Thursday, September 4, 2014

My Summer of Divine Love

Dear Beloveds!

The Fall season is slowly beginning, and although this Summer was so short ("speed" and weather wise), it was so full of Soul growth and expansion. This was my Summer of Divine Love. It came totally unexpected, and yet it was something that I deeply felt long before, that my Soul needs to experience ... in order to move on to the next level of my Divine Human embodiment. I needed this step to birth a new level of myself. I needed this to become more of my Self, to merge my Divine with my Human Self, both as One Now and always.

First I wish to express something about being more Human in a Divine way. Those of us who have come here to show the way of the New paradigm as Ascension Pioneers, did not really need to be here, but we chose to be here at this pivotal moment in time in space, assisting with the Earth's transition, and assisting Humanity in general as way. We came here because we know how to do the work, and that is why we were chosen. 

This is not the time to feel like we don't belong here, because it's time to merge with everything and everyone and move out into the world. As Ascension Pioneers, we are constantly engaging with people, working with them. A part of this process of our blending and merging as many different Star races/hybrids involved the phase of resistance, where the veil was still put in place. 

This veil was also placed around us our protection, but now this protection is no longer needed, because the game has changed. Many are feeling this, and they feel lighter and freer to be their true Selves without any restraints or fears. Now these veils are dissolving and we are becoming so much more compassionate, loving, caring and giving. We are moving our vertical into the horizontal!

As we expanded in our true Self, we no longer see anything as hurt or wounded, but we see the Light that simply wants to shine bigger and brighter. It is the nature of Mother's Love/Creation Light that draws us to different people, experiences and situations, where we will be guiding, assisting and holding the hands of so many that are making this transition into the New. 

Know that all of our personal and deeply intimate relationships served us on this path, because we are preparing for something bigger and grander that is yet to come. Each relationship brought us new codes of Divine remembrance, and serve the bigger picture with something unique awakening deeply within us. From Now on, we will no longer wish to stay so much in the background. It is our destiny to be seen and recognized for the work that we are doing on this planet, just as the work everyone else is doing, for everything has an equal value, and it's time for us to be recognized for our own ... not to out ourselves on a pedestal, but to make our offerings in loving service to All That Is and the Light of Creation.  

We need to move deeper into the horizontal and deliver our very best! It's time to mingle! Be the best that You can be, and the rest will always follow!
And how was this for me? For the past few weeks, I was spending my Summer in a completely new way. For the first three weeks, I spent all of my time offline, in the company of a beloved Divine companion and anchoring a deep Presence of here and Now in complete surrender and Trust. 

The journey was never as planned, and there were so many things left "undone", with so many new ones discovered ... always in the perfection of All That Is. The Truth of Spirit is, that nothing is ever as it seems to be, and that the journey of the Soul is a mysterious one.The whole time of this experience, it felt like a blank piece of paper waiting to be written through our own choice.

Then I was back from my 3 weeks of personal Holiday, which were perfect and necessary for the next steps of my personal Soul journey. I was later still balancing and integrating all the New within myself. My desire was to fully engage in Being present with what Is in complete surrender and Divine Trust. 

The experiences presented mirrored the current level of my inner desires perfectly, which showed me where I can still make the proper adjustments on the Human level of experience, which is very important for the merging of polarized opposites and balancing our vertical (Spirit) and horizontal (Human/Creation) experience. It is through this relationship, that I birthed a new level of my Self in a physical Human form.

Then there was a two week integration period again. We had lots of rain here and the time was fully focused on body work. I then met my Divine companion again, and we spend two more weeks together, with more of the unexpected coming up again, in order to give us a good boost of the New!

July was totally different in energy and embodiment than August. July was all about discovery and finding something new, while August became real work through partnership, and at times the energy was so serious and focused on discovering all that is still not fully authentic with the Soul. This blog will focus on our July Holiday retreat. The August one will come a bit later.

One of the main things and realizations was this! We did not have much sunny weather in our Alps this year, so my vision for the Soul retreats was not yet meant to be, and there were other things that just needed to happen first. We are sometimes so full of the New, that we "forget" that things in the physical sometimes take time to come into form, and then we need to remember again. I then dropped all expectations and just began to fully trust that everything blossoms into perfect form in Divine timing! I lost a sense of control and just surrendered to what Is, while creating what comes to me on each step of the journey ... not getting ahead of myself.

Our Ascension journey requires us to become a fully grounded Divine Human, and this process unfolds through experience, for it's experience that brings Wisdom. When Love and Light meet and unite, we get Wisdom of the Soul. 

So, what were the main things that I experienced this Summer that helped me with that?

For a while, I was sharing my path with a lovely Divine companion. Our experiences were pure Bliss, if we only allowed ourselves to be playful and fully present with everything.
Our first night together began with full speed ahead, getting practically no sleep after coming home from the airport late at night. Right next morning, we already had to pack and go to the Mountains, to experience camping in the wildlife. Boy, were we in it for a surprise!!!

