Monday, June 27, 2016

Embodying Divine pleasure & Tantric Union

Dear Beloveds!

The Solstice point strongly marked a new beginning period for many, and the ascending heartbeat is growing stronger from within! The voice and longing for Divine passion and being inspired by Life in a new way is growing! Divine passion is actually that part of us that always stays connected to our Core Truth! It is the very Essence of our unique magnetics, and this means that this aspect of us is always in integrity with our Highest calling, even when we are considering and pursuing other options and experiences! The thing about our Core Divine passion is, that it's usually just one or two things that most deeply call us! In between our experiences we have always been kind of returning to those center stage things, and Now they are wanting to grow and expand even more! The old flames want to be released, the familiar stories surrendered, so that the true Soul Magic can continue guiding us in a new way, which is more enhanced and even brighter!

For that, all judgment, shame and blame has to be released, because even though at times we felt that it kept us humble, Now we are willing to see that we were playing it all too small! With grand awakenings come grand Life gestures, and whenever we want more out of Life, we need to be willing to become it first! People often complain about what they don't want or what they wish to change, but true change that is not happening just on the flat surface needs to come from being real with ourselves and our Core values! These values then open the gates to our Divine desires, and these are those that are not of fleeting nature! 

It's so amazing to constantly generate abundance for yourself when living in a higher refined density! To honor ourselves means that we value our uniqueness and what we receive of our Divine Self, without comparing ourselves with others! What has true value for us might not hold value for others and that is perfectly natural and okay! As we honor ourselves and how we are, we know how to value others too! 

For those Pioneers who have mastered the Art of reaching and maintaining inner balance and the path of moderation, new journeys and adventures are Now coming! We are ready to set the wheels in motion and head towards new horizons that will broaden and expand us! The journey Now will be about embodying and anchoring Divine pleasure and passion, with fiery creativity, which are the moving forces of the New density we are moving into! Set your sails straight, the New is coming, it's just around the corner, for we have been constantly seeding it!

Our true desires of the Soul do not change over night or over the course of a few days or months, for they are here for a lifetime and beyond! This is how we recognize our true Soul's voice and begin to allow and honor its Magic to guide our way, even when we feel astray! We are actually always connected to that part of us that knows what it knows! Casting all doubts aside by embracing their messages makes us open to the New in a profound sense! There are new incoming messages of the Divine right on the horizon, and marking our targets straight will make us more easily susceptible to them! Here we go!

It looks like we are all being guided to take a step back and retreat for a while. As we plant any kind of seeds of New Life, we need to feel into when we have stepped into a receiving state, for this is when all control and conscious effort need to be released for a while! There is so much knowledge and information out there in the "new age" and "spiritual circles", but what we truly need besides all the intellectual and technical knowledge is mostly the understanding of the natural Law, which flows through Divine Love! We don't need to have all the knowledge in the world in order to get it right and manifest our dream reality! We don't need to get information about our Soul from outside sources. Our Soul itself is the Key! The bigger importance Now lies in passionate and courageous connection with our Soul, which already has all the answers and tools that we need. Too often we try to reason rather than understand, and that is why our minds need to go on a break from time to time!

This is how we are training in the New density and reprogramming ourselves to function through the simplicity of Heart Essence and natural Law! When we are aligned with that, everything is created through the organic nature of our Being as Divine Love! Yes, we can have all sorts of fancy knowledge and metaphysical info, but without Divine Love we won't know how to apply it! Without the Core understanding of Creation Principles we will continue as empty shells, always seeking more nourishment from the outside to replenish! True mastery lies in learning to truly apply and live our own initiations of Spirit. It is time to remember our Essence from deep within, engage with Life in a new way, and sometimes there is no better way than giving up the old ways and all that we seemingly have to do, in order to pursue New Life, with new passion and stamina! It takes courage to do that, but as Love created us, we were created as magnificent Beings capable of anything! New creativity can only be found in the silence and stillness of our Soul! Love is who we are, and simplicity we must become so that more actually comes to us in the New! As Humans we are so used to always working "hard" and earning our rights, but as "Homo Luminous" we are learning to Be who we already are and bring that into our humanity!

Here is my video about living within our New template of higher density:

A lot is happening in the collective lately, with many people waking up (en mass) and beginning to pierce through the first layers of illusion! That is why Ascension Pioneers have been in training all of their life, in order to help the awakening masses who are still struggling and moving in between the old and the New, going through growing pains, feeling immense loss and inner struggle. Those who are here to serve others have recently undergone a profound transformation that helped them to embrace their inner Power of a sovereign Queen/King! This power has nothing to do with ruling others or becoming their authority, quite the contrary! This power to assert ourselves and hold our Vortex position makes us act like a leader of consciousness, the sovereign Human who rules with their Heart and dignified integrity ... a conscious conduit and living Example! Every such empowered choice that we have ever made has not only been for ourselves, but for others as well! 

We have been holding the torch for so long, and yet we continue in a new and improved way! Service to others individuals are Now being upgraded to a new level and a lot of that is occurring in dream time, through the assistance of Light Family intelligence! As the masses are going through the challenges of the shift in density, we are able to provide a helping hand! A lot of this begins as a preparatory phase in our dream time, which are the higher astral planes! A lot of our training is being refined there, as well as assisting the Souls from there first or in parallel, so that it can later translate into their personal experiences once they are ready for it! Because of this our bodies are more tired than usual and we need to rest and Self nourish as well! It truly is all in our hands!

As we are ascending, we are breaking free of the old habits and patterns, which are not the same as devotion to the most High! Devotion is a state of Being, a state where everything we do comes from a higher and more refined state of pure consciousness in deep Presence! Devotion requires awareness, and it's not the same as doing "spiritual" things or engaging in "spiritual" pursuits! Devotion is a pure act of consciousness where our living Life force of Spirit (our celestial Self) comes through and overlights everything that we do and all that we touch upon our path, from random acts of kindness to personal intimacy exchange with those most closest to us!

To live a high "spiritual" Life does not require our isolation or solitude, but a constant exchange with Life, where we embody more of our Soul through each conscious exchange and reflection, becoming more and more like the Essence of Life itself, which is the living Creatrix of the Cosmic womb! Where our Life is seeded, we must also learn to plant it! We do that by bringing passion into what we do, so that it can rise up and start overflowing with Love in devotion! Anything from the most simple and mundane to the craziest and most mystical can then unite, becoming the non separate act of knowing! This is how we bring the passion of our Soul fuel into our daily practice and conscious embodiment! This is how our every route and destination can be full of joy, magic and fiery creativity! We know where we are going by the Essence of who we are!  

Here is my video about becoming the living embodiment of the miraculous New:

Here is my living example! Last week I witnessed a beautiful miracle, and before You say or think anything, know that Miracles are actually natural occurrences when it comes to living in higher density of the fifth dimension, which is pure creative expression! This year our trees (their leafs) were damaged by Spring snowfall, which was not usual for this time of the year! The snow burned the green baby leafs and so they got brown! For a while Now, our forests looked like in the Autumn, with brown color instead of green, and no leafs whatsoever! Last weekend I went for a Mountain hike and the weekend after I saw the leafs sprouting again, new ones! Mother Nature showed me that I needed to be there with my Creation Pillar in Divine Love, for next day we had intense rain and storms! But these actually brought renewal and with this new Life, new leafs began to grow! I was so happy to witness this yesterday that I cried of joy and happiness for Nature! But Nature said things need purpose in order to grow, and we give it purpose through our Love, so Humans are an important factor of All Life! We can either be the responsible gardeners or caretakers instead of just takers and abusers! The choice is ours as we weave our own destiny on the planet! Choose Love! Love All Life in Creation!
The sacred Heart Essence is growing stronger within many ascending Beings of Light who are becoming more aware of their true Self and the nature of their Divine purpose! The calling of the fifth density is here for many, but we must also consciously choose it! The energy of the planet moves through its own cycles, and so do we, and in this process our sacred Power of Love is growing! This means that we have more power to co-create with others and the planet, because we have managed to clear our energy centers, and just as the Earth is also integrating fifth density Light in particles and quotients, so do we! The fifth density energy first moves and emerges through the Creation Vortices, and then later it spreads through the meridians of the grid of Light, and we do the same work of embodiment through our own chakric system!

That is even why not all spaces on the planet are bathing in the higher density yet, and the reason why some people are already experiencing Paradise on Earth, while others are still struggling with wars, intense duality and fear! Those of us who live at these Power places have a great capacity to move this energy forward, and for those who have successfully mastered themselves in other densities, we will Now be mastering ourselves in the higher densities, assisting the planet with this process and illuminating the pathways for others! Nature is revealing many "miracles" for us during this process, showing us how it's done in the New Light ... and we must continue to walk on the planet with our eyes and hearts open! Such is the path of wayshowers of the New density! 

Many of us have been preparing for sacred Unions in Divine partnership, and after so many initiations and inner preparations we feel like we have climbed on the top of a Mountain. We may be asking ourselves what does this mean for us Now, for it does feel like our journeys are complete on some level. In Truth this completion only relates to a chapter in our life that is now wrapping up! Those who have been holding a strong torch of Unity consciousness within, may Now feel a strong "Home" resonant frequency, which makes us feel whole and complete, and yet something might be missing! This is because the primary Creation forces of sacred masculine and feminine were created as equals, and from the very start they were meant to be lovers! They were meant to intertwine, partner up and co-create!

Here is my tantric Union Beloved preparation video:

But when we achieve this first as our inner state of Union, we don't want to engage in a partnership with just anyone, for we are seeking for that which is vibrationally and purposefully aligned with us! This is what differentiates ascending Pioneers from the rest that are still growing into themselves and learning through non equality! The moment One truly unifies and equalizes all aspects of themselves within, they only begin to desire a true and lasting Union, for that is what they are already living and embodying! The call to Be and express Love the Way we do in our uniqueness is very strong Now, encouraging us to become our own Beloved, live our deepest dreams by becoming them! And through that Core frequency, a Beloved Union finds us in perfect Divine timing! 

The Power of the sacred and courageous feminine is rising! She is the fierce lioness part within us that needs to use Her Divine voice to not just speak Her truth, but the Truth with the capital letter! The Truth is that Her voice has been silenced for far too long, and Her sacred knowledge used with guilt and shame! She is Now no longer willing to withhold that, as She begins to rise back on Her throne of inner rulership, the queendom and kingdom that is rightfully Hers only because She exists! But She does not only exist, She also knows because She feels! And what the sacred feminine feels reflects the most holy Truth of All Life in Creation! She becomes the living Incarnate, the breath of Life of the Holy Spirit, the sacred Chalice of Unity consciousness! 

She is no longer retreating, silencing herself and running away from Life and situations She meets on a daily basis! She also no longer needs to defend herself, reason with things or logically explain what She knows! She simply embraces herself by becoming a living embodiment of Truth in all Grace and Purity! She fights only for that which is true, the rest She leaves behind as not worth fighting for! And only by claiming the Power of Her femininity, She also embraces Her masculinity, as the Creatrix inviting the seed of Life in her womb! She is the living Goddess in Human form, awakened, ascended and illumined! She neutralizes and integrates Her polarities in order to become One and All and She knows how to roar! She needs to become whole in order to become holy! And that is how She holds the space for the most sacred Divine Union with the Divine masculine!

There are always messages, information exchange and guidance present that make us aware that change is always on the horizon, and swift energy that wants to move things in our Life forward! Although energy always seems to be coming to us from many different angles, we are still standing at the center stage of our personal Vortex, knowing that the final directive will always come from us! Life is so interesting, because at times it feels like nothing is moving forward and things are almost standstill, and at other times everything seems to be rushing ahead, and we have seemingly very little control over it all! 

In Truth, our life of personal Mastery needs to move in between these two polarities, knowing when it's time to pray and intend, rest and just be, and when the time comes to receive, pay attention to messages and make conscious choices! With these streams of incoming Light, new energetic spaces are created for us, but these messages are not always physical ones (although they can be and most definitely are), for often this denotes intuitive messages from Spirit that we are Now finally ready to notice, receive and pay attention to! These messages are exactly what we need at this time, and that they will most definitely influence the choices that we will make in the long run!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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