Thursday, October 23, 2014

To love unconditionally

Dear Beloveds!

Lately I AM seeing the number 108 everywhere. That is the sacred number of infinite Divine Love, with a figure of 8 symbolizing an infinite loop of abundance when we are in Divine flow. When we live in a Divine flow of Creation Love, our Cosmic Heart is fully open and we experience ourselves as an unconditional Being of pure Love. To love unconditionally is to always give away of ourselves, meaning that we are focused on loving service to all Life in Creation, never holding back from who we truly are and sharing all that we are in free flow. With no holding back and self sabotage, Love can only flow, for it has no other chance. In practical terms, this moves into every sphere of our living reality in pure existence, from how we deal with money and physicality in general, how we are in relationships and creating a bright new world for our New.

This means that we no longer look at things as physical anymore, like they have a structure of their own without Love as the main Essence. Money is Love, relationships are Love, co-creating and sharing is Love. The expression of Love in physical form becomes an experience of the liquid Light of Source, and we know that we live this way when not a cell of our Being holds resistance or constraint. There is not a single thing we are not open to and hold the space for. Each cell of our body begins to radiate with the Light of illumination, and we only wish to express our true Self, to share who we are as Love, to play, to dance, and to be the magical Beings that we truly are. We don't look at the most dense things like money as money itself ... we only see expressions of Love in action/purpose, and we bring the Essence of Divinity into all that we think, express and do. We become the pure liquid Love in its amazing Grace! 

I wish to share an example of higher awareness in Self mastery. This Monday I had two choices in front of me. Things felt intense for a while, and the first choice was to think in terms of how busy I always AM and how many things I need to do, and the second one was to follow the voice of my Heart and be guided by my Soul. I decided to follow the second choice, and it led me to a magical day. All of the intensity instantly dissolved and I felt such serenity. As I had my day out in the Mountain wilderness and "let my hair down", I had a strong sense of being deeply grounded in the Now moment. There are no challenges where there is no resistance. I suddenly knew that I will always walk in the middle of such choices, and this is how I will continue to master myself in the knowing of my Soul. When I returned home, all the intensity of the weekend was gone, and I felt so relaxed, even with all the "work." I felt relaxed and a greater sense of inner Joy followed, and it only continued until I felt nothing but Bliss from deep within. 

You see, there will always be work to be done and we can never get everything done right away. We need to have a greater sense of compassion for ourselves, because a lot of times it's easier for us to have it for others than ourselves. When we can get a sense of such a "calm after a storm", we will realize that we can always be in the middle Vortex of our Being, rooted in Presence, and that we can always trust ourselves in Soul awareness. Not to mention that we get a lot more done when we follow the wave of inspiration rather than "need" and there is no resistance in this sweet surrender. When we follow our Soul, we always do things in perfect time and space, and everything is following the lines of Spirit, magically aligning itself with a Force greater than ourselves.

I love choosing my Self ... always and forever! I hope that my example inspires You to trust yourself no matter how the external world or our current circumstances seem to be ... there is a greater sense of Truth in ease behind everything, and we can only tune into it when we align with the frequency of inner Peace and Serenity. This is how we show the Way of Peace ... by living our own inner Freedom! We are free Now! We always have been!

So often we forget about the Magic of life which breaks through the routine through the voice of the Soul. Will we answer it? There is a magical space waiting for us, and we will receive new information there, a Spirit direction or simply a confirmation that will soothe our Heart. We also need a lot of rest with that X-class Solar flare that happened this weekend. Our bodies need a gentle approach, but this calling of unconditional Love is beyond just soothing our body … it will soothe our Soul, and we will discover something New. We will find the Home within our own unconditional Heart.

What is a warm loving Heart, and what does it mean when we say that someone has a "warm" Heart? We cannot associate that feeling with the mind, because as Love in Truth that we are, we are able to recognize Love by feeling Love. As Ascension Pioneers, we don't always see a lot of truly "warm" hearts in an expanded way in physical expression. In this current information based reality, we see a lot of knowledge, but knowledge itself is not enough without a pure warm Heart that is able to embrace many Souls in Divine Love. A warm loving Heart is a true gift of an Ascension Pioneer. Many Ascension Pioneers are still looking for themselves and their Soul gifts in all various "purposes" and they are seeking for something external ... forgetting about their expanded Heart frequency, which is their main Soul Gift. They came here to love and to share that Love in physical expression. They came to acknowledge the Divine Self through Divine Love in action. Knowledge itself is so little, to be honest, because Wisdom does not flow without Love, and knowledge just remains knowledge, which is information. Light can only become illuminated through Divine Love, and so it is.

Keep your Heart open and pure ... do not make assumptions and Be the flow of Divine Love that You are in Truth!

Unconditional Love only begets more Love. It is not always easy for Human Beings to live fully in Love at all times, totally surrendered and with an open Heart. This is always due to being rooted in lower densities instead of coming from our Angelic Self. An open Heart to a degree of our comfort zone is not a fully opened Cosmic Heart yet. A Cosmic Heart full of Divine Love breaths so deeply, that it only sees itself as Love, and sees all the rest as only fleeting experiences and stories to gain more Wisdom. True Love can only be found in unconditional service, which is devotion to pure Love. We can all talk, write poems about it and paraphrase Love all we want, but in the end it's how we really live as Love ... to the last atom of our Being. In order for that to be so, we need to be willing to surrender each action of our false self, drop the masks, stop with actions that belittle our existence and step into our true Angelic-Royal Self. Our purpose as Ascension Pioneers is to embody Divine Love of our Angelic Grace in every cell of our body, and it's the most beautiful Divine purpose one could possibly imagine.

For me, there is no greater Joy than to watch fellow Divine companions and all other Life forms transform, blossom and bloom ... into their Highest Divine potential. For me, true miracles do not just lie in what I do and create ... true Magic lies in the details, which is overseeing the Grand unfolding process within many and all! With Love for all Life in Creation!

With the Light of this Eclipse Gateway, something inside us is waiting to be summoned … all of our Divine abilities are being summoned, so that our true sense of Power and Radiance can begin to make more sense to us. Why are we really here? How may we harness our power in a New way, without wasting our time and abilities? How can we have more focus without doing more? How can we accomplish more with less doing as in the old way of pushing and pulling instead of flowing? To live as Love is all about wisdom and experience. An ancient Soul has been through many things in life, and is Now thinking about how to utilize all of that and make sense of things within the greater plan. This is someone who is living life and its experiences intensely, through great charisma. When we do, we love without regrets and disappointments, so this speaks about our ability to Be open to being fierce, optimistic and open to adventures. We simply no longer crave for the old routines, and any stagnant energies have the ability to shift in the Light of the New Moon … which is actually void, but the darkness can reveal so much … if we only allow it. The perfect thing about darkness is that it’s not blinding, so we can really dive in and explore. If we will feel any sense of void, we only need to find that perfect sacred space within and without, even if it’s an internal one that we will create for ourselves … and indulge in it fully!

A lot of Ascension Pioneers as ancient Souls still hold some deep memories of parallel realities that they have been experiencing, and many hold these memories in the part that grounds them to this planetary existence. These memories are not just held in the cellular memory, but also in our feet chakras, which are directly linked to our planetary experiences and how we connect to Mother Earth through the Earth Star chakra, which is black/white ... yin-yang colors. When we begin to release these ancient memories through Self Love and compassion, we begin to release any old fears of using or even abusing our natural Soul given abilities. When we do so, all of these ancient memories begin to dissolve and we start taking our sovereign Soul power back. We can then once again begin to feel safe in our abilities and recognize them as loving and of greater service to the One and All.

The planet needs individuals who are using their Soul gifts for greater good, and as the White Mother Flame of Ascension begins to draw and magnetize these ancient memories to the surface, they are literally transforming from unconscious to conscious, and we begin to claim back the responsibility for all the roles and scenarios that we have ever played anywhere in Existence and realize that our power of Love is found in the Now. We are New and we know it through Self forgiveness that comes from higher understanding. With this, great Ancient and even Star Wisdom can begin to flow through our body/cellular memory, because we have released the past and all the self sabotaging patterns that have kept us from awakening to and realizing our higher Divine potential. We are then ready to awaken to the Magic of our Wisdom and embody it here and Now.

You no longer have to fear your own Power ... You know how to use it for a greater good!

I also received a special Spirit message for the Eclipse Gateway, which You can read here

And this is a Spirit mantra which came to me today, through my I AM. If You feel so guided, You can use it today during the time of the New Moon Eclipse, or at any other time, as You wish.

"Masters of Light, who navigate my flight!
Embrace me with your wings of Grace,
Take my offering in Human Praise.
Help me see myself as You are,
Becoming my own Master Divine!"

And if You want to go even deeper, You can tune into my Eclipse Gateway podcast on Soundcloud!

As You might know, stones are deeply Ancient too ... This messenger stone is this Pink Mountain beauty which I found this weekend as I was climbing some Mountains. Today I was selecting them and putting them in their boxes, and I discovered a tiny miracle. Look at how Life flourishes everywhere, even when the conditions seem almost impossible ... simply because nothing is impossible for Divine Creation ... Life itself is a miracle. This tiny green plant grew from the tiny womb like shape in this crystal stone! If that is not a miracle, then I don't know what it is! For me, this stone brings a message of miraculous manifestations and finding the possible within the impossible.

Be on the lookout for something which is beyond the apparent and visible!

You can even go find your daily miracle!

Happy Eclipse Gateway! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn