Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Traveling into the New

Dear Beloveds!

We just had a beautiful New Moon in Gemini on June 4th/5th, with a beautiful Venus conjunction to it. This month of June is a month of Grand Cross and Trine. This stimulates both mental and passionate creativity with new ideas wanting to sprout within us. The time when our Sun travels through the sign of Gemini is most packed with the energy of dynamic tension and Cosmic activations. These stimulate our mental body, but with Venus in the mix we Now also want to move these activations through our body and embody this New Light. We want to literally "grid" ourselves. This New creativity begins with our charged energetic body. Many wonder about how they might get more stimulated and creative, but then they lose a lot of their Life force by either not living in the present moment, thinking too much or tying themselves into the matrix with all the possible hooks and faulty energy attachments. The more we start to work on our energy body and fuel it with pure Light, the more it will create the proper magnetic (feminine) and electric (masculine) flow which will be able to create through the balanced integration of polarities.

Everything that we create comes from this balance and our vibration first, so if we may be wondering why things are not flowing in our life, or why we can't make our thoughts and desires real, the answers will probably lie in our energy body. We need to learn how to move the energy in our body so that it can flow freely. When our dynamic tension is in balance, we live as integrated Human beings who know what and how they need to create in each moment, asking for guidance but then also knowing how to receive it and live it. Putting everything into clear perspective and embodiment is all about the energy body maintenance, so we are being asked to continue upgrading ourselves and engage in daily practices that energetically feed us from within, for this is how we create in the New. We become our own Vortex, a triumphant power house of energy mastery and passionate creativity!

We are at the verge of a new threshold, which we can already feel in our hearts, and when our hearts know something it's always timeless and unrestricted. There is great majestic presence unfolding right in front of us, and we are gaining insights into new values and states of Being. As we ascend deeper into our physical descension, we are always going to be shown our new pathways through the mastery of choice. We won't always rationally know why we are doing the things that we are doing and following the subtle nudges of our Soul. The fact of the matter is, that the more our Spirit vertically reaches into the vast and mysterious ways of our Human psyche, the more everything will feel peacefully balanced and yet New and exciting at the same time. We will be drawn in new directions so naturally that it will almost feel like we won't have to do a thing. The difference is, that the awareness of effort is leaving us, as we are integrating effortless flow.

We will have to learn to observe more, practice the art of patience and Divine timing and applying reason with intuition without any exclusion, bringing all of our aspects into a space of Unity. As we awaken deeper into Unity, we will see how our emotional mastery sets us free and allows us to more naturally help others on this path as well. True Unity does not mean that we are defending our own position, claiming it as our own, for there is no competition between us. There are still those that say: "This is mine, don't take it away from me, it belongs to me," and yet this still fuels duality. In true Unity, we are all excited to assist and inspire each other without any claim, possession or self righteousness. We vibrate as one brotherhood-sisterhood of Love, embracing our Divine and Human Heart as One!

The New Moon in Gemini was one of the most unveiling and revealing initiations for many of us. Veils and layers of illusions were ready to dissolve and they were just falling away one by one. A huge new awareness wave was activated, which Now initiated a whole New Self and Cosmic compass pathway. The more that we embraced our Human Heart and the Human experience, the more this humble compassion brought us new perspectives, which we were ready for on a Soul level. These initiations pushed us into becoming wholehearted Truth tellers, not only when it feels easy or comfortable for us in our own little Love bubble, but also when it feels most challenging and mind wrecking. That is what Earth mastery and working with people requires of us. This is how we serve. The embracing of the Human Heart in its totality and completion is Now cracking the Human mind, but merging with it in a most beautiful way.

This is my video on this topic:

When resistance meets with Love, we know how to connect the dots of our vertical and horizontal expressions, making us less withdrawn and withheld (aloof), and more passionately engaged, but without the drama and faulty energy exchange. When we know what we know, we simply have no other choice but to set ourselves and others free. This is a huge step in our energy mastery advancement and co-creation through higher dimensional levels. We know what we have to do and what processes we need to instigate, because we continue to come back to them for more, until the whole purpose of it has truly been served. It is when it often feels the hardest, that our Soul is truly on the verge of fully being set free! But we know how completion feels, because we feel it within our own selves. We have to love ourselves and others as much to be able to offer that gift of freedom from illusion and faulty energy exchange, for that is who we are as sovereign Masters of the New! 

We are traveling through a spiraling movement of old and New, as the energies intertwine and create a new reality. A lot of us are moving forward with something New, which all started as a new feeling that is Now ready to blossom. Our Soul is always in constant communication with us through deep feeling, and sometimes we don't understand why we feel a certain way, and then in the end it is actually revealed that this feeling is really a blessing, a signpost of our inner depth. As we trust this feeling and act on it as guided, new doors will start opening up for us one by one. It is all about trusting our feelings rather than being scared of them or trying to avoid and even suppress them. This is a time of many new potentialities opening up for us, but we need to have the stamina, courage and confidence to trust them. No feeling is ever wrong, for it shows us the prime meaning of our Soul desires on a Human level. Every Human feeling is real simply because we have created it and it exists as a part of the Whole.

Here is my newest Galactic update:

For example, a feeling of loneliness and isolation might bring us to a point when we start creating something new with other people and bring more companionship into our life. A feeling of deep longing for something is always a Soul calling for us to embody and become more of that Essence as a feeling Being, a Human creator! While there is lots of incoming New, we might also want to rush ahead very quickly, for these new feelings will open up a whole new fountain of possible creativity. When this occurs, we have to consider the Human factor as well, and know that although we are infinite, we can only do so much in the present moment. Many of us are moving through waves of stagnation and resistance, and this is a natural part of our ascending reality, for we are being raised into new levels of consciousness. Conscious action and non action with inner Soul alignment and planning in balance need to become our constant state of creative imagination. And in order to create from our Soul, we need to constantly fine tune and refine our energy, so rest is important for that as well! The more we relax, the more we will know what to do and what actions are truly guided through our Soul, not forced! 

We are being strengthened in the knowing of our inner child, the One who we often call the voice of our Heart. This is the One who wants to make love to the aspect of us that is this Human experience in a linear space and time. A lot of us remember the Love of the Higher Realms and how it flows through us in an instantaneous embrace, and yet Now we are remembering the aspect that is loving for the sake of Love itself, the Love of Human form and expression, the Love that knows no reason or proof. This Love grows and evolves in space and time, as it deepens in its own sacred Union. The inner child within us knows the Way beyond all logic and reason, for this is the neutral space of Divine Love where our Divine feminine and masculine aspects of our Soul alchemy meet as Divine Lovers.

Here is my video on Twin Soul consciousness that we are moving into in Unity:

When we learn how to fully trust the guidance of our Human Heart, it will create miracles and special blessings for us! We are at a very pivotal point in our Human transformation and evolution, which makes us love our Human nature more, so that our "higher and lower" aspects of us will meet like equal Divine partners, no more needy, no more separate, but whole from within because in every Now moment experience is fully embraced and welcomed. As we fully live out all of our Self, we are welcomed by the most benevolent part of us and we then share that Love with our Human counterpart, making them whole and complete! 

Whenever we push through into something New, our inner fears of safety and security will try to persuade us into seeing things as either black or white or stagnant, although there is always a Way into more expansion. We have stepped into a new creative way and cycle, and because we are still in its beginning stages, we may try to hold on for dear life at times. But what is truly occurring is the rise of our inner feminine, as the great Goddess wants to emerge within us and guide us through deep feeling. She wants to run free, speak its voice and create new circumstances for us, such that we have not yet experienced before. Sometimes Life just happens and pushes us into new extremes where we have to find new answers for balanced solutions and resolutions. The only thing that truly works in our New consciousness is being fully in the Now, for only there we can truly feel all of our Life force.

When the guidance of our Life force is crystal clear, we will know exactly what decisions to make and how. Sometimes the guidance is unclear, but this doesn't mean that something is wrong with us or that we are blocked. Even this feeling exists for a greater reason. This simply means that we are processing things on many levels and that once we are done processing and integrating, our Holy fire will feel crystal and clear again, guiding our Way forward into our New! Only in the Now do we know what we truly desire, which goes beyond all physical appearances and what seems to be. Some things our Heart just knows, and these are the songs of the Soul that we can never let go, for they fuel our Divine path, shaping us into who we are! When we know, we just know! Ego included!!!

Our New Life reality is not about winning or losing, even though at times our separation perceptions might try to convince us otherwise. We are being called into Soul alignment with integrity, where no hiding and false masks are required. Our actions don't have to come from reactions, because these just bring us back to the self in order to see what is truly taking place on a bigger level. If we still perceive Life and its players like a battlefield, we cannot enter the Kingdom of Unity consciousness. We are not against each other, for that is the old paradigm mentality. Although we are constantly being taught to strategize and manipulate, we no longer require this in our higher density ascended form. Our every interaction and relationship should come from a Heart centered loving connection, even when the lower mind would try to convince us otherwise. We are learning to be organic Human beings full of transparent authenticity, even when others do not yet choose to embody the same. That doesn't mean that we forget about our personal boundaries and where we need to place them with loving respect, it simply means standing in our Truth no matter what ... without trying to fight for it through games of separation that lead us into pretense and defense.

We should truly ask ourselves what kind of person do we want to Be and who is really holding the torch? Yes, the ball is in our court, those who have the awareness and proper vibrational alignment of the Soul! There is no more need for tit for tat, only loving harmony. Even if that may feel uncomfortable at times, when others are not responding or cooperating, we still need to choose it for ourselves, for it is about our personal Ascension. This is how we choose to live as Divine Guardians, the custodians of New Earth, which reaches far beyond the duality of "us and them." We no longer have to see life and relationships as burdensome and hard. We can choose to transform anything into a beautiful play which our Divine Cosmic Heart has totally covered! We are the New made manifest!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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