Friday, September 14, 2018

Post Eclipse integration: Masters of illumined Creation

Dear Beloveds!

We are in the New energetic month of September, which is of a 20/2 frequency. We are still under a major influence of incoming Cosmic Rays/waves, and a lot of Beings on the path of illumined Union are undergoing a process of deep synthesis and completion. A theme of integrating completion may present itself during the whole month in various degrees and levels of our current embodiment. However, it is a seamless process which is all permeating, and we need to seek it through observation and conscious contemplation. What is currently pushing through in our lives, wanting to naturally come into its full realization and completion? This naturally brings new upgrades that we are receiving through our bodies, which are Now deeply attuned to the Galactic Core through the Galactic Star Gateway. We then work on aligning with and harmonizing in our earthly embodiment. A synthesis is born when all the participating aspects come together in order to birth a "New unit" which has not yet been before. Through this process we birth a completely New Self or the "diamond" Self, which corresponds to our embodiment of illumination. We can then work towards becoming Masters of illumined Creation, so that anything we create becomes an extension of that illumination, in harmonization and co-Creation with Holy Spirit.