Thursday, June 28, 2018

Solstice & Capricorn Full Moon: Big changes coming

Dear Beloveds!

We celebrate the Full Moon in Capricorn while the Sun is in Cancer. Capricorn is an Earth sign of stability, tenacity and commitment. Cancer relates to our roots and guides us towards our true Soul home. It's also a deeply spiritual sign that aligns with wisdom of the Ancestors and ancestral healing. This is a Wisdom of the Sages which is not just understood, but also deeply embodied. This lunation promotes a completion of a physical cycle in our current incarnation before we move into a higher incarnation while building a new template of higher density. We do that by fully embodying the experience of a current cycle through Divine synthesis. Without that passageway of total completion, we will not be able to let go and move forward in Ascension. But this isn't just any miniature surrendering and completion, for it feels like a lifetime completion of the Ages. It's a completion of an Era for many Light movers and Ascension Pioneers. 

Friday, June 8, 2018

The Flame of Illumination

Dear Beloveds!

Can You believe it's already June? This year is unfolding with rapid speed as the 11 Master number keeps guiding us and moving us forward. Life is a mystery, and there are many things we don't yet understand about the nature of our shifting reality and planetary Ascension. There are many theories and belief systems about it that exist, but we each hold only a piece of the whole puzzle. May has been energetically an intense month, which was also reflected in extreme weather patterns. The key learning for many volunteer Souls was mastering Divine neutrality when it comes to Earth changes. Not all of these are pleasant, and chaos and distortion has become a norm nowadays, unless we live in a completely remote region of the planet. However, we are not here at this time to be completely withdrawn from the reality as it is unfolding. We came here with our Divine assignments and tasks to master. Divine neutrality in times of external chaos is definitely one that we all share, and it's not an easy one. We all fluctuate in our feeling states when we witness the turbulent shifts and changes, some natural and others man made. In the higher Truth of Creation, it's all a part of the One, as there is no separation. The more we have mastered Divine neutrality, the more Joy we will be able to anchor. This month offers us an opportunity for synthesis of our work and a higher Truth to be witnessed in our searing Presence. As we lighten our load, we will be able to feel into a lighter energy that this month offers us. But it will not come as an external condition, but rather an internal shift that feels like the breaking after the storm. These are turbulent Cosmic waters we are moving through, so we must find our inner peace and resolve to live in harmony with our inner nature. Our Core Self wants to emerge and shower this reality with unconditional Love for all Life, regardless of seeming circumstances. That's how we master ourselves and get ready for even bigger changes yet to come!