Tuesday, June 24, 2014

New insights and pathways

Dear Beloveds!

The Light of this year's Solstice brought an immense opening. This is a "portal" of great depth and "size", if we can even call it as such. The proportions are vast! Can You feel it? Our deepest patterns, rejections and deeply rooted beliefs bumped right into our face, for us to finally deal with them and say "Yes" to something new and exciting. The New is all about uncharged territories, a breath of fresh air and that which is still unwritten. The New is the deep void of the unknown and those who are brave enough to say: "I don't know, but I AM willing to go there anyway, because there is nothing but constant expansion," will always experience their Soul by living it beyond fear and doubt. There is only Magic in the New, and there is only stagnation in the old.

When we are in fear of making new choices, our energy begins to stagnate and pulls us further away from our true Self. When we are in Love, we are not afraid to rush forward with courage and conviction. Our Human nature needs to merge with our Divine Spirit, and it's the ability to be fully Human that carries the potential to integrate most of our Divinity. It is when we prevent ourselves from feeling fully and opening so deeply, that we miss out on the deepest depths of our Being that want to come through our Soul expansion. It is the Humanness that anchors our Divinity, and with opening to the New fully, we embrace our true Human nature in the New ... the unwritten and that which is not yet defined ... that which only exists as Divine potential and has yet to Be.

If we prevent ourselves from being fully Human and experiencing Heart desires and connections on the Human level (the horizontal), our Divine Self (the vertical) cannot be rooted in the physical. So when we realize that our Human nature actually holds the biggest Key to our Divine Ascension, we finally got it and we begin a new journey of the Soul in living/embodied Ascension.

I AM deeply interested in hearing about your personal experience with this year's Solstice, so please feel free to share your own guidance and experiences! I wish You only the best!

I speak more about this in my latest video/Ascension update:

This year's Solstice has brought so much shifting, which I can't even describe with words, but it just feels so beautifully open, magical and brand New. We are breaking through so many illusions and profound insights are now easily reachable to us. The Light of the Solstice always opens up and activates a Gateway of profound knowing that lasts for a few days, just like the Light of the Sun begins to move again around the 25th. We are guided to use this time of profound inner awakenings and all the depth of Spirit that is available to us to dream the unimaginable and bring the highest aspect of Divine Beauty into physical form, in order to be manifested for the Greater Good of All. This is a time to dream big and allow our imagination to run a little "wild", because this is where the Bliss of the New comes from.

Use this time to retreat, go within and feel any new incoming insights that want to reach You through your Soul! Magical breakthroughs are here Now!

There is more in my weekly Spirit message/guidance, which is shared here

The "post the Solstice" energy feels very magical, and the Light of the Solstice has helped us to activate much of that. There is a beautiful opening occurring, and so many of us are guided to something completely new and exciting. Our inner knowing knows exactly what this is. It was very important to disengage from anything external during this time, because we were gathering our own inner strength and understanding through our own Soul awareness. That is why being alone was so important, and it served a very empowering purpose. But now many of us are also feeling a magical sense to connect, to meet like minds and Hearts, to gather as a Soul Family of One. Our Sun Now moved into Cancer, which is perfect for gatherings of Family (especially Soul Family), celebrating, new endeavors, adventures and vacations, nurturing all that we love, flourishing of our dreams and blossoming realities of the New.

So this week we shall be integrating the Light that the energies of the Solstice gateway have brought. I finally began to feel the body integration taking place. We are having amazing thunder and lightnings here in the Mountains ... in all sorts of colors! The energies of the Solstice are now beginning to ground and embody on the planet. As You know, each "Cosmic shower" of Love begins on an ethereal level first, as it envelops the plane of Existence, and then it descends down through the Power/Vortex places on the planet (and us as Pillars of Light), and then it begins to embody/integrate. This will be a week of body integration and profound new revelations/awareness! 

In the New, we understand and know how to navigate through the periods of activation, fertility and expansion, and body integration. When we embrace both rhythms as One united process, we truly understand the nature of our physical Ascension. Let me share about the example of weather patterns and how they influence us and our reality. Do You still believe that this is a completely one sided relationship, and that we are being affected by the weather, or is it the other way around? And when we go even deeper, we will see that the process is actually a mutual reception, and that it is shared in Unity consciousness. We influence the weather just as much as it influences us, and this is how it is in the experience of Oneness. This way, when the weather shifts, our internal energy dynamics shifts as well ... and vice versa. Our planet is a living/breathing Being, and just as we are influenced by its energy shifts, the planet is also alive and influenced by us. As Pillars of Light, we have a massive effect on the collective energy, because the stronger we become in the embodiment of Light, the stronger this process is experienced through us. So we don't simply observe the weather patterns, for we are co-existing within them, and all is intertwined. Everything influences each other through the subtle energy matrix of all Creation, and when we live in Unity consciousness, we know of such Oneness by experiencing it intimately.

Nature can help us with body integration, the soothing shifts happen almost instantly. Receive the blessings of the Devic kingdom ... the nature spirits! Breathe in the energy of this photo, in order to feel their blessings and feel yourself recharged, regenerated and perfectly renewed. This is a sacred space of pure prana! Feel the subtle shifts in your body form and allow them to go where they need to flow in the perfection of the Now.
Recently I was hiking in my Mountains, and I spontaneously discovered this beautiful stream of Mountain stones, and so many of them began to crystallize, so I felt like walking on holy ground. It was all sparkly and it fascinated me completely!

Those of You who follow my Mountain stone finds, are probably already aware of the constant theme of Divine Reunion via the "kissing couple", the coming together of Two within One. These are such beautiful messages for those of us who are deeply merging with the energy of our Beloved, our Twin Soul nature in all of its natural polarity of Being/our Soul in perfect Wholeness.

"1, 2, 3 ... what can You see" in this crystallized Mountain stone?

I also want to share this interesting specimen with You. Do You wish to play? "1, 2, 3 ... what can You see?" Please feel free to share what You see in this stone, if You are so guided. Know that this is a message from your Soul at this time ... something You are expanding into.

Here is a moment of Perfection captured in the Silence of the Now. Let us make sure that we make our every Present moment count.

Our Hearts are opening so much Now. Don't You just love it when Spirit totally surprises You? These are moments when we can see just how interconnected everything is, and that all we can do is surrender and trust. Some things are manifesting to fast Now, for we live in expanded awareness and frequency. Here is one such story! I got this gift in mail from a Divine companion, and it was a Moldavite crystal pendant. I loved it the first moment I saw it, and then I had this urge to give it to my special friend, because I got something amazingly beautiful from them a while back as well. But the pendant looked too feminine. And so I looked at the package again and I suddenly noticed that there was something more in the wrapping paper, and as I opened it, it was another pendant ... with another Moldavite crystal. It felt so amazing, because it was like my desire was instantly manifested, and I felt so connected to All That Is.

Do You have your own special story like this to share? What makes You feel absolutely connected to All That Is?

I have another beautiful story to share! I received a beautiful letter from a fellow Divine companion. She shared: "Dear Sister! During my meditation I sent love out to each of my Pioneer brothers and sisters, and I was able to observe the network that the Ascension Pioneers form around this planet, like connecting the dots. I was fascinated to see how strategically we have all been placed by Source to enlighten and serve humanity to our fullest! During meditation something happened. When I sent love to all Pioneers, it suddenly reflected back without warning! And I was enveloped in the most intense love I have ever felt, a love not of this earth. This energy permeated each of my cells without asking my permission. I gasped, and cried so hard because I had never felt such a high value on my life. I was suddenly the most valuable and worthy creature ever to exist, except for … well, everyone else! And that made me cry and laugh at the same time!" (Danita Bosch) 

That is absolutely wonderful to hear, and it totally made my day. How many of You are linking together in our One Heart? I recommend we do that more often as Family of Divine Love. Are You with me, dear Beloveds?

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

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