We set camp in this beautiful Mountain valley ... it is located right above my living quarters.

I did some crystal work too. I got two beautiful vertical/horizontal crystals straight from Switzerland, and they represent the merging of Spirit and matter, and masculine and feminine principle of Creation.

Then we did some Mountain goat climbing and Elven singing on top of the cliff rocks. We were toning the Elven words "Avale" and welcoming new blissful experiences through them.

We also tried some Summer skiing on the snowy cliffs. It was so much fun!

I felt such a loving energy. It was playful and open.

Of course we needed to visit my favorite Mountain valley close to where I live.
We did some hiking on my favorite spots, using the few sunny days that blessed us to our advantage.

We took a really long (hours long) break on my favorite spot. I can stare at the Mountain walls for hours!

As we did so, this beautiful kissing couple cloud appeared way up high in the sky. It blessed our journey with more Love. 

On that trip, we had to do some snow walking too, and it was another beautiful initiation into bravery.

One day we even drove all the way to IKEA in Austria, which was my first experience as such. I found out how deeply important it is for the merging of our Divine/Human Self. And the drive was absolutely amazing as well!

And here is the biggest treat for me! I finally managed to climb a Mountain peak which took me a long while to approach, with so many seeming "obstacles". This time I was finally able to do it, which had a very symbolic meaning for me.

As soon as I reached the top, I could not even believe it. Something that took so "long" was actually so simple in its perfect Divine timing ... and so it always is.
This is one of the most beautiful Mountain valleys in Slovenia, full of green and amazing views.

We carried huge backpacks, so it was quite challenging, but extremely beautiful.

Many veils were lifted, and many new sensations were felt, which showed me how a certain level of my Human experience has culminated and reaching its end, for there was a climax finally reached. I feel more free to just Be who I AM, without any other expectations or attachments. For Now, I AM simply guided to Be with what Is, while already receiving the glimpses of the next steps of my journey, which continues to expand in full authenticity of the Soul.

But ... before reaching the peak, we slept in the Mountain valley first. We made camp, but no tent this time ... just sleeping bags and star gazing!

This whole Mountain theater became our personal bedroom for that night.

We did some amazing Star gazing this Summer! When You spend a night overlooking this, You can feel your whole body wake with Presence.

And waking up to the sunrise is also so glorious. This photo was taken in the early morning, up in the high Mountains!

There was Bliss, and there were also some tears shed, as I had a deep Spirit initiation dream where my Light Family showed me some things. I always have initiatory dreams in the Mountains if I sleep there.

This Summer I have been blessed to find a very special crystal stone in the Mountains. This occurred on my way to this special peak, which represents so much to me and my journey. As I was walking up, I suddenly saw a beautiful shimmer, and this precious stone was lying right in front of me. It shines in a beautiful combination of white and gold.

Mountains are my Heart ... they are my Home! It's where my Spirit knowing is the strongest, and my inner Elven Self can shine the most! Mostly, they help me to open my Heart so fully. 

When returning back home, this photo came into being. To conquer a peak after so many trials, and all those nightly experiences and foxes last year ... what a resolve and wonder of the Heart! Pure Magic! 

We also combined Mountains with the energy of our Mountain lakes. Although this year we had so much rain in the Summer, the Nature walks and being spontaneous and resourceful felt so good.

We also visited a Mountain gorge, which is actually a huge touristic spot, but we made it into something magical anyway. It felt so good to walk amongst all those people and just radiate pure Light.

This is such a magical Elven place.

It is one of our most famous and beautiful ones, with pure crystalline water in turquoise Light.

And of course, we did some bathing in the chalk lake after that! We also dug in and took some of that chalk back home with us ... for those relaxing winter baths when one misses the Summer.

The other lake we visited was my favorite Twin lake in Italy, right next to the border with Slovenia. This lake is guarded by beautiful Mountain rocks, full of Ancient faces.

Obviously the Elves are there too!!!

We wanted to do a Mountain climb that day, but the storm caught up with us, so we needed to return.

After that, we had some beautiful moments by the lake. Reading Dolores Cannon outside is one of my favorite things to do.

We also experimented with some good vegan food. 

It was the mushroom season, so we also had plenty of those ... but You can only do that when You really know the right edible ones and make them into a delightful treat!

And as with all great stories, each chapter also has its end. And so the first part of our Summer together ended with a nice romantic day and walk around our famous lake. It was rainy, but the focus was only on inner Magic, so experience was completely magical as well. Our Heart expanded so much.

This was my Summer of Divine Love in openness and receiving ... but also letting go of the old ways of control and moving into deep surrender and Soul Purity!

The Light of the masculine touched and seeded the feminine.

The feminine surrendered and opened up.

And together ... they entered a new chapter of union and co-operation in Oneness. Even if just for a while. We are all timeless Beings!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. And here are some of the videos that I made during that time, which can assist You with your own inner Divine reunion and Magic of the Soul: