Monday, January 9, 2017

Cancer Full Moon: Taking it to the next level

Dear Beloveds!

We are right before the first lunation of this New year, which is the Full Moon in 22 degrees of Cancer on January 12th. During the time of the Full Moon there will be a Grand square forming, with a precursor of mystical rectangle on 10th of January, which is just after Mercury going stationary direct. The reason why this Full Moon is so important for our next stage of Soul's Ascension and evolution is because it marks the tone for this New year ahead. It holds a very potent and nurturing energy, as well as depth to transform and root our newfound stability into a manifest form. It will show us how we need to grow and evolve, because we are taking a stand on a new level of Light. What this means that we have to swim through all the appearing confusion and delusion of a world in transition, where many are using this confusion to feed off of those who are naive enough to fall for the tricks of the ego. We are to step up in order to become the protectors of those Beings who wish to awaken and are ready to do so Now, but are simultaneously open to all the psychic debris that lurks outside of us.

What this means is that the various tools and techniques of the "New age" agenda with numerous amounts of "self help and manifestation oriented materials" often miss out the bigger picture, which makes people act and react the way they think they are being taught by such materials (often producing generic and robotic responses rather than true compassion), rather than tuning into their inner Wisdom of the Divine Self. The materialization of the Divine Self if the only Truth, which brings those of us who have done this during our journey of Self mastery to the forefront. This year we will have to step up, think bigger, act grander and engage with our Life force to truly co-create within Divine Love more consciously. When the ailments are aimed at only through the egoic perspective, people often miss out on the bigger picture within Unity consciousness, and so their awareness is taken away from what is truly going on in our world at large and how important it is to master ourselves from within to cope with that and stay present with what is, not all the illusions and lies we are being fed.

Because of that, we are being called into ever greater Now moment Presence, Wisdom of the Soul through the infinite and eternal Unity of All Life in Creation, with the devotion and focus to service, for those who are still focused on service to self only, are going to begin to experience more challenges in the old paradigm timeline, in order to wake up and truly see beyond the surface and catch up with the rest who have already stepped into the Light of the Truth in Unity consciousness. A New Light patterning is being set up on this planet, and those who are only thinking of themselves and what they want to manifest and bring about without the bigger picture in mind and heart, will need to wake up and see that we are all in this together, no matter what consciousness level we have already attained and embodied. The time for seeing through this is steadfast approaching, and we are all feeling the "nervous" impulses from our awakening Human spirit that wants to merge deeper with our Light Being Self in a higher form.

Due to all of this processing, our visions will need to deepen and merge with a unified vision of a dreaming Source, the One that always dreams within Unity consciousness and complete liberation. What about our free will and how does it serve us from Now on? Many of ascending Beings are no longer following the "free will" timelines, as they have already merged with a Higher Divine Will, but those who have yet to wake up into this merging point need to understand that what we are in Truth is much bigger than any "free will" which was just one of the probable experiences within many parallel frameworks of Soul experience and evolution. Due to the Galactic shifts that are taking place (and were set into motion since the beginning of All time), we will Now feel a steady increase of this New paradigm that will invite us to participate with our Whole Being, not just certain aspects that might feel awake, but truly are not awake on greater levels ... yet. The time for that which is beyond "superficial spirituality" has come, and we must all play our part in this unfolding game.

The Heart portal of physical Heart Ascension within the Unity of White Light is calling many Divine Lovers into deeper Pioneering assignments this year, so it's important to stay observant and alert in order to receive those messages that come from Truth as Truth in form. For us to follow the "leader" we have to become the Essence of the leader ourselves, so the time for "idols" on the outside and looking up to others is also disappearing, for even that still engages separation and outside authority. A true sovereign knows that it's only them who are responsible for anything and everything, and that they must heed the call and take part in the game of the Whole. 

The fire of the Angels is burning brightly, and so many will feel a fierce passion to "do" more in the world, with less actually being done by them (the egoic nature of separation), for the Force within is becoming a strong enough agent to let the Divine in and allowing the Magic of Grace to do its righteous acts of Divine mercy. This Great Paradox is such, that often not much is needing to be done when we are approaching life from the perspective of a Master Soul. Often our mere Presence of pure potentiality is enough, but that potency needs to remain completely free and free of any bias and personal agendas. That is how the Greatest Avatars actually do their work in complete laser sharp focus.

The stage has been set during the last few years since 2012-2016 timeline, and this year of 2017 is actually a game changer. But we must each realize where our potential needs to flow Now, and where we need to be present next. Even that which might have felt close and familiar not long ago and was adopted by us as a "great teaching" needs to be open and flexible, for we are running on multidimensional fuel Now, with potentialities changing as we go along the way in each present moment. The pace of Soul growth and worldly events is about to heat up and speed up, so we must come prepared and disarmed, for all that we truly need is the loving strength of our inner Vortex, the Master knower within that is always there, engaged through our conscious Presence.

Those who have seen beyond the lies can no longer be sold lies by anything or anyone, but our planetary role does not end there. It will expand and move out into the vast fields of where this force of Truth has yet to rise and awaken to come to the surface once and for all. And that means on all levels, concerning simply everything, from the "spiritual/new age" fields into those of mere laws of physicality. All will shift as One, for they have always been as One, and as we gain momentum, everything will begin to transform underneath our compassionate touch. For that, we also have to leave many teachings (and teachers) behind, for it takes great courage to be the true Pioneer of the New Galactic Age, and to know that for a while, one must also walk alone in this renewed consciousness. 

This could be called orgasmic rebirth into the New world, and many will be passing it with flying colors. For the rest ... the best (through the worst) is yet to come. We will often have to get 1 on 1 in our relationships, offering our Light and service to those who will ask that of us, instead of just thinking about ourselves and our needs. We do need nurture and support so that we can be of such a service, and yet it doesn't end there for volunteer Souls.

Do not give up and despair when things seem to go awry, for these are merely signs of everything that needs to fall apart. Any timeline that is not chosen (like certain worldly events), is as such for a reason, and we must always hold the ground in this simple knowing. It doesn't take many to reshape the world into this new form and garment of Light, but it does take tremendous amounts of courage and self discipline. For many, this will be the greatest gift we can offer the world ... our courage to know that to master the Self is the best we can do! And so our focus will always be there first, building the New Home through the root of our Existence in our inner Home.

And so here we are! The New year started with a Big Bang for many of us, which feels like an internal completion and resolution into personal sovereignty. From Now on, no one else is in charge of our choices and responsibilities in life, for we are the only ones who truly got this ourselves! We have been gathering and piling up knowledge for an entire 9-year cycle, and Now we are ready to gather it up and complete the sum of all parts through our personal resolution into complete inner knowing and mastery. If in any way we still answer to external authorities, we are not yet living our fullest mastery potential as we are still giving our power away to that which feels stronger or more knowledgeable than us. The Voice within is connected to our Source, always! In Truth, that separation doesn't exist, for our Being in masterful Presence is a sovereign individual design that works best for us in all ways, through the intelligent body in how it translates spiritual Life force into physical manifestations.

All who have done this inner work of completion will Now be asked to step into far greater Initiative and Initiation, for the physical world and what is left of it on the densest level of manifestation still spins in chaos and confusion, so our voice and embodiment of Truth will be the most valuable and treasured resource at this time and during the whole year and beyond. Many of us who have been awakening, gathering and integrating our mastery will also finally feel a wave of personal dreams and wishes coming true, a greater abundance wave and a sense of well being, as we are coming into our own. The best part of this is that we can and we will use our abundance and blessings to assist others who are still transitioning into the New world, for that is what enlightened sovereigns do. The Truth sets us free, and so we set the world free by living our own example of Truth in constant dedication and devotion to the highest!

This is my latest Ascension update for this new month and the whole year of 2017:

So far this New year truly began with many gifts from God coming in! Do You know that we can literally tap into the meaning of its energy as we shift into it!? We can instantly feel what this year should be about for us, and how we are meant to plant the seeds for that. We can also observe that by what is happening around us. These are all the gifts of our Self returning to us manifest! We are being called to greater service, hence a vision of many Star seeded ones moving out into the world with their loving spark of Joy, to share it with everyone in ways that were unforeseen and not yet expressed. This 10/1 Universal year is for new beginnings and initiatives, but it's also the 17 year of the Star! This means that we will connect more through the Soul, meet our soulmates and co-create healing together!

And this will be with much more joy and enthusiasm than ever before, but we have to raise and hold that frequency no matter what appears to be happening in the external world, because it's so important to disengage our light Essence from drama and co-create a New world through our joyful devotion! It's our time to raise the Life force on a new level, so brace and embrace yourselves as You enter into this new stage! We have been planning and prepping for a long time, and we are Now ready for a new chapter to unfold! We are Divine Lovers after all! So take those new initiatives, go out and meet new people and places ... and have fun as You wander along unfamiliar roads that are ready to be traveled and explored!

At this time the planetary Life force is rising and we can strongly feel that ourselves. The more connected we are with our physical body, the more we are able to translate those energies through our embodiment. As the planetary upsurge of energy increases, we might begin to feel a strong wave of vital Life force energy running through us and engaging with it in a conscious way. This means becoming like our own ecosystem, the nurturing environment to hold the sacred space for our sacred sexuality and the sacred fire rushing through us. We can totally self heal and regenerate through that living substance of our inner manna! The more we engage with our Life force, the more energized and creative we will become, which will lead us to a new level of our spiritualized Life force. This will begin to manifest everything in our reality, meaning that all the Divine gifts of abundance that we are receiving are actually coming through us and our magnetic Life force. 
Watch my video update about this here:
This will generate more passion for higher purpose and effortless productivity in our lives, making us connected to the root of our Being and all Existence. The planetary gateways that open through the North and South Pole are circling this new wave of Cosmic energy which comes through the inner Earth and spreading out in a toroidal field formation, reaching us as well, impacting the rising of our own Life force and sacred sexuality which is the highest form of sexuality on a Creation level, giving birth to new life and life patterns! Enjoy! The seed of the Divine masculine is coming in very strongly Now! The pure fire of our Life force is feeling it! During my run today I got this guidance on how to engage our Life force consciously after any sort of withdrawal or physical sickness, as well as our natural state of physical Ascension where so much of our Life force was used for healing the physical body during our Soul embodiment, and so we will need to learn to actively raise our Life force again to reach even higher levels of vibration in our Spirit-body merge and Self Union!

Mercury goes stationary direct as well Now, and as this occurs, we might be taken away from reaction to reflection. We may wish to slow down in order to see what truly wants to come alive in our life through organic manifestation rather than forced action which makes us sink deeper into the quicksand of our making. Childhood memories might come up as well, for we are seeing our life from a broader and more holistic perspective. Memories come and go, only to trigger a new level of our psyche. For this to happen, we have to loosen our grip on what we believe is present and happening. We can benefit from quiet contemplation, moments of stillness and silent rest, for it's in those "in between" moments when Magic truly happens and guidance fully comes alive!

These secrets that are revealing themselves to us at this time are getting our attention, so that we may become the discerning sovereign of our own masterful experience ... in order to serve this shifting world through the massive confusion and illusion. We have to know that things aren't always as they seem, and that situations won't always go as planned, for there is much more underneath the surface that we are Now ready to uncover! We are to question everything, simply by delving into a deeper Presence with it! We got this ... and we rock!
That infamous time of Mercury being retrograde luckily brought things up from the deep waters of our subconscious. This mechanics is often such because our physical bodies cannot always process everything that they are receiving and being met up with in this dense reality, so we store it within ourselves for a later time period when our bodies are ready to catch up with our Spirit. In other words, what we already processed on all levels of awareness, it's Now time to embody and integrate in perfect synthesis. That is why usually people of circumstances that remind us of these energy surges of the "past" (the non processed) come up for us, either physically or in awareness.

This process serves us not only to free ourselves up from everything, but to fully integrate that awareness into our embodiment. At this point we are being met up with all past heartbreaks, losses, disappointments and regrets, so that we could heal and enter into a deeper wholeness as New Humans who embody the perfection of Now. That is why You have to love Mercury retrogrades, because they work in tandem with our evolutionary Soul cycles and help us transform and transmute in amazing ways! From our heads into our Hearts, and into the fullness of physical embodiment we go ... so that we could live free from pain as joyful radiant Light Humans that we are!

Oh, the beautiful Human flesh of our bodies, which are currently undergoing so many shifts and changes! We are still recovering from an intense 2016 and a whole 9-year cycle of mastery and completion. While our Spirit might always be flying high, our Human body also has its own ways and needs. We are in such need of nurture and Soul food for the body, because it went through so much activation during the last few years, especially since the 2012 Gateway, and mostly for volunteer Souls. Many of us might feel more tired than usual, as our bodies are producing "symptoms" to make us aware that it's okay to be more Human and let go of perfectionism, for the Soul comes into physical embodiment Now. These symptoms or pains are showing us new opportunities for more balance in our daily lifestyles, for it surely is the time to heal on all levels and step into complete wholeness and physical well being of Soul alchemy!

Happy New year, everyone! May it take us to the next level!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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