Saturday, September 13, 2014

Moving deeper into Union with Self

Dear Beloveds!

This Summer I was experiencing a deeper moving into the Self, Divine Reunion from inside out, and so much came out to be revealed to the Light of Truth, and work to be done in regards to merging the Divine and Human self as One Essence ... a Divine Human Being. That is one of my main purposes on this planet, and for this to happen I have to go through everything myself, through many aspects, connections and relationships that I experience myself ... on my path of Divine Love. I AM remembering how it is to be a true Divine Goddess, an alchemist, a Priestess of the Divine ... to walk in Union with Spirit and the world of matter. Well, these are all my experiences here ... and through them the Divine Wisdom pours through.

Divine Reunion begins with our inner sacred marriage within, our Essence of Life and how we give birth to it constantly, through the masculine and feminine Principle of Creation. How beautiful is the dance of the Divine masculine and feminine. They are always One, supporting one another in loving synergy and Union. They walk together hand in hand, shoulder to shoulder, as a Divine couple of Divine Love ... the perfect representation of the yin/yang principle of polarity in Creation!

In the New, we are also encouraged to enter into true Divine partnerships that are based on unity, integrity and balance in equal reciprocity. What are equal partners anyway? These are two beings who are not "perfect", but their determination and focus is to flow through Life's experiences in Love and awareness so that they embody Wisdom together. This is how they continue to perfect the Divine perfection in their innate Humanness. They need to allow themselves to be truly "naked", intimate and committed in all ways, and as long as they stand together and there is constant togetherness and sharing, they are equal partners and they can walk through anything and move Mountains. They know that they have chosen to live through this Soul journey together, and that there is no greater happiness but that which is shared.

This is my video about the main Pillars of Divine partnership:

It is time for the rise of our sovereign Self, to be in the highest purity and integrity ... and entering relationships in a New Way ... in Source ... the loving Union of the sacred masculine and feminine! How does the feminine principle guide us? The feminine principle of polarity in Creation speaks about integrity, dignity and embracing the sacred womb through inviting in the inner Goddess part of us. For days Now, I have been receiving the message of being in the Goddess/sacred feminine energy.

This week I had a dream about a big fat book, which I remembered and recognized as an ancient spell book. The message of the dream was about all the knowledge, tools and resources being within, and as I opened that book, I was initiated into a state of being full of Ancient Wisdom, becoming a true Magician of Life, who is perfectly juggling between the Truth of Spirit and the earthly reality. This was such a strong confirmation dream, which was later confirmed by many messages about the "Magician" energy. When we embrace our true Self and take all of our Divine Power back, we claim it in the physical body and we embody true Wisdom, which crystallizes only through experience. We become our limitless Soul.

So I kept receiving more messages about the "Magician" energy. I was pondering a bit about this. What does it truly mean to be the magician and operate in the realms of Soul alchemy? Those who are true magicians know how to produce a lot out of very little. It is exactly how all Creation came into Being ... out of pure Love and Light. In the New, we don't create so much with the material. We create through Soul Essences, and the more that our Soul is embodied, the more Self empowered we become in them. A lot of individuals are still doubting their inner Soul resources, while constantly using the excuse that they need lots of external ones.

Here is one example! You can have the most fancy equipment to create something, but if the content doesn't flow through your Soul, it is as empty on the outside as it is on the inside. It might have a nice appearance and appeal, but when we look through the Heart, we will feel an absence of something there. People who are all about Soul embodiment are true artisans and they can create out of very little, sometimes even out of thin air. I know people like this, and they can create miraculous things and ideas. These people are the true magicians of the New age. I AM one of such Beings myself. My Soul always guides me to everything that I need to create in each moment, but it's all Spirit guided.

Also, in the New we don't need others to do something for us, because we are already fully empowered in our Source Vortex. Our relationships are therefore not formed through a need or a lack of something. We simply love to share our experience with others and exchange through our Soul. We can fully provide for ourselves and we are whole, and we like to share our wholeness with others and co-create Magic together! 

And Soul alchemy is true Love. We need to really know that we deserve Love in its purest form, and that we don't have to settle for anything less than our true Soul dreams. We do not have to compromise. We are not to look back, but to point our arrow of focus in the Now, where all the Soul potential is already whole and realized. We don't need to look back in order to create for the New ... we simply hold all of our experiences in our Heart already, the "good and the bad" (only a matter of perception), and we create from a space of wholeness. What do we truly desire, and how do we align ourselves with it in this very moment? Is it a thought, a desire, or an energy form we can tune into ... and see how its feeling brings us into direct Soul alignment? We do this by simply deciding how we want to feel, and then we shoot our arrow of focused awareness into it.

What about utter Purity? We all have an innate connection to Divine Purity, but do we truly live it? How well are we aware of the component of Purity in our lives? For me this comes to be so natural, for I embody the White Ray of Purity and devotion to Ascension. For me, there is no true Love without Purity, and no Purity without true Divine Love. When we are pure in all that we say, think, do and feel, we are also pure in what we take in our bodies ... energetically and as external prana/food/nourishment. With true Purity, we open up to new levels of Divine connection, and this stone reminds us that it's timely to do so Now. Let us not prolong our Human experience of Purity any longer ... for we can live it here and Now ... no more excuses!

How do we realize all the new opportunities that are around us, waiting for us to go and grab them? Every opportunity is always an opportunity to expand in our Soul. The thing with opportunities is that they are always there, and it's only our shifted perspective that can suddenly begin to notice them. The world around us doesn't really change, but our changed perspective changes our reality. That is why we are always asked to keep our mind open and become a detached observer who will always soar like an eagle way up high in the sky. From that higher perspective, we will see that there are always infinite possibilities to co-create with, and with our focused awareness we will see which one of them we desire to align ourselves with. Looking at opportunities to expand and co-create does not happen from outside in, but always inside out.

There can be infinite Soul opportunities around us, but if we fail to notice them and never do anything about it, we continue to be passive. Life might offer us the biggest Gift of the Universe, but we may not be ready to accept it, as we continue to persuade ourselves that we are not ready, when in fact we are just not looking deep enough. Sometimes this is even about being afraid to make general choices in life, which keeps us in the "same ol same ol" repetitive routine without any true expansion. The path of the Soul is only for the courageous ones, who will not see themselves as a victim of their circumstances. They will see themselves as the living magicians of Spirit, and they will honor their physical experience, because this is where they get to practice what they already know and step into Self mastery. When we know our true Source, we know that it is Divinely intelligent, infinitely creative and eternally wise. With that knowing, how could we not see everything as a Divine opportunity? It is time to live in the Infinite! 

Sometimes we wish to feel that source of Divine inspiration and it just doesn't come, and so often we also wish to swim against the flow. We need to learn to embrace our natural personal cycles and rhythms, which dictate our internal body state. Sometimes there just isn't any inspiration for a reason, and that reason is that we need to rest, take a deep breath and just release everything that we think we need to do in order to move the energy forward. Sometimes the shifting forward comes through a deep sense of embracing release, and allowing the Divine feminine Principle to guide us. We need to begin to trust that our inner Divine knowing perfectly knows when it's time to act, and when it's time to just Be still and receive. Allowing ourselves to just Be!

When we know how to Be, we will be in a natural flow of our Soul. Here is something about expectations in relationships! When we truly trust someone on a deep Soul level, we know that they are in harmonic resonance with us, and we simply have no expectations from that sacred space of awareness, because our level of trust is based on a Soul knowing, not the Human mind. These relationships are based on a mutual reception and an equal amount of respect. 

When we encounter those who are not yet in full integrity, the feeling of resonance is not always the same, so we often begin to project certain expectations which already imply control. With all these projections, we enter into a space which is not fully natural to us, because our natural state as a Soul is complete surrender and trust. In a way, both ways of connecting can teach us a lot. Through the first way, we learn about our natural state of being, and through the second one, we learn about letting go of any ways which are not fully natural to us. This is not the same as being naive and lacking discernment, because these essences are also crucial in living the embodiment of our Soul. Discernment shows us our boundaries and how we desire to be treated in full respect, while the full openness teaches us compassion no matter what. Both are important for the integration of our Human-Divine Self. When we fully trust, we lose all sense of Human control and we have no expectations!

A great deal of our Human "suffering" in resistance comes from identifying something as special. The moment when we view a certain connection, relationship, experience, event or such as special, we put ourselves into separation mode. We do so because the label "special" always brings a certain amount of expectation with it. The moment when we drop those expectations and perceive all of Life in Creation as special, we live in a state of transcendental Self and we become a compassionate observer. When we then also have the ability to birth this transcendental Self in our Human experience, we will feel nothing but Joy and excitement for each New Now moment. This is when we become Wisdom embodied. When we simply take things as they are, all of our expectations will drop away, and we will replace our Human plan with the Divine Plan of Perfection, which is much greater and way more expanded.

We can offer ourselves that Gift! Everything and everyone is special!

The first step is to become fully empowered from within. What is true Self empowerment? How do we live it through deep Source intimacy and being able to live and share nothing but the Truth? We are the ones who are here to do it, as Ascension Pioneers and wayshowers. It is no longer time to simply just walk away from people and situations without setting an example. We are the ones who are here to show an example of integrity and spiritual maturity to everyone. We need to become as role models of what we live and embody. 

No one else will speak our truth for us but ourselves. If we are used to separating our aware Higher Self from our Human Self, then we always deny our true feelings. Our Source intimacy lies in our depth of feeling. Our Human self needs to merge with our Higher self, and this happens through embracing all of our selves. And so when we are in the situations and with people that require our truthfulness, we will require all of us, not just the aware/neutral part. It is our feelings that are the greatest Gift of the Divine, for they show us how things are in discernment (not judgment) and then they help to move the energy forward, if we know how to use them. We do not just set healthy boundaries with this, but we also speak the Truth of integrity with Love. 

Speak your Truth truthfully and be brave in all your conscious communications!

Here is my video Self empowerment 101:

This includes no longer playing in the old scenarios. What does it really mean to walk away from drama and no longer participate in endless stories that we can create in our minds? Walking away from drama does not only mean to walk away from the situation that is out of Soul resonance and alignment or a relationship in general. We can choose to walk away a thousand times and more, and if the energetic pull is still there, it means that our overall chemistry is still re-creating something. 

To truly walk away from drama means to look deep enough and end the draining pulls of energy that stem from discordant patterns which are not natural to our Angelic Soul Self. When we learn to recognize our internal mechanisms that come through our Human brain filters, it will be easier to establish a new way of Being, by breaking through those filters, sabotages and patterns and starting again ... with a clean slate. So to truly walk away from drama does not just mean to end a situation or a relationship on the surface, but to end the old repetitive ways of doing things in the energy make-up, which no longer serve our true Divine Self and our purpose of the Soul. When we are drama free, we are also pattern free, and we can live a simple life as Divine Humans!

Welcome freedom ... welcome Soul Love!

How do we really know that we have released something and it no longer has the power to control us? So many of us have had Core patterns that included all kinds of things, e.g. feeling abandoned and not fully accepted, unwanted, betrayed, etc. These patterns go to the very root of our physical Existence, and even if it wasn't our Soul particle that shared that exact experience, we still belong to a greater Soul group and we are the ones to do this healing/wholing work in this embodiment. Our Soul wholeness is what brings the whole Soul group to a unification process. The moment when we come into awareness of what is going on behind the scenes, and realize that it's never actually about a specific situation or a person, we will be offered a deeper understanding about the nature of the matter. We will have an insight into our parallel existences and see what is the recurring pattern/theme that we continue to participate in.

The moment when we realize it, we can set it free, so that it no longer controls us and our experiences. At that precious moment, the cord with that root pattern is broken and we are free. The moment we truly do so, we will feel such wholeness and such a huge inner opening, where will feel nothing but compassion for ourselves, others and the experience itself. We will see with the eyes of the Divine and become like the "Eye of God" itself. This is when we truly feel free and we only wish to share that gift of Divine Mercy with everyone and everything ... this Life in Creation is way too precious and beautiful to waste it on old memories, wounds and hurts, which only block us on our path of Soul fulfillment. We are transcending them and moving into a higher octave of Being through liberation, truly living our physical Ascension right here and Now!

I love You! Be free and be at Peace! Embody your Higher Self!

So ... How do we know that we are living our highest Divine Soul potential in the Now?

Because we welcome in each challenge with innocence and excitement for our new level of expansion, and we see all of Life as a magical experience!

Because we live in a constant state of giving and receiving in the pure Light of Oneness, always sharing everything that pours out from our Heart.

Because we honor everyone and everything and all of Life in Creation, no matter how or what things appear to be. We see the bigger picture in Life and we inspire others by our own example of living it.

Because we see everything as our infinite playground of the Soul, and we make a lot out of nothing, and we walk as Magicians here on Earth. We know that we are creator Beings!

Because we are always devoted to pure service in the Light of Truth and we use all of our Source given Love, Wisdom and Power with courage and devotion.

Because we desire nothing but a simple Life of Self Love and Mastery with attainment and Bliss!

Because we rejoice and celebrate with all other like Hearts on this journey of co-creating Heaven on Earth!

I celebrate your/our highest Divine potential!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn