Sunday, May 18, 2014

My Spring Re-treat

Dear Beloveds!

I was recently taking a short personal May 1st (ongoing) Holiday for a few days, to enjoy my personal Nature re-treat. When I AM guided to these, I never know whether it might be only a few days, or whether it might even be longer. I was getting messages about this for a while, and at a certain point I needed to take heed, as I was guided to completely surrender. It is very important to do this every once and a while, to completely reboot our system and embody a new level of our Soul expansion in the New. My Heart was longing for this so much. It began with my very first Mountain hike of the Spring season, and I instantly felt how much I've missed this. I AM going through an intense inner shift at this time, so was not even up to me ... my Soul always guides the Way! During such times, I AM usually away or offline more, only catching up on my personal services or nothing at all. I AM a very hyper Being, so it's challenging for me to just surrender and Be. But even I need it. 

I AM also wishing You a magical Self retreat if You are guided to take one as well ... Spirit is showing me that now is a perfect time for this. We are in a beautiful energetic month of May ... the month of Love ... one of my favorite months ever!!! It is time to re-treat, begin anew ... and dance, laugh and play!

I AM having an exciting inner time at this point. I feel a great void, but at the same time new Soul expansion and Cosmic knowledge is coming in. Whenever I enter into this state, I AM guided to consciously distance myself from anything external, and I just enter a deep space of Cosmic void, the Great womb of the Divine. I lose interest in anything external, and I just need to embrace this as a natural process of expansion. This is my receptive state, and that is how I receive from pure Spirit Light. I have always been this way, and this is how I function in this reality. I withdraw and retreat, and then I come out again and share what I have received. I breathe in and I breathe out ... it's natural to all of us, this Cosmic pulse of expansion. It's a constant and ongoing cycle of Soul expansion and service to all Life. 

I know my mission to the very Core of my Being, and yet I always find myself at a point when I feel like I know nothing. This is pure humility and openness to All That Is. This simply means that there always needs to be a willingness to surrender and open up to the fact that there is always more. There can always be something greater and so it is. I always come out of these periods so refreshed and rejuvenated, with an increased Spirit Light within me. These cycles are utterly important for our Soul expansion, as we receive more Light through our Divine Source remembrance. The connection is always there, we just continue to deepen it more and more. It is our natural Soul calling and when we live in pure awareness, we have to answer it.

When we re-treat deep into our Soul and commune with Spirit, we enhance the ability of imagination. Imagination is Key in our physical Ascension journey, for it enhances our abilities to connect to the Magic and wonder of Spirit's mysteries and enter the higher realms of Being. Without imagination, there is no Magic. Without Magic, there is no Magic running through our blood, and our Light codes cannot awaken. When I speak about imagination, I do not mean "up in the clouds" wishful thinking that is unreal and not grounded. I speak about a very primal sense of imagination that runs through our inner Soul realms. The more we are sensitized, the more imagination we have. The more we are desensitized, the less imagination we have. So open up and activate your deep inner Realms of Being! Awaken your imagination and Magic will flow again!

And how do I live through those constant implosions and explosions of my Heart? 
At those times, I AM not guided to spend much time online, as my Soul just wants to Be, explore Nature and create my Soul Art. I have a huge high vibrational project coming up as well, and it's something very dear to my Heart. It's new, but it's also very familiar to my Soul, so I AM really looking forward to it and I begin working on it tomorrow. Can You feel how deeply we are now entering our own I AM merge? I spoke about this in my latest short video message:

Our Venus, the planet of Love, values and abundance, has been in the sign of Aries. This means that the masculine drive will be triggering our Venusian energies. We will feel more pulled to something exciting and adventurous, and we will want to fulfill our deep Heart desires, no matter how much the lower mind might resist this. My Venus is strongly feeling this as well, as I AM guided to a personal Nature holiday/retreat with daily hikes and Nature exploration. I AM having so much fun with these! I already shifted profoundly after my second day of Soul re-treat! Abundance is an inner state of Being, and it's infinite, as it offers us the freedom of Being. To be our natural Self is to be without limits and boundaries, with our Heart as wide as the horizon!

As I finally opened that gateway, I was having such a hyper week, and so now I was guided to retreat some more ... and I still AM. You see, it's an ongoing process and it needs to flow in balance. When the weather is perfect and everything is baby green outside, You won't find me behind the computer. I will be surely doing some hiking and Nature exploring. It began this month, when the weather is in perfect alignment. My Soul is really longing for this, and so this will be an ongoing theme for me. Surrendering and releasing through the path of Nature is the way ... clearing the pathway of the New! 

One day I already woke up feeling so tired, but I was guided to go hiking anyway. I felt a powerful void the whole day of my hike, and this void always comes when something New is right in front of us and we need to gently embrace it. When our mind is clear, we can more easily do this, and Nature assists us with this through the perfect connection in Oneness. Something New is coming up at this time, can You feel it? I AM surely birthing a higher version of my Self at this time.

If You are currently feeling very tired, or feel a slight void (or a huge one), require more sleep or anything as such, know that we were once again being showered (if not bombarded) with powerful Solar flare activity. It has been ongoing for a few days in the beginning of May. When this takes place, I AM completely out of my focus, meaning that I can't do what I usually set out to do. I can only relax by being outside in Nature or resting, grounding the New even more. Know that if You are waking up tired, You are doing immense work during your sleep, not just for yourself ... but also offering service to others. Relax and find out what works for You best at such powerful times! I told You it is going to be a powerful time ... with the need to re-treat! 

In the beginning I though that my break was going to be short, but then I was guided to announce that my personal break/retreat from everything will take a bit longer than I first thought. Spirit was showing me signs of it everywhere. The first part of my "break" was mostly for catching up with my personal things, doing a lot of cleaning and organizing at home. I did not sleep much during those days, and I was still very tired. My energy has shifted immensely, and this affected my sacred space. 

We have some more Spring cleaning to do as well and I always have some personal services to catch up with as well, but the second part of my personal retreat will be more about just myself and my Heart desires ... Nature hiking and embracing the new chapter of my Life, which is very obvious at this stage of my Soul journey. There is a deep calling from inside and I can feel it. I just need to step aside for a moment, because we can be our own worst obstacles if we do not follow our Spirit guidance. If our mental body is constantly busy and too exhausted, our energy is scattered all over the place, and so we cannot tune into all that is New. That is why the second part of my break will be the actual real break, and it will most beneficially serve the next chapter of my devotion to service. Everything is happening in perfect Divine alignment and it all becomes in perfect Divine timing.  

During the first part of my break, we have had an intense few days, and it's not a coincidence that we had a strong Solar impact/Solar flares at that time as well. We were being "showered" with another wave of the New, which will assist our further embodiment of the post the Eclipse energy/activation/download. At one time I felt almost too overwhelmed, so the next day I went on an all day hike, and it was beautiful but very intense, and my body was later completely exhausted. I guess I wanted this, for I don't sleep much lately, and this is practically "forcing" my body to go to bed earlier. I experienced a profound sense of Bliss, and I had "spine electricity" all day long, so this is how I always know when the energy is on high. This is like my little expansion radar, and I love how it works. We will need constant re-treat due to all of this energy "bombardment" and this will serve us greatly and prepare our bodies for the next step. We also need to anchor more simplicity, so what is no longer needed simply needs to fall away at this time.  

We have received a powerful new influx of energy during the last Solar flare phase. Now we are in the stage of body processing and integration, so our time is best spent in easy flow, doing something we truly love, spending time outdoors, creating Art from the Soul or just resting. We can also experience some clearing/body detox symptoms at this time, which is also just a follow up of that new energy. Don't worry over anything, and move beyond the separation that You might feel when You are feeling overwhelmed. Just feel everything as One, and a part of the integral whole of your Soul Being! 

I have been speaking about a powerful wave of body integration taking place for a while now. I was beyond tired all day towards the nearing of my retreat's completion, just embracing the silence and the void. The Solar Flare activity has been ongoing, and Now it's time to integrate all of the New. We were being prepared for another powerful release that occurred on the Scorpio Full Moon. I was guided to just Be, to retreat from everything and everyone for a while, until I feel this so strongly and continue to wake up tired each morning. Dream time is intense as well Now! Remember that we always come first, no matter what seems to be ... it is always about what Is in the present moment!

Are You feeling the intensity of the New? It came with the most recent new "bubble of Love." We are being showered by a beautiful stream of Divine Love. Our bodies went through very hyper and overwhelming new energy burst. That is why we need to take it easy and integrate this New. I have been talking about the energy of re-treat for a while Now, as Spirit clearly shows me this. Many are saying that the month of May will bring an easier flow of energy after the intensity of April ... but please remember that nothing takes place outside of us, so we are the ones who need to make that happen by aligning with the New.

Personally, I finally got some sleep. I was feeling tired after my intense sporty week, but totally refreshed and more relaxed. There is a new Love opening, and we are Being/emanating Love on a whole new level ... very profound!

I trust that You are having a lovely time of relaxation and body integration as well. After a period of nice weather, we suddenly had a huge energy shift here, and there was an amazing weather change present as well ... heavy rain, thunder and lightning, and new energies were coming in. I AM happy that I spent the final day of my Nature retreat by my Mountain river. This is so perfect, for I also dreamed of lightnings the same night, and this always means raising the frequency. I love this kind of weather, because I know what it brings and anchors here on the planet. I went from absolutely tired and feeling the void, to absolutely hyper and filling myself up with the New. The weekends are usually reserved for my Soul Art, and so I was creating my Art all weekend long last week, and we also cleansed our sacred space with some spontaneous singing, Tibetan bowls and toning. It felt like we opened a brand new Vortex! This week my projects continued. They were connected with the incoming energy of my new crystal companions.

This is my new crystal companion and it is my very first crystal ball. As I got it, I made quite a few pictures of it on my beach ... and each one shows a different thing. There are so many ways to use a crystal ball, and I got my first guidance to get one when I was watching Harry Potter movies. The message was very specific, and I also saw a vision of what it would look like. Guess what ... I found a perfect one just like that. It is a clear/ice calcite ball, and it fits my palm so perfectly. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of "rock" that I have ever seen or felt. It gave me quite a bubbly feeling as I tested it in a short meditation, and now I call it my "Beloved energy ball." So ... what can You see in the reflection of this crystal call? Or better yet ... what is the message that this lovely sphere gives You? Enjoy watching and feeling it! 

And guess what! Gosh, what a Divine surprise! Thanks to a beautiful Divine companion I now have 2 crystal balls. I got them both in the same week. The ice calcite one came to me through my Soul guidance and I received her at the beginning of the week, and at the end of it I got the second one (a Serpentine one from Machu Picchu). It came all the way from South America, where this companion was traveling recently. This one is a he, so they are both male and female. Now they are a matching pair ... a powerful combo of Twin crystal balls. I AM so excited about this and will be activating how to use them more in the coming days. It's almost like I knew it, as I painted the golden-white holders a while ago. Perfect!!!

Lately I AM receiving everything in pairs, as twin couples. It just comes to me so naturally without any control or agenda. This talks about the Twin nature of Creation and this Universe. Everything exists as a polarized opposite, and the sacredness of this Creation Truth can only be deeply felt from within. The more ascended/New we become, the more we can feel it in our Being and All That Is.

So many have forgotten about the sacredness of all Life in Creation. We cannot define what sacredness is, it can only be felt in the reverence and awe which is experienced as a deep Spirit appreciation of Creation. No one can tell us what is sacred, for it does not come from the outside. When we really know what is ultimately sacred, we live that sacredness and its Divine Principles. It cannot be spoken about, for it's just a deep inner knowing and our own experience of the Magic of Spirit and the I AM. Recently I found this perfect Spiral of Life stone ... how amazing! My sacred stone messengers are getting more profound each day! 

You can see my latest video about working with crystals here!

This is another of my latest crystal companions ... a lovely Chrysocolla with Malachite specimen. Lately Spirit kept showing me this color everywhere, and as You know I already made my very own "Heart of Gaia" stone with the energy of Chrysocolla and Mother Earth. But I wanted to have a tumblestone example as well. Now this one is another precious one and it feels so soft and soothing, so I wanted to share it with all of You. Tune into it and feel its message and loving energy.

I was creating on my beach, and I was again guided to find some special stone specimens. I had to work, but I have to admit ... they just won't let me alone anymore. These stones have a mind of their own! And so I found one of the most special stones ever ... I call it the Pi stone, as it has a symbol for Pi in it. It was so obvious as I saw it, and it has another symbol right next to it, and at the back it has an 8 figure, which is an infinity symbol. A very powerful stone indeed ... so it's already resting on my sacred altar with special items.

And at last ... this is me, wearing my latest Elven headset. I was creating it all day, outside in Nature, on a beautiful green meadow overlooking the white Mountains. The energy of this one is Infinite Love, and it has an infinity symbol with a Twin Soul Essence (2 Hearts), and then spreading out in a Rainbow pattern over the whole piece. I also made a matching set of earrings.

So as the creating was completed, I surrendered to the Magic of Nature completely. I had the most amazing all-day hike. It was one of those once in a lifetime experiences, and I just so love the ultimate baby green when all of Nature begins to awaken and bloom. This is when we ourselves are falling in love deeply ... with all of Life in Creation. When we say that May is the month of Love, that doesn't only mean falling in love with someone in particular ... it means falling in Love with all of Life in Creation ... with your Self ... with Source/Oneness. I love You all and this Love begins with the Self! 
My round trip ended up on another sacred Mountain beach. Well, half of it at least. As I came to this particular point, where I never was before, I saw the most spectacular view of my favorite Mountain valley. It was all wrapped in green, and I saw it through the lens of the lake. It was a once in a lifetime moment, when You get an epiphany and it feels like You knew of this before, and like You needed to be exactly here ... in this exact moment. 

As I came to the Mountain beach after seeing that view, I felt an overwhelming state of Bliss, which again happens at this precious triggering moments. Everything was perfect, I saw perfection in everything ... I was it. I felt like all my life makes perfect sense, and how I AM so in love with this place ... this Now. I would not want to be anywhere else in the whole wide world, and that is why I AM exactly here ... exactly Now ... right where I need to be ... right where I belong. There is so much Beauty and yet this Home/belonging is right in the center of our Heart. All is perfect in the grand scheme of things. 

I just felt such immense happiness and gratitude, as I kept saying to myself out loud: "I AM so happy. I AM so happy!!!" Are You?

I feel like I AM getting younger and younger. Each day I feel more ascended and lighter. When we are physically ascending, it shows on all of our body and we begin to glow. Our true Divine Spark becomes completely transparent to everything and All. We touch all of Life with our mere Being/Presence. 

My mother is also getting younger and younger. I look at her each day, admiring her inner/outer shine. That woman is so amazing and she has advanced so much on our Soul journey together. I love her dearly and deeply! Isn't she amazing? Look at her Spark! She is happy.
Me and my mother are both getting younger by the day. We are ascending together and we love each other so much. We are noticing how much more in tune and symphony our relationship is, and that is how we are anchoring the New relationship paradigm that is based on pure unconditional Love and our authentic Divine Spark! That is completely natural for all of us. We are just co-creating, laughing, playing ... it is so much fun!

I did not know that it was Mother's day recently, as we don't celebrate it at that same time here in Slovenia, Europe. But I celebrate the sacred Essence of the Divine Feminine who constantly gives birth to something new each day of my selfless service/devotion path. Enjoy your Self and take a nice long re-treat to embrace your void, the chalice of the sacred feminine. Remember that everything flows through that void first! We each have that same Spark within, whether we are male or female. Learn what is sacred for You, then protect that which is most sacred to You with all of your Life and your entire Being. This is how You cherish the Divine Feminine aspect of All Life in Creation!
I love You all!!! Tune into the bubble of Love that is your own Divine Spark and feel how this journey is the most amazing thing that ever happened to You ... or better yet, that You pre-planned and co-created for yourself! You can create anything, You can un-create, re-create or move beyond even that. You are infinite and eternal ... You are the Light of One!

Isn't Life in Creation amazing?

What do You see when You look through the lens of Spirit and the unique eyes of your Soul? I see Magic, Beauty, Wisdom, Love and Power ... all is Grace and Divine Perfection.

My Life is amazing, and the reality that I AM consciously creating for myself as a personal choice within my Ascension journey is just beautiful. I get to hike to such beautiful places and record videos outside. I cannot imagine to be anywhere else in the whole wide world. When we live in Bliss and inner Magic, everything becomes a Blessing of the Soul. Remember that we are are the only ones who will always fully understand and resonate with our own journeys ... nothing is outside of us ... and we are what we are for a reason.

I found a perfect new meditation rock on my hike. It is shaped like the head of a turtle when You look at it from the side, and this animal is always symbolic for the foundation/supporter of the world. She is represented as such in many ancient cultures. She even carries a powerful shell on her whole body, so she does a lot of supporting. That is one powerful rock to sit on and it gave me chills. Not to mention that it overlooks my sacred Mountains perfectly. Don't You just love random discoveries in Nature? 

And here are some of my animal messengers ... a family of three chamois. Their meaning and symbolism is similar to that of a Mountain goat. They gave me a beautiful message of Self nurture, perseverance and surefootedness. This was a perfect message because I felt like I got lost at one point when I was returning from my hike. I just needed to stay focused and follow my inner knowing. They were standing there observing me without any fear, and I looked right back at them. They always hang out in pairs of families, like tiny little herds. So they also gave me a magical message of community, connections with others and Soul family.

Messages of Love are everywhere ... two Hearts coming together as One! Always One!

Yes, signs of Divine reunion are everywhere as messages from Spirit. Divine masculine and feminine are coming together as One. They create a powerful Vortex and physical manifestation of pure Divine Love in utter Divine perfection.

As I woke up one day and opened my window, I saw a beautiful and huge beetle resting on my window pane. He was obviously sleeping there. I kind of woke him up, and he was all dizzy, and as I later came back, I caught him right on time before he flew away. He began flapping his wings and he was gone! He gave me a beautiful message of resurrection and new life. The beetles are often a symbol of leaving the past behind and being protective of the changes we initiate. It is all about change, and they are also messengers of strength, persistence, adaptation, metamorphosis and resourcefulness through creativity. He was actually the so-called "May beetle" and this means May brings many changes ... so get ready and embrace them!

And remember ... don't lose sight of what is truly important in Life ... Magic in simplicity and Bliss of Spirit living. Don't focus on the goal or destination, only the devotion/focus in the Now when You are getting there ... as You are traveling your Soul journey in a magical state of Bliss. 
Remember that it is all about the conscious merge with our I AM ... the Source Self. When I talk to people, I still notice that sometimes there is a slight separation in the perception of our Higher Self versus our lower egoic self. In the New, there is no more separation and we can always live from our Source Self, and that is why we are building this bridge to our I AM Presence and making a consciously aware connection within Unity consciousness. Why wait, if we can already live and Be all of it in the Now? Everything exists in the Now and the highest Divine potential can always be expressed in that sacred space of the I AM knowing!

I AM leaving You with a view of our Twin lakes ... seen from a higher perspective.

And last but not least ... I have a magical surprise for all of You. Usually I do my weekly Spirit guidance/messages on Magical Mondays, but I was guided to select special stone pieces on a Friday, and these are all messenger stones. There are 14 of them on the display, because we had a Full Moon in Scorpio on the 14th of May, and so these messenger stones carry guidance on what was shifting/expanding for us during this powerful time. That was one strong releasing Full Moon, because Scorpio goes very deep, and there was also a Grand Trine being activated, so something is now definitely almost exploding. Are You ready to birth something new? Take your pick, see which one speaks to You most, either by the number, its size, color or just because. Trust your inner guidance and know that the message You will receive will be perfect for where You are Now.

The messages are posted here: Message #1, Message #2 and Message #3.

And here is a beautiful black feather from a raven. It gave me a beautiful message of Soul alchemy and being present and aware, as there are always miracles occurring, if only we see with the eyes of Heart Magic. Here is a Spirit message coming through the feather: "Its main message is that of Divine magic and alchemy, but also things lining up for You. It all feels like rather magical, but You need to see beyond the mundane and what appears to be in order to feel it. I found this feather today, and it’s only the second of my personal feathers that I found this year. The first one was from a pheasant, and this one is from the raven, which is a magical combination of abundance/prosperity and alchemy/magic. Something in your life is ready for a new phase, and You are the one to initiate it into being. There is also a message of two coming together with this one. You need to keep your eyes strongly open to recognize them as such, so that they don’t just bypass You. Enjoy!"

The rest of my weekly Spirit guidance can be found here!

I AM wishing You so much fun & joy ... pleasure of the Soul longings! Happy transitioning, everyone!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. This is my latest video update about living in the Magic and Mystery of Spirit: