Monday, October 10, 2016

10-10-10 portal of Light: Masterful completion

Dear Beloveds!

So, we are in a 10-10-10 portal and this is deeply calling us to our sovereign path of Soul freedom, leadership and empowered action! This is a very auspicious time leading into a powerful Aries Full Moon on October 16th, which will further activate the new seeds that we have been planting ever since the Libra New Moon on the 1st! Everything about this month speaks about new beginnings, but we are being reminded not to expect them as complete external materializations and destinations. This is a time of planting strong energetic seeds, which are supporting a New Creation cycle from its conception stage and blossoming into what it is meant to become for each of us as New Masters. There are some who will already feel and integrate this new Creation wave this month, and others who will be feeling it more prominently in 2017. It matters not where and when, for Ascension is all about Soul readiness and choice in the aware Now moment. These are times for conscious action and leadership, though, so we are definitely being asked where we can show up in our life with greater awareness and presence to what our true Heart desires are and how we can better serve the Whole through engaging in that.

We are always met with external circumstances that somehow align with our internal awareness, and by finding the connection, we find the Wisdom to what is occurring for us personally through every experience and relationship perfectly orchestrated through our Higher Self. So instead of seeking and comparing, we are being aware that Masters can only be Masters of their Self and their own Soul domain, not others or what some call the "collective energy." These are actually highly individualized times where we are learning about the power of our Core individuality in the Purity of true Essence, in order to form benevolent and organic connections with others, for when the unity comes from within through wholeness, the Master seeks and finds connection and support in community. The next step for many of us is letting go of a sense of isolation, depletion and depression in how we relate to others and the world at large.

A new cycle of relating begins, a greater sense of community that goes beyond codependent relating and straight into interrelated communion between us and how we share our authentic Source Essence with others and in groups/communities. We might be finally asked to let go of the idea that we are alone; on this planet, in our family and that we have no partnerships to support and sustain us. The first step of our integrated Soul Ascension truly lead us through the peaks and pitfalls of our inner Union, where we had to let go of so many old beliefs and rigid ways of Being, including the primordial wounds of competition and comparison. Even Now, we can't compare our Ascension with anyone else's on the planet. Our Mastery stands alone in that, and yet we are not alone. When we find the proper cohesive force and balance between the Self and meeting others, we are truly an enlightened Being in a vertical and horizontal sense of the Great Divine equation in Unity consciousness.

So many of us were meeting all kinds of different people, and for the most part, many came and went. And a part of us might have felt that this is how it's always going to be. Well, our learning was in store here, and so we had to develop a sense of a whole Self beyond those fears, that our true "Garden of Eden" will never be the same again. Our fallen perspective was "what if I lose that." So we started to control and attach, always trying to recreate that first Prime sense of Source connection with ourselves and others. In Truth, nothing can ever be recreated, as it can only be created anew in each moment, fresh and reborn. So many of us have felt this "rebirth" energy as finally being fully born anew in this body, in our present physical form. This Source Self will Now want to move our into the world and "make love" with others as well, for we are social creatures that co-create and co-operate. Our unified Light of Soul integration wants to be shared and expand that way as well, not just internally/vertically.

Great "horizontal" times lie ahead, and we will all be asked to step up into trusting these new circumstances and relationships. It's simply time, and many of us are feeling this alignment already. Although many might still be "carrying" a sense of "baggage" from before, in Truth that baggage is not there anymore, and even the word "karma" is Now too limiting for us. The roles we have been playing for eons of time, such as being "supporters, givers and nurturers", are Now finally being seen for what they truly are, which is just partial truths and masks that invited us into a deeper Self discovery. We have so many facets to who we are, and in Truth we are simply Divine Lovers of Life. The feminine aspect of Creation is Now ready to meet the sacred masculine in equality and vice versa. The more we unify in that, the more our New Earth experiences will begin to mirror that. Earth truly did anchor 5th dimension already, it's there ... but we need to alter ourselves and shift into our multidimensional perspective in order to fully experience it and co-create within that higher dimensional template. We move beyond the comparison with what was, and into the freedom of what Is and what yet continues to expand!

So as New Masters, we are again seeing that we are not energy beings. We are Light beings, but we do work with energy, and that is how we master ourselves and our creations, by learning to influence matter through energy alterations and transmutations. We are becoming more alchemists that way, and so we are remembering our Ancient powers to Be, fully claiming them as our own, without identification or egoic demands. We are simply floating freely, knowing that our Soul delivery always meets the demand of our inner child (our Human vessel) in Divine timing. So why even worry about anything anymore? It no longer makes sense when we trust our Soul. When we know who we are, we don't need others to approve of that or confirm it. We only want to be free in living that Essence as freely as possible, sharing it with others and co-creating our Garden of Eden yet again, in a non linear way, with great Spirit Essence of the "I AM" running behind everything, Being through us, willing itself through us. Do we take that leap of faith, do we trust?

So yes, the connections that are coming into our reality Now are destined, which means that they do not hold an inch or what we might call as "karma"/drama ... unless we make it so through the Human free will. So by liberating ourselves, we will see a clearer picture, and through that others will be able to liberate themselves too. So we are not here to be servants of others ... as New Masters we are here to meet Spirit and matter in joined hands, knowing that selfless service to All begins by being the greatest servant to ourselves first ... meeting ourselves so fully through every experience and relationship, that our meeting others will be so full and rich with Magic as well. This is the basis of our new Unions and communities that begin in our sacred Heart, the most precious child of Divine Creation. When we trust ourselves, we also know who and what to trust outside of ourselves, because our Heart simply knows, and who knows more than our Heart. May You know that You always and share it with the world/worlds of Creation!

Yes, A New Creation cycle is afoot. A lot of us are transitioning into a new level of abundance and prosperity, more genuine and lasting. The more we are unified, whole and integrated from within, the more we live in a state of constant flow in the Now. This is how our hopes and wishes for a better future move towards a better Now, with conscious creation on our behalf. This is a powerful knowing that nothing just happens on its own without our consciousness infusion. We bring energy and life force into anything that we wish to create, and therefore the more abundant the flow of our sacred life force is in the body, the more abundance we generate and thrive! We truly prosper when we know (instead of passively and even blindly hoping) that support and abundance are already available Now. As we will learn to do so as Masters of our destiny, we will only be able to truly thrive when our resources will be shared and used for the greater good.

This is what truly makes us successful, so it's not just about how much money or resources in general we are able to create, but how we can then further apply it and use it for a greater good, in an integrated sense. What are we truly investing in, energy and time wise? When we master creating just for ourselves, the next step leads us into the awareness that nothing is ever just for us. We are a part of a much greater Whole, and so we function and flow from that authentic space of true Love in unity consciousness. The first step towards it is being able to truly see and evaluate all of our actions, conscious or unconscious, aware and unaware, self oriented or towards others. Are these actions including non actions made of Love or the separate ego?

At a certain point in our Soul evolution and integration, it's time for us to stop playing the victim and making excuses on the account of our ego. It's time to grow up and live our highest potential here and Now, not in some distant future that does not even exist! So many of us are moving through the ancient barriers that we have built around our hearts through separation and rejection. Souls who carry New energy templates are usually extremely hypersensitive, and so they learn to develop a sort of "barrier" when they come against the world, meaning that as they are alone with themselves they are able of being fully authentic and perhaps more confrontational when exposed to other energies and other people. Recently a great "rebirthing" wave swept over us, and quite a few of us feel like we were almost born again, like our Souls are Now fully in the body, not just vertically but horizontally as well! With that activated and integrated, we can be more genuine as ourselves when sharing with others as well.

This has a very healing and illuminating effect on others, as we are holding those mirrors for each other. That is a why a proper balance between Self integrating and relating is required at its optimum, meaning that we can be our real Self and do our inner "work" of Soul expansion while simultaneously growing through conscious relationships too. Life is much more peaceful and blissful that way, so that our inner Source connection is nurtured from within and honored as without, through loving others in equality. This is also a message that success is at hand, and that any recent hardships and struggles we have experienced are Now opening a gateway of new establishment, community and gatherings with others, through peace, a sense of completion and stability! It was about time that our hard work paid off!

Through this current integration we are simply "meeting" others as they are, filter and projection free. We can absolutely adore others as we meet them anew each time we meet, and this is such a precious alchemy of pure Divine Love!

I offer a Mastery course on Twin Soul and integrating Polarity, and You can find it on my page here!

You can also get the Cosmic Beloved course, which fully supports this path of Self unification through conscious relationships ... the vertical meeting the horizontal! Just go to my Home page and scroll to the very bottom where You can find the course!

Watch my video about the alchemy of Soul Love here:

Many of us are moving deeper into Divine Love, which is true Love of the Soul and the experience of it in every way and form, not just in "heaven" but here on earth as well! For us to feel and experience Divine Love, we have to be willing to completely surrender the separate human ego, and fall into the beauty and magic of the Soul. We have to allow ourselves to be struck by Magic, not just randomly, but consciously, by bringing it into alignment with our everyday reality. To be struck by Magic requires our Heart to be open all the time, although as Humans we tend to bat things off rather quickly if they feel too new and too intense for us. When this occurs, we have to be willing to spread wider and expand our container of Love, so that it can receive and give more from our Divine Self before exchanging with others. When we activate that in ourselves, we have nothing else left but to share it in relationships, for we are all One Being that strives to achieve union, communion and synthesis.

I explain more about this process in this video here:

So when we experience intense relationship feelings, nothing good comes from us cutting them (or the people involved) away. With this act of self defense, we only close off our hearts and cut off parts of ourselves that actually want to come into embodiment through Soul integration. We have to be a fool in Love in order to surrender into true Love, and yet we also have to be wise in how and who we will share our Heart with. When our Love is genuine and pure, it becomes the most precious force of Creation that is sacred and holy, so we will have to know how to share it with awareness instead of just giving it away. We will know because our Heart will show us who and what is truly worthy of the purity of our Love, and what situations are just keeping us in the old dramas and illusions of tossing the ball around. When Love is real, it opens a gateway into a magnificent and continuous flow of energy exchange, respect and devotion! We love purely, and yet we keep it real and balanced for an equal exchange!

We are learning how being sensitive and vulnerable opens up the most powerful strength within us. Our Heart centered sensitivity and strong individuality is not something to be feared or render less important, but rather acknowledged and embraced as our deepest inner compass. When we are able to see a situation in our life through, perhaps for the very first time in our life, from beginning to end, we will be shown just how much power we can culminate. Our earthly manifestations and goals are achieved through focused direction and persistence. This is how our hard work and our efforts will be felt as close to a state of material completion, which begins as an inner state of awareness, followed by external creation. Courage, strength, confidence in our aims and perseverance are at our optimum when we engage with our inner Master through stability and stamina. And this sense of stability is what brings forth this completion, a sense of physical protection, security and abundance.

Many blessings always come to support our action, which is where we have chosen to see a situation through rather than unconsciously ignoring it. There is always a spiritual "pay off" for that, as in the end, we are more authentic, free and genuine. As one Master once said, when we wear masks we cannot grow, because masks stay the same, so it's time to drop those masks and false pretenses and grow through our Heart centered openness and vulnerability, in unison with courage and stamina to be who we truly are no matter what, and how "hard" our circumstances might seem! Our Life force is the chariot that will move us through anything, for it is Ancient and all knowing. Let freedom reign!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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