Saturday, June 14, 2014

Merging with the Unicorn Light

Dear Beloveds!

We are connecting with the Light of the Unicorns at this time, and we are also consciously merging with that Light of Purity and Divine Grace from within our Self. Spirit showed me this at the end of last week! We are merging with the Unicorn energy, which follows the embodiment of other main Soul Essences that we have been integrating on our path of Ascension. At the beginning of this week, I was in the Mountains, doing an automatic writing about Unicorns. Just as we arrived to our destination, my mother instantly saw a Unicorn figure in the Mountain snow. This was yet another confirmation of this simple Spirit guidance, and they are making their presence known everywhere. We then did a short meditation with their energy as we sat there, surrounded by the Mountains. It felt so peaceful and nurturing, so we both sort of drifted away somewhere.

What are the Unicorns all about? They are all about Magic, childlike innocence, Nature and discovering magical new places of high vibration and new trails of the Soul. They are about the Truth of our Divine Birth as a Soul, in our Angelic Grace. This is essential for where we are Now in our physical Ascension. 

Remember that there is no Ascension to higher levels of Being without being grounded and integrating our Spirit into physical form, which is our Creation Self. With Self mastery and devotion, we grow in Light, and it’s in that Light of the Truth that we continue to expand. We have been going upwards, and then down again, anchoring and then integrating after; embracing all 4 basic elements, and now we are merging with the fifth one, which is the magical component of the ether.

This is where the Unicorns come in, although their Light always is, and it's always there. The Unicorns are making themselves known to us deeper Now, and we are merging with the Purity and Grace of the Unicorns and the Light of our own inner Unicorn Heart. When all 4 basic elements are in perfect alignment, the Light of the ether is triggered and all becomes combined together as One. With this current phase of integration and merge, we are connecting with the Unicorn kingdom, which is the Angelic realm of the Animal kingdom. We can communicate with the Unicorns, work with them in loving service through undercover action (service in energy Essence through humility and Grace which is radiating Divine Love in Being) and purification.

It is all about utter Purity. When You think of yourself as Pure Light of the Divine, You are nothing but diamond Light of pure awareness. The White Light of Creation is what births forth all the Divine sparkles of Light. As they are birthed, they all emanate from that same Core, and even though they move in many different directions and their experiences vary, they are always connected at the same Core. We are unique, and yet we are One and vice versa. This beautiful white fluffy flower perfectly represents that! 

The Unicorns are the purest of creatures, and they were here during the Golden ages, but their Light was too sensitive to withstand harsh duality, so they moved on to the higher realms, the lighter planes of Existence. They assist us from there, and they work from the ethereal level and assist us with our physical embodiment path. They only closely work with those who are pure at Heart, although their Light is always there for everyone who makes the shift. It is not enough to just believe in them, we need to know them as they are in Truth and feel them in Truth.

They also help to assist us with their horns of Light, which are a powerful tool of healing/wholing. The Light of Purity and Grace is what culminates the experience of our Self empowerment into a brand new Essence of Absolute Divine Self … the prototype for the Perfect Human Being by the Divine design of Absolute Truth and Wholeness/Unity consciousness.

The Light of the Unicorns will be more easily reachable and felt outside in Nature. So find a pure corner of Mother Earth at this time and connect to the pure Light of the Unicorns, invite in your personal Unicorn guides and embrace your inner Unicorn Heart. With this, You help the planet immensely, for this planet needs Purity above else. It is the path to New Earth, which is the reality we are co-creating together as One Family of Divine Love in Ascension. You can also connect to them through the White Light of Creation and the White Ray of Purity, including the soft pastel colors like soft pink and soft turquoise. There are so many ways to tune in and feel the connection, so go for it and use your childlike imagination and a sense of wonder!
So, the Unicorns are back! Well, they never really left. How does this conscious contact and energy merge feel like? Let us begin at the beginning.

Here is the thing! A while ago I gifted a Unicorn deck of cards to one of my friends who is a true and pure Unicorn Soul, for I wasn't really using them myself. But then these just wanted to come back into my life. On a powerful Love day of 6.6. the mailman found me outside, as I was already walking towards my Nature destination, and he handed me a package with these cards. I was guided to sit with them by the water, and all of a sudden Spirit showed me that after merging with the Dragon energy, we are now deepening the Unicorn energy of Divine Grace and Purity. We are now embracing the Unicorn energy more deeply, and this is the energy of childlike wonder and awe, which is the ability to always live in pure innocence, as the child of the Divine. The Dragon energy was pure power and will, and now this is the soft Love, balance and harmony, for they both walk together as One. Both are a part of our personal Ascension journey.

The message that I got says it all: "Best friends!" Embrace your Unicorn, your inner Unicorn/Purity and Divine Grace and feel a soft loving Presence washing through You. 

The day I was merging with this aspect of the Self was a mini "Universal day of Love" with a 6.6. vibration, which is the energy of Venus, unconditional Love and memories of Love, childhood, innocence and purity. I already felt this energy wave a day before, as Spirit showed me how this Essence feels. And so I ventured on my hike, expecting nothing less but the unexpected, as always. And as always, the perfect guidance came in perfect Divine timing.

I was standing at a newly discovered place, and feeling everything as completely brand new in each moment. We were having crystal sunny skies again, and I was doing all day hikes, exploring some more of the New. Whenever we discover something new, it helps us to shift our perception, and it opens a new level of energy beyond what we know at this time. It broadens our horizons and it brings a new feeling level. The more we live in such a relaxed state, the more our experiences deepen, and even our dreams get more profound and interesting. Exciting times indeed! I AM feeling very open and carefree myself, like a happy magical child who only seeks out adventures!

Here is a short Unicorn energy reading which Spirit guided me to create on my magical Nature journey!

That was the beginning of a magical day. I finally visited our sacred waterfall again ... the first time this season, the first time ever this year. I missed it so much, and now the season of hiking and exploration has truly began. I climbed to it, as I always do, but then I tried something new as well, which is our guidance for this month ... childlike fun and adventure. I climbed to the opposite side, and although it was not easy because there is no path and it's very steep, it was totally worth it. I was having the time of my life, and I felt so inspired and full of life. I was one with my Unicorn, the Holy Spirit of all Life in Creation spoke through me, and I felt like a Goddess on a Mountain top. The feeling takes your breath away, although it can hardly be described. Embrace the Shekinah, the sacred Spirit of all Life in Creation. All Creation is sacred!

What is the Holy Spirit, the Shekinah, or the Divine Mother of Life? It is not a being or entity, because in Truth of the Absolute it is the Spirit of all Life in Creation. When we become fully conscious in its Presence, we become full of Life, we radiate only the Essence of pure Life in the sacredness of All That Is. Those who serve and live in the Spirit of Shekinah, serve the One, and so they also serve the All. Shekinah is actually a feminine Hebrew name of God. The original word means the dwelling or settling, and denotes the dwelling or settling of the Divine Presence of God. This means the experience of Beingness, so therefore the birthing of Life and Existence. This is pure embodiment of Divine Grace in form! We are all meant to become a chalice for that Light!

The archetypes of the Sheinah Light are a White butterfly and a Dove of Peace! These can help us to deepen our connection and emanation of that Light in our own Ascension embodiment!

Angelic Presence is always with us, we just have to keep our eyes open and see everything through the Heart of Purity and magical Divine child.

What does this magical cloud whisper to You Now? This was the sky above the Italian Twin lakes!

I also  captured "new" Rays of Light on my camera on 6.6., and these appeared for the first time. They are of the Turquoise/Pink color combination, and they represent the birth of Venus and the soft Unicorn energy. This is perfect for a 6.6. day of Universal Love and the vibration of Venus/unconditional Love. And how magical that this appears after my Spirit guidance on merging with the Unicorn energy. This is Love in its Absolute Purity and simplicity. A magical sense of Divine Grace is awakening within us. Breathe in this sacredness and bathe in utter Purity of your Being!

With all this Unicorn energy in the ethers and flying around, the Unicorns have invited me to play a game. It is called "catch a Unicorn", and only those who are pure at Heart can play it, because only those will truly understand the Magic of its nature without any labels and limitations. Here is how You play it! When there are these puffy and fluffy thingies flying in the air, You get yourself ready and try to capture them. It is really not easy at all, because they are quite mischievous. Then when You do so, take it to the next level and try to photograph one. That is actually the challenging part! I managed to capture one. Can You spot it on this image?

This merge is all about conscious intention and Purity of Heart. You only need to feel it in order to become your truth. Then see the purest White Light, and You can also speak the following: "I embrace my Unicorn and merge with my inner Unicorn. My Unicorn and I are One. I anchor and embody Purity of Divine Grace!" Then just check within to see how this feels.

Oh, and I managed to discover the source of the Unicorn "puffy-ness!" 

And ... when gazing at the sky ...

... I saw it!!! Here is how my perfect "Unicorn day" in the Mountains came to an end. as I saw two of them in the clouds above the Mountain tops, and they were riding together into the sunset. How romantic and sweet! When our Heart is open wide and Pure, we see only images of Love and Beauty in Divine Perfection!

Yes, the Unicorns are like Angels of the horse kingdom. On our Mountain trip to Italian Twin lakes last weekend, we found a bunch of tiny baby feathers from my favorite Buzzard birds by the lake. They are one of my main animal Spirit guides. Then I was spontaneously guided to count them, and I have 13 of them, with one being returned to mother Earth as an offering for all She gifts us with. I received this guidance by hearing it from someone who spoke about burying our offerings, and it resonated beautifully in the Now moment. 13 is the number of Divine Magic and the Holy Spirit, Divine Mother of All Life ... which is perfect for this lovely opportunity. Not to mention the fact that June is a 13/4 Universal month, and that the energy of the latest Full Moon in Sagittarius is also 13. Angelic blessings to everyone!

Unicorns can also make us engage in very pleasant activities that open our shinning Hearts. Here is my drawing on the 6.6. and it represents my favorite Mountain paradise! Because the Summer season is here Now, I will be spending most of my time outside, so my creations will follow me where I go as well. I purchased this tiny sketchbook to draw some random inspirations and I AM already using it.

I already shared that the month of June is all about childhood nostalgia and childlike innocence and wonder with awe, embracing our magical Heart Core from deep within. That is why I AM lately guided to draw like a child, in bare simplicity. I continue to be inspired by my Mountains, and this is what came out of it.

What truly makes You feel this way? What can You embrace in a New Light at this time? Allow it to naturally come to You as You go about your journey.

So ... from Dragons to Unicorns ... to Oneness of all Divine Essences. Yes, all are One!

This is my new Dragon companion, and He is called "Keneth Karan". He is bringing a message of empowerment through Purity. He is showing the way of being powerful through innocent Core of our Divine Self. Through this knowing, we can dissolve all illusions about power, such as those old beliefs that were held in the collective about being powerful. To be powerful does not mean to be frightening, because it simply means to embrace and claim all of our sovereign Self, while our main Essence always remains crystalline pure.

He is so strongly pulsating/vibrating in my hands, and I take him with me to my Nature hikes. 

I also found this perfect Dragon rider stone. Do You see it? I found this stone last week, and it means the world to me. It was all happening in alignment with us embracing and merging with the Dragon energy, so it was a beautiful confirmation from Spirit. 

When You feel lost, rely on the Purity of your Unicorn, the strength of your Dragon and the Wisdom of your Higher Self that encompasses everything! 

And don't forget about playful Joy ... throw your hands (or your clothes) in the air and embrace Life to the fullest! 

Unicorn blessings of Purity and Grace!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my Ascension update about this shift and the Unicorn energy: