Saturday, March 22, 2014

My awakening Spring & new astrological year

Dear Beloveds!

Welcome to Spring ... my favorite time of the year! Everything is blooming and blossoming! We just celebrated the March Equinox, and the frequency is rising yet again. The Sun now went into Aries, and I AM already feeling that Aries energy moving me forward and I so love that energy. I AM in a highly active and productive energy and it feels like I can do so many things all at once. Besides everything else, I was spontaneously guided to clean and organize some things around the apartment. It felt so cleansing and like it opened the door for more of the New. This is what the Spring energy feels like, and when Aries comes into play it's all about action, power and intense energy drive. Aries (ruled by Mars) also speaks of our desires, and since Mars is now in Libra, these desires are moving around creating more balance and harmony in our ascending lives, and striving for perfection in our relationships.

This is something special, as Aries is the first sign of the 12-folded zodiac, which is usually all about uniqueness and individuality ... but now we are also bringing our individual sovereignty in great balance of Unity consciousness/Oneness with All That Is. We are all mastering the focus between the personal "i" and the Grand "I AM", which is wider, bigger and unified/whole. Our physical relationships are a great indicator of this, and they can always perfectly show us how to live in the constant balance between both ... the one and the All ... the everything and nothing at the same time.

By the way, this is a picture of the "Sun" stone mandala we created a while ago ... on the last day of February actually. It stands by our Mountain river stream, overlooking the Mountains in front of it, as the Sun is turned directly to the Mountains in front of it and smiles at them. It has 10 rays (wholeness and completion) and its purpose is to anchor in the energy of Spring. It sure did its Magic here! (winks)
How do we know that we are living in harmonious relationships, and does the perfecting stage ever end? No, it never ends, the spiral of Spirit is always ongoing and more expansive. But we know by how we feel internally, as all of our relationships and relating to the world will generate more Joy. It doesn't matter whether it's an old or a brand new relationship, as what is truly important is its natural development and progression. We can best notice this by looking at the most crucial and intimate relationship (besides the one we have with our Self) in our life, and observe it with neutrality.

I AM noticing these changes taking place internally and how they play out in my most crucial relationship that I share and create with my mother. We are growing so close lately, that we are becoming almost inseparable, we are constantly having fun, laughing, supporting each other without any attachment, and this is effecting both of us greatly. We are both also highly telepathic and read each other without any difficulty. We both noticed how much things changed since the latest Gateway/Full Moon in Virgo, and how we are now acting completely different with each other. We have noticed that the old patterns that we were playing out between each other sometimes, have almost completely dissolved, and there is nothing but Joy between us.

We will know when we shift internally, when we gain great clarity on what needs to be embodied on our journey of Ascension next. And we will know when we embodied that level of awareness, when everything will feel smooth, joyful and clear. That is when everything will begin to flow more easily and naturally.

On our path of creating a completely New Life through our Self, we are becoming more accepting and loving of all that we do, no matter what it is. We are a Divine Human Being, so we need to value and nurture all parts of us. We all have a Human side which we express when paying our bills, doing our physical chores and errands, or tending to our physical bodies and maintaining them. But what is the difference when we approach everything in the New? The main difference is that we actually see everything as a blessing and an opportunity to learn and expand, while embracing all of our Self and the current reality/level of physical existence.

That is why it's also important to do things only when truly guided, so that we will work with awe and inspiration. When we do so, more will be done in less "time", because we will know how to ride the wave of Divine inspiration through being uplifted. With this, everything will begin to feel like more fun, and we will love to do things through the perception of creation. I don't use the word "work" anymore, I only use the word "create." That is what shifts my perception, and then this shifts my vibration as well. When I AM cleaning and organizing things, I don't see that being separate from anything else that I do, for it's all a part of one process of co-creation.

Here is to the joys and expansions of the Aries energy! Such a huge new birth is here finally. I AM happy to announce the birth of my new oracle. You can see it here! This was an amazing day and in perfect alignment with the energy of the Equinox. I can truly feel that Aries energy moving me forward and I so love that energy. I got my first oracle cards (gateway paintings) laminated yesterday, and they came out pretty darn good. I will have a special offer for my Spirit guidance/readings soon, to celebrate the birth of my new oracle from the Realms of Illuminated Truth. 

Anyway ... the snow here was slowly and steadily melting, because the Sun was so warm and powerful ... but our Mountains still have plenty of it. It is so beautiful to observe every single detail in the shifting seasons ... in Nature, and how this is reflected in our own life. All is so perfect, if we can only feel it!

Spring is here, and lately I was observing everything that is peeking its way through into the New. I saw tiny flowers growing in the cracks of melted snow, daffodils moving to the surface, tiny buds, cute little lizards sunbathing and many butterflies. The birds were making such beautiful sounds, as they are already beginning their love season, which began on 12th of March with the celebration of St. Gregory. This represents the welcoming of Spring and new life. Spring is actually my favorite time of the year, although I love all seasons equally. I love to sit and watch everything take place in front of my eyes and come into Being through my Presence. I just connect to All That Is and feel a deep sense of Oneness and belonging and this feeling is so natural to all of us.   

I was finally able to be barefoot again, and I love it! I missed the feeling of grass and moss under my feet. I was sitting outside all day and creating, with my feet feeling so free. This is also good for grounding ourselves and aligning with the new frequency of Mother Earth. 

I was smelling the violets all day this week, as I was sitting outside in Nature. Who would have thought that it could be so warm up here in the Mountains ... in the middle of March. We have two distinct seasons now. To the one side where there are hills, it's completely warm and it feels like Spring, and to the other side with the tall Mountains (Julian Alps), there is still Winter and so much snow. It feels like the splitting of two realities, and it's amazing because each day You get to decide what energy You wish to tune into and what You consciously want to create! 

New Life is here! Purity is blossoming! I love acknowledging the beauty of the flowers. That is why they grow, for us to adore them. And when we do, they are so happy! 

For me, the colors of Spring are bright yellow and green. This is because these are also Nature's colors at this time. This week I was cross country skiing and I met this older man, who was telling me the story of daffodils, their legend and the nature of 7-folded petals and how they function. Then today, I saw my first one. I love the beautiful message and synchronicity. The number 7 is connected with my Elven consciousness and Elven Soul Art that I AM creating. In "Flower therapy" oracle cards, daffodils represent sharing the message of Love. This is exactly what I AM doing. The message says: "Rivers of love flow within you, and others may benefit from this healing energy. Be mindful of each word that passes your lips." And I feel that this flower has a Love message of its own to share as well. You can feel cheerful just by looking at it. This is how flower heal ... through their Beauty. I also found that it can mean Hope, which is my favorite feeling, as I AM tuning into it. I love You, beautiful flower!

This Pink flower bush is blooming again. These are one of my favorites, because they smell so intensely ... pure Heaven on Earth! I was so happy to see them finally multiply on my Mountain beach. 

There was another messenger of this new creative birth on my path. As I was cross country skiing, I found this beautiful feather on my path. It laid there on the snow, waiting for me. I never found a feather quite like this! It was such an amazing synchronicity, because just a day before I was saying how it's been such a long time since I found a feather here, especially now during the end of Winter. I knew it was meant to come home with me, as I was just thinking how rare it is to find a feather here in the Mountains. My Higher Self answered. I showed it to my mother, and she guessed that it must be from a pheasant. Another Divine companion later confirmed that.

I already felt that its message was powerful, because I never saw a feather quite like this and it completely bedazzled me, but I was super excited when I looked at my Animal-speak pocket guide by Ted Andrews. The description perfectly matches the energy that I was tuning into and feeling this weekend, and what I was writing about yesterday. According to this book, a pheasant represents a fertile time. Its message is: "This is a time of fertility, creativity and success. Pursue your ideas. Explore and express your creativity for rewards."

If You are reading this message now, this applies to You as well. I AM receiving so many creative ideas and visions for my Soul Art, as my Soul is showing me something new every day.

Something is already blossoming! The freshness of the yellow is already singing a new song of Creation. Birds are already having a party on the tall trees that are standing in front of my window. We are also opening to a new level of Divine potential, and then we are open to giving birth to something new. Before each Divine burst of creativity there is always a slight void/pause, and then it ripples out in waves of expansion. This is how everything comes into Being and enters the world of form. Divine Creation knows no limits, only inspiration, creativity and infinite possibilities ... Divine birth!

Do You know that 1+1 does not equal 2, but 3? Or rather, it actually births infinite possibilities. This means that when we experience the sacred marriage/Divine Reunion from deep within, we become a conscious co-creator Being who constantly gives new life through birth of Creation. This is when we activate the awareness of giver of life inside of us. And this is when we don't just simply live and exist, but magically create trough our inner Soul alchemy. For example, just like a man and a woman can create a baby together, which again represents the third energy, so can we consciously birth new ideas, inspirations, creations, etc. No one can tell You that 1+1 equals 2 anymore ... it's basic Cosmic math and we need to re-lean it

Spring is here and truly felt in the energy, and new conscious co-creations await! What are You giving birth to in this new astrological year? What kind of flames of inner passion are stirring deep inside of your Heart? What seeds are You choosing to plant this year?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Since new astrological years are all about cycles, here is my video about planetary cycles and Soul growth: