Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Connection to the elements & Holy Spirit

Dear Beloveds!

I love living my Life in Nature's Bliss. The Beloved energy is on High at this time, and I AM merging with the Yin/Yang nature of my Soul completely. I AM deeply connected to the Holy Spirit, the sacred Light of the Shekinah, which is the Essence of all Life in Creation. People often ask me what I mean by saying: "I AM guided by Spirit." I AM not referring to the "other side", the so-called spirit world. I AM always referring to the Holy Spirit, as I serve it in my Divine purpose in all ways. This awakened Presence is especially felt after this intense weekend! I was experiencing so much heat in my body, and I felt how we began to integrate those Solar Flares which took place a few days ago, just around the Full Moon in Sagittarius. Whenever they come to the level of our physical body, we begin to integrate the New and at that time we might feel a lot of body heat, tiredness and fatigue. At that time our body needs lots of rest, heaps of fresh water and good healthy food. I still woke up feeling like hungover from all these flares, and so I need to take it easy, but I AM already moving ahead as well through my hyper Being, so new things will be coming this week and You can expect them shortly.

This Source of Divine creativity is also known as the Divine Mother, the giver of All Life in Creation. Remember, last week I spoke about the Light of the Shekinah, the Holy Spirit, which is the Essence of all Creation. This week the journey into the depths of this Essence continues. The archetype of the Empress is here, and it speaks about enjoying the luscious gifts of the Mother; awakening the senses and innermost sensuality, smelling the roses, and enjoying the sense of touch and Divine companions from all walks of Nature. I also received this message last week, so it’s a strong repetitive one. 

This speaks about the fullness of life, which is also represented by the Mother Goddess with her body showing off wide openness. I actually felt the shift into that energy right after the integration of the recent X-class Solar flares, which began to take place in our body this weekend. After that main shift, the inner magical child was so loud, and I was experiencing the deepest awakening on another profound level. I was taking long daily hikes into the wild beauties of the Mother and the Mountains for almost 2 weeks now, and now all of that is being integrated from within, and now we wish to express this in wild creativity. There is something important that we are birthing and preparing for, as You know that the Mother Goddess is the giver of all Life in Creation. 

In our daily realities, this also represents merging of Spirit and matter, and I was speaking about the Holy Divine Trinity (Father, Mother and Divine child as one Ascension column of Light) in my latest Ascension update. Embracing our physical reality with all of our senses and pleasures is one of the most important factors in our physical Ascension journey, for it’s the personality body that it’s becoming alive as it begins to illuminate. We can only illuminate through utter acceptance of the Self on all levels; Spirit, Soul and personality body all as One. The Mother Goddess brings us that soft Love of all in Perfection at this time. We are embracing the true nature of our polarity in this physical experience. This is also about a new level of abundance. The more we ground our Spirit in form, the more abundant we become in all ways.

This was also a part of my weekly Spirit guidance this week, and You can see the whole message here!

I was so inspired with all this New Light, so I kept on creating. And talking about the Mother Goddess ... here is my Heart of Gaia vibrational jewelery, and I made it with some jewelery leftovers, by being truly inspired in my Art. Sometimes I get this surges of energy which are really strong and I receive one vision after another, so it's a pretty hyper process of creating my Art. This particular set carries the Essence of our beautiful Blue-Green planet called Gaia, and in the middle there is the Heart of Gaia, the brown of the earth and the crust of the planet, and the red of our root chakra and the root of the planet. Then the Light expands through the higher chakric system of 13 colors, and it becomes the beautiful tones of green and blue, which make the whole circle complete, in all of Life on this beautiful planet. You can see how the colors intertwine in this necklace. The bracelet matches the necklace, while the earrings resemble the Core of our planet. You can see more descriptions and pictures on my Elven Art Blog!

Recently I was so inspired by the Magenta Pink Light again, the Essence of our Higher Heart, because it received another level of expansion. The Magenta Pink Light represents the activation of the Higher Heart, which is the Key opening in our physical Ascension journey. Yes, the Pink Ray is here, washing us over completely. Do You feel it?

I was creating my Art, feeling so inspired. I made this Higher Heart activation Soul set for my mother as a Gift for all her love and support in my life, mostly for her wonderful Presence. And she is making the Higher Heart activation Soul mandala. The Pink flower leaves that we have gathered are sitting in a bowl of water, working its Magic through aroma therapy and opening our Hearts!

The codes for this activation are imprinted on this image, which is a personal Soul gateway, which also shows the same energy Essence, and it's interesting to mention that this gateway came about completely randomly. How? I was brushing off some paint from the brush, and it was a hard paper that my mother uses for her mandala paintings, and then I suddenly began to connect the doodles, as Spirit already had something greater in mind. A few minutes later ... the whole gateway was born!

Such inspiration always follows strong activation of the New through new incoming Cosmic frequency. Our kundalini is awakening and rising with each burst of the Sun, running through the cord of our inner sun, through our Plexus and illuminating all the areas in our body ... through the macro Grand Central Sun, into the micro central Sun in our body, and then our body pulsates with this Light and emanates an incredible amount of Light filaments. This is also known as the Dragon/Fire energy. When it's awake and integrating, we can feel an immense amount of heat radiating in our body. Gather all your inner power and strength at this time! Be truly courageous about all the changes that are happening within You and for You. Know that things are changing as are You. With this awareness, victory is at hand!
One can never have too much Dragon energy. The items on the image are as follows: A Dragon veins agate pendant, a card from the Imperial Dragon oracle (with a message of Power/Emperor/inner authority & self confidence), my Dragon "Keneth Karan" carving, a Fire energy Mountain stone, a Dragon stone, a Fire Soul Essence stone and a Dragon Heart Soul Essence stone. 

And now I wish to share more about the elements and Divine companions that I meet on my daily journeys into the wild wilderness. 

Meet my latest Divine companion! I was creating my first singing/toning podcast out in Nature, and from the moment I began and until I was finished, this little golden butterfly came to visit me and sat on the palm of my hand the entire time, mostly hanging out on my Elven bracelet. When I was done, he was ready for a photo shooting session as well. And then I thanked him for its company and we parted our ways for the day ... until the next time we meet. What a Golden One!

I was in a yin/yang energy Essence, wearing my yin/yang jewelery, working through the Earth Star chakra (which is black/white in color) and recording the monthly toning/energy singing. I speak more about the Yin/Yang integration in my article here!
Then I visited my Mountain beach and I found (or they found me) these matching two yin/yang Hearts, just as I was bathing in yin/yang energy Essence myself, wearing black and white and my yin/yang jewelery. Just as I was about to leave, I also found a huge black pyramid and I was seriously taken aback from all the sync.

Yes, even little Nature's creatures love my vibrational Elven jewelery. First a golden butterfly was sitting on my bracelet the whole time I was singing and toning, and then this little green bug could not stop climbing on top of it, even when I tried to chase it away. Then I created a stone pyramid at home and put it out on the balcony to dry. As I came to take it back a bit later, a tiny black spider has already found it and created a home on top of it. He did not want to come off it at all, I literally had to put it down. He thought it was his new home! I so love these tiny little Spirit messages and confirmations! What a happy day!

This is the most perfectly shaped stone pyramid which I ever found. I made a yin/yang pyramid with this one, and it will serve to activate the Earth Star chakra (white and black in color) and ground our kundalini energy of polarized opposites (Divine masculine and feminine) as One through the Core of the Beloved energy. 

All of these finds inspired me to draw as well This was a sketch for the painting I had in my inner vision, for it was a perfect Yin/Yang integration day of polarized opposites. And so the painting had to follow the pyramid as well, creating one whole Soul Essence and activation.

And here is the painting! It is such a simple beauty with a profound message.

On my journey of physical Ascension, I love to also share about the more personal aspects of my personal journey, and I need to stress that these are both one. In the New, no part of us is separate from our Ascension journey. I wish to go deeper into the presentation of my connection with the Mountains, the mineral kingdom and the sacred stones in our magical Slovene Alps.

It all begins with the Ourea. What is the sacred Ourea anyway? In Ancient Greek language, the Ourea were the first elemental Gods and Goddesses on the planet. They represent the Pillars of Creation, and as You know Mountains are presented as the bosom of the Mother many times. The Gods were always perceived as Beings dwelling up on the Mountain tops. There are many myths but also truths about that. For my new Life name activation, a name "Aurea" came through, and ever since last fall of 2013, I stand as Polona Aurea Dawn. It is no coincidence that Ourea and Aurea sound almost the same, and I didn't even know about this as I got my new name frequency. Everything always comes to us when we are ready to remember and know. And I myself AM also a Goddess of the Mountains, connected to them and the stones in so many different ways. They speak to me beyond any other aspect of Creation.

I adore my Mountain stones so much, and I already have quite the collection at home ... both painted and raw ones. I AM always thinking to myself whether there is anything more that I could find, and Mother Earth always surprises me with her Divine bosom. She is full of surprises, and has such a great sense of humor. I usually sit down, look around to see what catches my eye, and then I place the stones that draw my attention in front of me. When I feel that the process is complete and I AM done, I look at them and look into them as a tool for Divination, seeing the messages via shapes, formations, symbols, numbers and colors ... individually and as a collective. There is so much we can gather from Nature and when we live in deep Source connection, we can read from just about anything, not just the obvious tools of Divination such as oracle cards, etc.

Expand your sense of imagination and look around You ... Magic is afoot!

For example ... I found the most perfect and pure/crystalline Mountain stone this weekend. I felt so excited just by looking at it, and it wasn't long before I saw messages from Spirit in it. But now I will ask You to focus your attention to the stone and see what messages that You receive through its clarity. "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?"

Let there Be Light! And so it is! I must be crazy, but here is another couple kissing that is visible in this beautiful stone specimen. My Heart skipped a beat as I saw it, and it was sitting right in front of me. I often think to myself how I was guided to sit down at this very place that was a guardian of the stone which I found, and yet I know deep down, that it's all natural and that Divine guidance always knows all the answers by feeling. We just know ... and it's as simple as that. 

My main ways of Divination are stones and water. These two go hand in hand here, in our beautiful Alps. I was guided to conduct yet another experiment for our "1, 2, 3 .. what do You see" game. I thought it was about time to play again. So, what do You say? I took a close-up of the waterfall here, and as You know, all great seers and magicians always look into the water to see the reflections of what was, what Is and what is yet to be. See what the water of this magical waterfall is telling You right now, and recognize it as a perfect message of your Soul at this time of the Now. 

This never happens without being completely surrendered/in flow and following our playful guidance in the Present moment. I was taking the "forbidden route" to the bottom waterfall, and it was all pretty much in a spontaneous/unplanned flow. Sometimes we just got to embrace the nature of our magical inner child, which grabs us by the hand and takes us on a magical carpet ride. The energy was so beautiful, and I was entertaining myself, making myself laugh and creating a wondrous atmosphere of pure Love. The reason why I was guided to leave the house for the second time today, was because I had an immense overflow of internal body heat, which occurred as a consequence of the latest Solar activity body integration. Yes, by now the powerful flares have reached our body temples, and we are feeling that intensely. The energy of the waterfall helped with this shift so swiftly, and I felt completely recharged. The shift also brought another immense wave of Joy within Divine Bliss. What an opening! I was singing and talking to myself the whole way back!

I highly recommend spending time by the pure running water at such intense times. This way we don't just make ourselves feel better, as we adjust to the changes more easily, but we also help the whole planet by radiating out Divine energy and then allowing the water to disperse it around with its power of transmitting energy.

Yes, I I had a few amazing "Pink" days lately. Do You know how these feel? Of course You do! You feel all fuzzy from deep within, your world is in full color, your vision is of 360 degrees, your awareness is expanded big time and You feel nothing but pure and true Love of the Divine. Follow the path of Love and the trail will always lead You to where You need to Be! 

And ... Let us play another game of "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" So, what will it be? Is it a bird/personal freedom, a V shape/opening, or two paths/choices. Which of the following three do You choose? It can also be something different and unique, the messages are never limited.

Messages are always around us! The Magic within us sees everything through conscious observation in Presence.

You can find my entire stone collection in Art on my Elven Art Blog here!

So, what will it be for lunch? Pure Light!!! This is my latest sacred altar which I created for the integration of the Yin/Yang inner polarities as One sacred Essence of Divine Love!

In the New, we are eager to bringing our inner shine and conscious energy emanation into every aspect of our life, no matter how tiny or unimportant it might seem ... because in Truth every particle comprises the Whole. This way, we are constantly reminded of the Essence of our Soul spark, and bring Divine Beauty into the world, as we merge Spirit and matter and bring Heaven on Earth.

Now even my car keys shine of my Essence of illumination, which is pure White and Gold!

Pure liquid Golden Light embraces this polarity. And Nature/Mother Creation is so lovely in June, my favorite month of all. It is so full of color. Go and indulge yourself in some flower Love! See how quickly that will shift your energy into pure Love! Talking about the fire energy and kundalini rising, which we are now experiencing during the latest Solar Flare integration.

This powerful flower says it all.

The Fire is on!

Mother Gaia and Alaneaura (the lady bug) blessings to You all!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Here is my latest Ascension update: