Sunday, October 25, 2015

Marching into our Ascension

Dear Beloveds!

We are marching on into our Ascension full speed ahead as we are guided into asking ourselves about the color of Love! Love is infinite and therefore it brings with it a whole spectrum of rainbow colors, which are multitudes of various loving experiences! We are opening to more Love in our lives and with that awareness we are leaving some of the old or even karmic patterns behind. This means that we are reuniting with ourselves on a deeper multidimensional level and drawing in new experiences, connections and Soul bonds with others! These bonds are more intimate and deep, not superficial, and this is because we have enhanced and refined our personal choices so that they reflect only Love!

Sunday, October 18, 2015

Ascending & descending as One

Dear Beloveds!

For a while Now we were in the void of the New Moon and this Libra energy emphasis is bringing us a greater sense of balance and flow, if only we are willing to take those conscious steps of aligning with this space and co-creating this equilibrium in our reality! This is where the true Self Mastery of Ascension and descension begins. Great new waves of prosperous abundance are here for us, but we need to be willing to stop clinging to old situations, things and relationships that are out of balance! If there is a withdrawal of energy in any area of our life, we need to make an introspection and clear the energy through awareness to realize where the core of this withdrawal originates from! Sometimes we are the ones holding ourselves back and therefore creating this withdrawal from receiving, and at other times we give our power to others who then become an energy representation of this withdrawal that drains our energy and creates discord! At times there is nothing else to do but get to the naked Truth and resolve it by simply walking away in how we feed it energy!

Sunday, October 11, 2015

Living in a Miraculous World

Dear Beloveds!

Can You believe these amazing times we are living in? How do we truly live in a Miraculous World? This month holds a lot of that energy for us, since every astrological number pattern is doubled. This week it began with a very important day of change, a 5.5. energy day of immense outpouring of Light. It was able to be felt all over the world by those of us tuning into New paradigm possibilities. From time to time the Magic of the Rainbow Light pours onto this plane of Existence more deeply and with precision, and today was one of such Gateways. We are in a new energy wave and this is bringing us a sense of upliftment and wonder! We can feel the changes rising up to the surface and a new healing wave is washing over us! The Stars of Hope are renewing our faith and creativity so that we can move on from the releasing phase of the last Eclipse!

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Our passageway into the New

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the last wave of this current Mercury retrograde, as we prepare for a huge new leap forward! We also have the Grand square that teaches us about action and Self empowerment. The shift can already be felt for many Ascension Pioneers who are moving forward in the New. We are working with the collective/planetary ascending waves and so we are always in flux between releasing in integrating, and yet many tend to get "stuck" in the releasing game. The message of true liberation that I received from Spirit goes like this: "It's all good and fine to be in a releasing phase, for this is what we do to get deeper into the New. But we cannot stay with that phase forever, and at a certain point ... we must break free from the illusion of separation, and this is where every shift can occur almost instantaneously, with such precision and Magic!" We are entering fabulous times of personal liberation, and those of You who can already feel this, please hold the space of escorting your brothers and sisters through this powerful threshold! Be the Love, show the Light!