Thursday, August 15, 2013

My Gifts and abilities

Dear Beloveds!

I was busy with packing for my move today, as there is so much to do and prepare in the next few days. But I just wish to mention how many amazing Soul connections are currently taking place. I AM being contacted by so many amazing Souls, and I have been receiving messages about this (myself and from others) for a while now. It looks like a rapid quickening process of Soul unions and reunions. There is so much Love pouring from such Heart-based connections. I AM also receiving extensive feedback/reports about my Ascension messages, and it looks like they are hitting the spot in all the right places! It is time to fully open up and use our Divine gifts and abilities and share them with everyone!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

My Self empowerment

Dear Beloveds!

On my journey of Self empowerment and sharing this Divine path with others, I still encounter those naysayers who go against us, judge us, make assumptions or think they know more about our Soul path than we do. But we did not come here to be judged or questioned by others, because our initiations are personal and they are between us and Spirit alone. We are each on a very personal journey, and it's our job to understand it, not that of others. We each need to focus on our own path, and not interfere with others. Sometimes certain people come across my path who try to understand or analyze me, and they only end up setting an ego trap for themselves each time they try to do this. Those who do this, do not yet understand, that we are all One, and within Divine Unity, what You judge within another, You actually judge within yourself ... and our Source who is experiencing Creation through us as extensions of it, is sad each time this happens and Divine children forget who they are.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

My shifting purpose

Dear Beloveds!

I AM recently noticing a change in my life direction within my Soul purpose, and my personal path is getting more and more involved in this physical reality that I AM living in. I AM sure that it will only intensify after my physical relocation. I started sharing my messages online, while not really feeling guided to share them with the people here in my direct environment. But lately I AM observing a new kind of trend, and I see that I tend to talk to people here more often, and I AM meeting all kinds of Souls in my daily life. I AM really opening up, I AM super communicative and I AM not afraid of fully being myself.

Friday, August 9, 2013

My inner radiance

Dear Beloveds!

Today this beautiful Soul made an observation that I look younger and more radiant every single day, and that my internal shift is creating/matching a shift in my physical appearance. Just this week, some random by-passer told me that I look like 20 years old, but feel like 30 or more. Many people are asking me about my physical/Earthly age, and I have nothing to hide there. I will be 30 this September and I AM observing these same shifts in my physical appearance. A long time ago when I began my awakening, I have already stated that I will stop aging at some point, and that I will always look the same from that point on, because it will be a physical body appearance of my Soul choice/preference. Many times I say things out of the blue, that later turn out to be true.

Friday, August 2, 2013

My physical move to the Mountains

Dear Beloveds!

Here is my personal confession about what is happening in my life now! Ever since I decided to physically move and relocate closer to my sacred Mountain space, I have been on a journey up, down and all around ... so to say. There have been so many trials and tribulations, challenges and sacred initiations, and yet ... I have finally arrived. It is not my final destination yet, as none of it ever is anyway. But this week, I have finally signed the contracts on both ends ... so selling and buying. It is a "chain reaction" kind of move, so it is even more challenging due to this, and it brought lots of growth, opening to infinite patience and deeper understanding of how everything is intertwined ... and it continues to as the month unfolds.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Soul connections & Divine reunions

Dear Beloveds!

I was away for a while from this sacred Blog space, although I have so much to share ... the timing obviously isn't right, as there are so many other things going on. But I AM guided to share something really beautiful. Just recently I have been receiving guidance about Soulmates and Soul connections in a form of new partnerships, and I did not know what it applied to. I also felt kind of "distanced"/isolated from everyone lately, since I AM going through very personal things alone through my inner Spirit initiations ... mostly in regards to my physical move.