Friday, May 23, 2014

The miracles of Life

Dear Beloveds!

At this time I AM feeling completely different than I ever felt before. It has been an ongoing feeling for me for a few days now. I can hardly describe this feeling with words. It would all seem rather confining and limiting and it would only remain at that. Words fail us all at times, even those of us who constantly write and express ourselves from our Soul. At this powerful time, I AM birthing a higher aspect of my Self, which is even more expanded and it sees things through a much broader perspective. I felt so void from deep within, but at the same time so whole and connected. I could not feel any lower emotional states, just a deep Presence and inner Stillness. It is New, and yet it is not. It is ancient and deeply familiar. It is who we are in Truth as pure consciousness. Everything feels deeply connected as One, and although I AM very detached from simply anything and everyone, I feel a deep sense of Union with my Self and All ... it is just not personal. It is another level of expanding and blossoming into a state of becoming transpersonal and entering a new level of Soul transcendence. I greet You in Divine Grace ... the Law/Love of One!

The Magic is deeply awakening in many of us. We feel so connected to our Spirit Presence and the consciousness of all that is alive through the sacred Breath. The secret of Life is to love the Life that we live without a sense of physical attachment. This means that we know how to deeply enjoy it through the Grace of the Divine, but we are not attached to any outcomes and understand about the fleeting/changing nature of everything. In the New ascended reality, everything is always about perspective.

Some might say: "Oh, it's just a flower. Why did You stop by it? Why did You take its picture, and why were You guided to share it?" And those who live a Soul awakened reality in deep Union with all Life in Creation would not feel the need to provide the answers to such questions, for Love just is ... and it's all about the beauty of Creation and the Magic of sharing. Divine Love does not explain itself ... it just Is! Not everyone understands ... but it's always important that we do. Share your beauty with the World ... but don't forget to also honor and cherish the beauty in all else that shares it with You as well!

Those of us incarnated on the White-crystalline (Rainbow) Ray, the crystal/crystalline "children" and rainbows, are very sensitive. That means that because of our main frequency of Purity and the Primal Source energy of the Grand Central Sun frequency, we draw in a lot of things. We always act like a Vortex/Pillar of Light, and things are just magnetized to us. This is so that we can infuse everything with Light. But as it is in this physical dimension, not all that we pull in and comes to us is for our greater good, so we must also be discerning and know how to work with the energy of Self protection/assertiveness and groundedness. 

This is one of the main aspects when we practice mastering energy and walking in our Light. We know how to sparkle and how to shine, and protecting ourselves is not the same as dimming our Light. It simply means walking in our Light in a grounded way, and knowing how to master working with energy in a very basic/grounded sense. We no longer need to apply the old and outdated perspectives on protection, as it's nothing to shield or seal/lock within. It's something to magnify, but then again use wisely and with great care, devotion and awareness. Know how to master your inner Light!

When we master our Light, we become the flow. The energy of abundant blessings is actually the energy of Divine flow, and we are Now becoming that flow. In Truth, all energy exchange is always just and fair in the bigger scheme of things, even when we cannot perceive it as such. Recently we have been planting a lot of seeds, and our Heart was very generous. We cannot always know where all of this devotion is taking us, for we are just naturally hearing our higher calling. This comes purely from our loving Soul. We will never see all of the consequences and effects of our devoted efforts, but we can tune into the Love of One and we will deeply feel them. It is not important that we receive validation or a confirmation, for it is enough to know that every conscious emanation that comes from our pure awareness, makes a conscious difference and it contributes to the Greater Whole.

We don’t always see with the eyes of the Divine, but we are invited to count our blessings, so that the miracles in our life will amplify through the Magic of our Soul. The more that we open up to the kind of Magic that is neutral, unconditional and unattached, the more we can be surprised, and the deeper blessings we can enjoy. The seeds of everything are always planted and exist as the Divine potential, so it's time to shift our perspective, and this will take us to places of new heights. We are expanding yet again! All the abundant blessings don’t just come to us without our personal acknowledgment. In order for us to enjoy the potential of our seeds, we must discover what we truly love and enjoy. So what better time for this than simply Now!?! 

Our planet Mars (the lord of action and desire) moved direct on May 19th ... finally. We had since the beginning of March to slow down and enter a deeper realm of inner awareness. During this period, not everything might have worked out the way we have hoped for or planned. This is all because we needed to replace our personal vision with a vision of the higher perspective ... seeing the bigger picture of the One. Now it is time to bring forth all that we have been considering and reconsidering, so that it may be in greater alignment with the Whole and the Great Divine Plan of Perfection.

The energy of Mars is not to be mistaken with that of war, since that was an old story/Universal drama, which we no longer have to align with. Remember that living in the New is constantly and consciously choosing our Soul alignments and being in charge of our choices ... claiming our own vibration! Today marks another pivotal point, where our overall awareness that always reflects and directs our direct experience, can come to a new stand ... and we might become more conscious of the next steps to take! Remember that we are always planting seeds, regardless of planetary positions and movements, and it's all about tending to them and mastering our energy from within to without.

For me, this is greatly reflected in the outside reality ... as always. Once again, the season of hiking and mountaineering has begun, and I AM beyond pleased. I AM jumping for Joy, actually! Indeed!

We have amazing weather here at this time, and I can finally hike outside all day. As I do, I AM always receiving new sparkles and ideas, and my guidance is leading me to my Mountains at this time ... I AM feeling the Heart desire for my sacred Ascension Pioneers Nature retreats, and I hold the space of Love for when the time is right and ripe. All in Divine timing!!! At this time, I AM discovering some new trails which can be appropriate for everyone to experience and explore as well. I would love to be a Mountain guide one day, as this is one of my biggest passions in this life, besides sharing on Love and awareness, and these two will eventually merge together as One sacred purpose that is already in my Heart.

So many people around the world have already expressed their interest in this, so I will just patiently hold the space for the perfect Divine guidance to come in perfect timing. Love of Nature to all of my beautiful Ascension Pioneers!

I hiked to an amazing Mountain river valley/canyon this week. If You ever have a chance to step underneath a waterfall (no matter how tall or powerful), You will instantly feel a refreshing energy washing all over You, as these are massive water amplifiers and they help us to create more flow in our energy field. Let me know of your own experiences with them!
I AM spending these powerful days outside in Nature, contemplating my own next action steps ... always through devotion and conscious awareness! I spent the last few days in stillness and quieting myself down ... and now it's time to open up to the New on a new level yet again! It takes great Wisdom to know how to use the guidance and knowledge which we gain during the Stillness standpoint.  

For me, there is also nothing better than working/creating outside in Nature. Balance is Key! Everything is more open and we have much assistance available. Today I managed to find this perfect little spot under the root of a tree. It began to rain a little bit, so I left the beach and stepped into the woods. This perfect space just nurtured me so perfectly, and I felt like a true Nature Elven!

As I AM creating outside, I AM always receiving so many special Spirit messages. This week I was simply fascinated by this ant on my Mountain beach. I simply could not take my eyes off of it, and I was chasing it like paparazzi, trying to take a photograph of it. The reason for that matter was my interest in her tail, as I have never seen an ant like this before. Her bottom was deeply red, with 3 stripes on it. It was shining very clearly, and then I realized that it's a messenger ant. Its message is definitely that of teamwork, Oneness, patience and interconnectedness of All.

According to the "Animal-Speak" pocket guide book (by Ted Andrews), the ant is also a symbol of industriousness. 

The message says: "Pursue your work for the common good. If your efforts are true, the rewards will follow. Build from the ground up - no short cuts!" I feel that this is also a message of the Root chakra, which is our Base. The primary color is Red, and this ant surely was sparkly red. This means embracing our physicality through getting more in the body, and explore Life with all the passion that we have inside. It is time to become more like the ant itself ... always looking for something and exploring. Do You even know how many miles a day one single ant makes? Amazing!!!

I have another interesting story to share. At that day I was walking barefoot through the very cold Mountain water and big rocks, and I found this perfect meditation rock to sit on. I was guided to keep my eyes open and just look around for a while. I love doing this so much! There was a plant right next to me, and on it there was a beautiful little ladybug type of beetle sitting on one of the green leafs. It looked like it was resting, and it wasn't really moving. I suddenly got a beautiful Light language word, and it just came to me out of nothing. The word was "Alanea-ura." I did not know what it means, but I just began singing/toning it. As I got higher in frequency, I noticed that the little creature began to move around. 

As I was done, I felt that we somehow made a connection. I returned to my spot, and I just began telling my mother about this, when all of a sudden this same bug flew right into me. It came to greet me, and I knew what the word stood for. As we then changed our location, and just before returning back home, the bug returned ... and this time it landed on my mother. This was perfect, for I was the one to take a picture of it.

What a lovely Spirit messenger! It had 4 spots on its back, and it was of a dark red color, which is symbolic for the base chakra ... and for Divine blessings as well!

And now for my stone messengers! Can You believe it? There are Crystal skulls in our sacred Mountain water ... well, it's stone skulls, actually ... but it was a beautiful Spirit message anyway. Crystal skulls represent Ancient knowledge and it's re-activating yet again. It was once felt like it was lost, but it was just put to sleep, until a time when we will be ready again as a group collective. At the beginning of the week I was outside in a high vibrational place all day, sourcing new (but actually ancient) knowledge about something really important at this time, which I wish to understand better and master myself. I AM always my own teacher and guide, and Spirit shows me things when I AM ready to embrace them in the physical ... and when the group collective is ready as well, I AM always guided to share it.

I will be sharing about this as soon as it truly sinks in and when I will feel that the time is ripe.

These sparkly stone messengers called me out this week. They want to offer You a Gift of energy exchange. This time I AM not the one who will transfer the messages. The stones have specifically told me to leave everything up to your own imagination and Soul knowing. In the New, Spirit guidance comes from the deep Soul awareness that lies in our Three-Folded Flame of Divine Grace.

Which stone do You notice at first, when You look at this image? What is the first thing that draws your attention? How does it feel? When You already sense that, step away from the obvious and the external ... close your eyes and feel the energy exchange taking place. What is the first guidance coming through in feeling? Spirit knowing always comes in feeling, and as we breathe through the Soul ... we surrender to that feeling. There is only Magic when we live through the Mystery of Spirit!

And this precious stone messenger wants to remind You of your own personal Vortex. Allow yourself to be vacuumed in it, to dissolve in the void of your Being ... and as You embrace the void and your true Wholeness, You will feel rejuvenated and completely reborn! You enter as an initiate ... and You step out as a Master of the Self!

I always worked for the bigger picture, but through the lens of the micro world and details. How often do we realize the importance of the micro world, and the fact that the micro and macro are both One? One cannot be sustained without the other, and it's often in the most non obvious of things, where so many miracles and keys to the secrets of Life reside. When one deeply awakens to the Magic of all Creation, one cannot bypass anything as "random." Everything has its purpose and focus of energy emanation, regardless of its size and the nature of how we describe it as Humans. We don't know everything yet, but if we just open our eyes and truly observe what Nature has to show us ... we can learn to mimic the natural world ourselves, which would lead to many new inventions of the Soul in the New. It is time to open up and broaden our perspective, in order to value all Life in its infinite forms of Source expression!

And I AM leaving You with the most amazing view of utter peace and serenity ... pure Magic of the moment and Grace of the Divine!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my video update on mastering energy and working with the Dragon frequency: