Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Becoming Earth Masters

Dear Beloveds!

What an auspicious energy flow we are in! We celebrated Earth day on April 22nd, and we also had a Scorpio Full Moon, which marks the time of the Taurus lunation as the festival of Light called Wesak! So many of us are receiving the Essence of our Cosmic Beloved. What does that mean for us on a practical earthly level? It means that our Prime Light Essence of the Creation Self is becoming more known to us and felt, as it begins its journey of the Soul descent. As we embrace our complete Beloved Spark, we become the Essence of the Divine Lover of All Life in Creation! This naturally brings physical changes as well, for the inner blossoming requires a brand new stage of Self unfolding and melding into this new space of our Human embodiment. We are feeling more abundance, more flow and conscious communication. We understand that we are Life, and that therefore we also co-create Life!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

The deepening of Star Missions & integrations

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of us have been guided to a completion of a cycle which we continued to exist in for quite some time. We are Now breaking many walls between fellow Humans and how we co-exist. The thing with cycles is, that they are as natural to us as breathing, and when a new one rushes in we often don't even expect it to, because it comes so suddenly and surprisingly. We truly do not need to force anything into Being, we simply need to will it so. At the end of each personal cycle, we might experience Life situations or relationships that may shock us and push our buttons as never before, because there are parts of us that want to be met, recognized and acknowledged. As Masters of physical Ascension, we are not meant to be rigid or mingle only with what feels light, we are merge to merge the shadow and the light as One in Unity consciousness. We are here to merge the worlds into a cohesive Whole!

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

A New kind of Unknown

Dear Beloveds!

A new astrological year began! We are in a new energetic month of April, which is all about a new state of our Human evolution! Many of us have been energetically preparing for this, creating a space of void for new pathways that await. This feels like a totally new territory, almost like somewhere we haven't quite gone before! A new Gateway lies before us, and here we will be asked to strip naked and enter into full acceptance in order to see everything as our Human extension and resource, for there is no division for us anymore! We are no longer separated into categories and movement, for Ascension Pioneers are all unique Beings with one same mission to serve Divine Love, so we can only unite under that One cause that includes everything. What we are creating and playing with Now is New, which means something that we have yet to explore and draw out potential from. The power of desire constantly pushes us beyond the finite world, altering our perceptions of it and making it infinite.