Thursday, May 10, 2018

Liberation of the Divine Goddess

Dear Beloveds!

We are in a New energetic month of May with a 16/7 frequency. This month is an amazing time of Divine dispensation, and it serves as a culmination point for many beautiful Souls on the path of Divine Union. Divine Union is truly a path of complete Divine balance of masculine and feminine principles of Life, both internally and externally. We are leaving a legacy of Light and although at times it might not feel like it, we are definitely planting the seeds of New consciousness. This is a time of deep spiritual and physical renewal for many who have lived a path of constant selfless service. At this time the most important thing is to stay fully present in unconditional Love. True Love is not about giving more or less, being worthy or deserving. It is about being the selfless expression of unconditional Love in each reflected expression of it that meets us in this Life. Many volunteer Souls are Now ready to truly birth a state of total inner sanctuary regardless of the external situations or conditions. When we remember that we are here to become the full embodiment of unconditional Love in Human form, nothing else will be more important and the ego will no longer remain in its power. The more we empower the reality of true Love, the closer we are to truly becoming the agent of gentle change by not forcefully changing anything. Just bringing Life to its fullest potential in each moment is enough, and that is how we replenish Life with new fertilization and energetic insemination. We will have a dynamic duo of Uranus shifting into the sign of Taurus and making a connection with Mars, which will usher in a time of transformation and reformation. We are on the brink of something new, and it will manifest differently for each ascending Being. Remember that the state of reality we live in always reflects our current state of consciousness, so continue expanding your perceptions.