thinking how things should have been. There is no control in surrender to the natural cycles of Life. The key aspect of "dying" with awareness is to always embrace change, no matter how uncomfortable it might feel.

Taking a big sigh of relief ... and inhaling bright new horizons!

Nature has so much to teach us through Her example by always holding a sacred space of Love ... Divine Grace. I love admiring the Beauty of the micro world. There is so much Beauty in the details. The Divine Source lives in every single thread of Creation. The more awake and present we are in our Soul, the more consciously we recognize everything as perfectly Divine.

Do You see the Heart smiling at us?

The Mountain river spring which I visited also has a message to share. It is at a point where the water begins to flow on the surface, and it's how it brings everything to life. All of Nature awakens because of it, for nothing would exist without it. Remember where all Life begins. Remember the true Source of Life and allow it to always be your only guiding Light, especially in the darkest corners of experience. You are here to carry that Light forward and embody the energy Essence of pure Life in Creation!

And there is a beautiful play of shadow and Light in this image, and I took it with conscious intent to receive a message from Spirit. Now look into these holes in the rocks and feel into what is the message You are to receive at this time ... coming straight from your own Soul. I AM seeing how we travel from the deepest of shadows in the bottom, towards the purest of Light of Truth that we are. Remember that the shadow and Light are a part of the same Essence ... the Truth of Creation! It is only in the awareness of both, that we can truly exist as our Source Self in the world of matter.

And here is my Wise Sage Light grid. The perfect stone for this was found a few weeks ago, and I reconnected with the Hermit archetype again, as I always do from time to time. Connect to this Light Grid if You wish to receive more inner knowing in the Silence of your Being!

And lastly ... here is a sneak preview of something truly magical to me! I finally completed my latest Soul project that is very dear to my Heart. It is the Beloved Essence through Grace. I AM so happy and proud, as it took me quite a while to make this. It is something new that I was working on, and it has to do with the Beloved Truth symbol painting that is actually a Light grid. It is a Grace Soul collection, and it is very huge and it comes on a canvas, along with a smaller one and a few Soul Essence stones. It looks magnificent and it has so much Love of Truth in it, and I put so much devotion into it ... I AM eager to share its Love with everyone.

And today I also I created this simple and yet profound image of the sacred marriage, which we also know as the "hieros gamos." Sometimes You just need to play and let your inner child create magical stories through You. This is how our magical child creates visions of Divine Creation. I was guided to take my color pencils out today and have fun with them, as I have so many and I hardly ever use them. Perfect Divine calling!

Divine lovers find Hearts everywhere. Do You?

Let me know where You are seeing the reflections of the Heart yourself!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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