Monday, August 22, 2016

Divine Mother's Gateway of Divine Love

Dear Beloveds!

The Sun Now moves into Virgo, which is always a time for healing, balance and Soul refinement. I have channeled the words: "The masks are falling away ... big time!" Virgo is often seen as the archetype of the Great Mother Goddess, and just last week we also celebrated Mother Mary's assumption day. I love this time of the year when devotion to our Self increases manifold. Everyone has an Essence of the Holy Mother as Divine Love within and it's all about how we develop and embody it into our individualized Self! Regardless of what this day represents as a physical celebration day, in Truth we are being reminded of the Essence of the Divine Mother that we each carry within ourselves, focusing on how we will embody and radiate with more of that Essence! The Divine Mother comes to us, blessing us all, reminding us that our Soul passion is not something we have to try hard to discover, earn or work on to achieve. Divine passion of our purpose is who we are, and as we merely align with our genuine Essence, we align with our true Gem Self in deepest compassion and Self reverence. 

The lotus is often seen as an Essence of Self honoring and devotion and it symbolizes total Self acceptance and compassion through devotion. It is always there, offered by the Divine Grace, and yet as Beings of Creation we need to develop it ourselves through Soul maturity, mastery and refinement. At times it may look not available to us and it may feel like we have to work hard to access it, and this is simply because we are still growing and evolving. There is a lot of self sacrifice of the lower for that of the higher for us to attain it, and yet when this Self mastery is achieved, it is there and because it's integrated within us, no one can take it away! We are initiated into it. Once we master the Self in complete Self acceptance and purity, it's a constant state of the Soul in deep continuity!As we honor and respect ourselves, we are naturally aligning with our Essence, allowing it to speak to us through the voice of our Soul, through our unified Self, which is the eternal Self. 

We all have an infinite self that was out to explore the worlds of Creation in their infinite energy spaces and experiences, stories and lessons. But as our Soul begins to reach its maturation, we begin to feel the return into our eternal Self, which is the unified Source Self of our pure Existence.

This Self knows no stories, past experiences of references or lifetimes of stories. This Self knows everything for the purpose of knowing itself, which is pure radiance and illumination. For those on the path of physical Ascension, the longing to remember and reunite with that eternal Self is beginning to grow and become more prominent, louder with each inbreath of our Existence! Our passion for purpose, our communion and relationships with others begin to be driven more and more by that Self.

The ego does not get destroyed or "killed" as some New age teachers like to so often point out! The ego simply outgrows itself, catching itself in the "act" and experiencing a total self recognition. The ego then humbly bows down to the greatness of our pure Soul as it directly connects with Spirit! The ego is not eaten, but simply overtaken and merged with the Grand Being of our Majestic Presence in Grace. This Grace is not offered to us from the outside as a Divine blessing, as this is the ultimate gift of Grace achieved from within!

Through this continuous Self Blessing we are growing in our Spirit Power every day, and that true power is the Truth of Divine Love! Keep on marching ahead, Beloved Ascension Pioneers! Become what You were meant to Be as your greatest Destiny manifest! Total Self realization is at hand! Everything comes to us through Spirit Initiation. So do not be afraid of challenges, for they are paving the Way forward into the New. 

In all of this "New" madness ... If You have to choose between piles of stuff to do in an infinite time loop or doing something that You truly love and feel most joyful about instead ... Always choose You! Work can wait, and when we are patient enough it comes back around with more invigorating passion and work done in proper Divine timing can become play as well! Nothing is worth stressing over or worrying about! We are beings of perfect Divine Love and we should treat ourselves like we are the most precious child of Creation, for we truly are! And who will treat us this way, if not ourselves!?

You can activate yourself with my most recent Light activation for the Gateway of Divine Love:

We had a powerful Full Moon activation which was also an invisible Lunar Eclipse. The Full Moon in Aquarius came as a major trigger for Self liberation and speaking our Truth. Living our Truth begins with choice. Aligning with Truth starts with ourselves, as we commune with Spirit, speaking honestly about our true Soul desires and passing it on to our close circles, surroundings and environments. As we stay aligned with Truth from within without swaying or doubting our guidance, the external reality will align as well. 

As Humans with our egoic tendencies and assumptions we are not always patient enough to witness the results of this realignment and readjustment as we grow deeper into our true Self, but if we are persistent enough and allow Divine timing to unfold the Magic for us, we shall witness the results and eventually merge our state of Truth with the reality we are choosing for ourselves as we move into the New Earth! But as always, we have to really choose this 100% for we can't choose it only half the way ... We have to go all the way and stick with it!

The sign of Aquarius is not only the Water bearer, but also a sign of higher consciousness and Divine intelligence.We can Now let go of what we no longer need or what no longer supports our hugest Soul evolution. We can either feel swamped and trapped with endless errands and responsibilities which come to us as perceptions of all the things we need to do and be in control of, or we can decide to let go of such control and allow the Divine timing to do everything and provide with what we need instead.

We cannot force things to happen our (usually much smaller) way ... So we can rather allow for the Way to be created naturally, the pathway ahead to be bright and clear! By creating works of high value and magnitude, we often have to be very patient in getting things right rather than right now! That is how we achieve true liberation of Soul in its genuine Divine creativity ... so that we truly can become the Water bearers of the New Age ... showing the way, bridging the gaps between the old and the New, what was and what yet shall be as we set ourselves free. It is no longer our way or the highway ... But rather the Way of One!

Aquarius Full Moon Essence was mostly about the Freedom of Being! We can all stop trying so hard in Life, in order to allow our Life force to naturally show us the Way in each moment! Life should not be a struggle, but rather a gentle breeze which blows where the energy flows!

During the intensity of this integration wave we are to turn our focus to tranquility, Self nurture and silent reflection. This only serves us up to the point where we are ready to celebrate and give thanks to our passageway into the New. This is simply because there comes a time to fully acknowledge our Soul arrival. Do You find yourself no longer associating with ways and things from the outside? Does the outside world of Human drama and new age madness no longer feed your Soul? Then it's time to become your own powerful leader, a Divine Master of your own Destiny! One who understands how the Primordial Life force works can easily learn to navigate and flow through Life, understanding the Initiations that are to be undertaken with each step, always in great observation. 

As each Spirit initiation is fulfilled, it's time to celebrate and honor the power of the sacred ritual. Dance, song and incantations have a powerful way of energy manipulation, meaning that through focused intention and devotion, we are opening and creating New vibrational spaces that will provide for us and sustain us in this new Homecoming. When an Initiate of Spirit truly becomes mature in Soul, their focus will turn inwards and seek the solace of true Wisdom and Self mastery, turning the attention to creations of Soul refinement! This is where doing is replaced by creative Soul passion, suffering for bliss and fear for peace, which leads One into the welcoming and embodiment of Divine Love.

During this Full Moon we did two powerful Light activations which I share in my Ascension exercise video here:

When we are right before a powerful breakthrough, instead of pushing forward with force, it's best to wait a while, retreat and regroup! This requires complete surrender and trust, because the Human mind is often trained to keep on pushing, instead of allowing the Life force to bring everything to us organically, without pushing through resistance! When we are dealing with any kind of resistance, all it takes is simply to acknowledge it, and then the humbled ego will naturally catch itself in the act and stop pushing through resistance! The only reason why we perceive things as barriers, obstacles and blockages is because we don't trust the Life force and the nature of Divine timing!

The ascending body loves freedom and to be sovereign in how we lead ourselves through our body! Our bodies should reflect our own consciousness, not something fixed or rigid, learned only from the outside sources. The ascended body translates the amount of sacred fire which can do everything for us naturally, if we simply allow it! Our bodies become intelligent enough to guide us through the movement of the Life force running through us.

Personally, I AM learning to be really patient with my yoga practice! One breath at a time, one muscle at a time, Spirit to body, body to Spirit! We were all born with different degrees of body flexibility, so it's important to align with our own body demands and requirements! I AM the happiest when I fall into this totally channeled source flow of my own moves, and my next desire and step is to dissolve the lines between my dancing and my yoga practice, making it one unified field of Self expression in Divine Love, as my Cosmic Beloved Self! Decide to be happy in the Now and any leap of faith that is required of You will happen naturally! You don't need to push or make things happen for the Law of infinite Creation supersedes any form of instant manifestation. The Light of Unity consciousness is always there, and we access it through complete acceptance of everything and everything.

Allow your Soul to naturally (not forcefully) push through resistance and all that You have outgrown, in order to continuously rise up in your White Ascension Pillar, unified and blessed with Divine Grace! Your Life Force knows where to go and why, and knowing what You know for the purposes the Divine bestows is the path only the Great Ones walk! And we all have the potential to become these Almighty Great Ones.

Watch my Self mastery video on our conscious energy emanations here:

On Holy Mother Mary's day I have channeled the Holy Mother Giver of Life Light activation, called the Divine Mother's Gateway of Divine Love, for all who seek to become the full embodiment of nothing but pure Divine Love and Purity/Grace in Human form. This Light activation is a Divine complement to the physical Ascension Gateway Light activation. You can get both MP3 activations on my front Home page here:

"The Divine Mother's Divine Love Gateway Light activation was co-created with the Holy Spirit of All Life in Creation, birthing many Divine Mother Essences of Life. It serves as a calling to all fellow Initiates of Divine Love into the embodiment of complete Divine Union in Unity consciousness. It comes as a counterpart to the physical Ascension Gateway Light activation, so that both the Divine feminine and masculine aspects of Creation are considered as we are applying our Union in the physical reality of the Holy Trinity. It addresses the complete liberation of the Soul in its original Perfection of Purity and Grace, so that we can become the embodiment of the "Giver of Life"."

"The Divine Mother blesses All with Her holy Light,
The Mother Life Giver blesses All, always in spite.
Her Love and Power flow together as One,
As She merges with the eternal Light of the Sun.
The liquid Light of Grace in Her illuminates,
As She shines upon All Life to see,
Becoming the most potent Force of Unity,
Strengthening the evolving Light of our Humanity."

(Polona Aurea Dawn)

New beginnings are inevitable Now! The 8-8-8 Gateway was beautiful but super intense with all the new downloads and ideas, so it's Now time for meditation and relaxation. It's time to unwind from everything that is going on outside of us and tune into what we are receiving from our Soul. Our Soul always radiates and it's as a static Pillar, a fountain of youth that we can always come to for respite and nourishment. All it takes is asking: "Soul, what do You have for me in this Now moment?"

And then we meditate on that infusion of Light that is occurring between us and our Higher Self as it brings down the Light of pure Spirit into our Soul. Our Soul acts as a mediator between our Spirit Self and our physical embodiment, so let us work with it in that awareness and let it be in order to receive everything that we truly need for our enlightened path! This is how we continue to build on our illumined column of White ascended Light. Everything already Is, we are just finding our way to connect and embody it!

Here is a message for those deeply sensitive ones of You, the "children" of the New Era! It comes through my own embodied example. All my life I have been deeply sensitive and even highly allergic, especially to toxic things! Where most people can handle many things and vibrations, I can't handle the denser things of this reality like a lot of food and alcohol, smoke and any strong fragrances!

I don't tolerate crowded places for longer periods of time and I don't feel good at places with dense energy, although my Soul often guides me there to lift the vibration of it! The thing is, that for the first part of my life I wanted to compare myself with others because I did not yet understand my own purity. The second part of my life I spent on accepting my differences and the nature of my crystal frequency. I was learning how to create my own reality!

Now in this third stage of my life I AM simply enjoying, as I AM actually enjoying my sensitivity, exploring higher vibrational spaces, pure Nature environments full of wilderness and Life force! Simply put, I feel amazing where Life force is the highest, like Mountains and river springs! I don't feel the same at low energy places, e.g. artificial swimming pools and man made creations that don't mimic Nature and its raw Life force!

I feel awesome by the waterfalls, Mountain river streams and high Mountains! All of Nature is my playground Now, as I stopped comparing and artificially limiting myself! I no longer think in terms of what I can't have or enjoy, but focus instead on what awesome things of high vibration and celestial frequency alignment that I have co-created in my ascended Life! And You can as well!!!

We can create completely new circumstances and miracles from what we previously haven't noticed before! But to create these changes we have to be bold and courageous, deeply committed to Truth! In the midst of everything, a seed of a new beginning will always grow, and if we know how to take notice and take heed, we shall be deeply rewarded by our Soul! New Life is always in the making, and where some see destruction, depletion or even exile, others can see new pathways and opportunities that will expand us even more!

And remember, your body is your holy vessel, so it matters 111% how You treat it, there is no Ascension in the physical without this knowing and embodiment. Your energy flows from top to bottom, and the embodied Life force exists through your feet as You walk your daily paths. Your feet are sacred when You are pure in mind and heart, and the soles of your feet begin to radiate a most powerful frequency of Light that goes straight into the planet and merges with its life force, so tread gently and always with Love!!!

One of the most important lessons and Initiations for Beings of Divine Love on the pathway of Truth and the journey of physical Ascension is to never allow others to question and dim your Light when You begin to shine as bright as the Sun, due to their own fears and negative programming! You know who You are, Beloved children of the Divine, bearers of Unity consciousness, Almighty Ascension Pioneers! Yes, it all comes down to Faith! Our strength of Spirit and Soul character/charisma is reciprocal to how much faith we have acquired and how do we embody it in our reality! We must not misplace goodness with false "love and light" politeness through ignorance of what is real, which is also where we often allow others to penetrate through us with their egoic demands.

We are to be discerning and wise in the face of adversity, knowing that Self honoring begins within, and that saying NO to demands of ego is saying YES to life, which is a life fully lived through the maturity and purity of Soul! Whenever we respond with ego, there will be a clash of wills, which is another battlefield in the making. Do we really want more of that? We cannot lie to ourselves and others through the constant projections that we make, for we need to learn to internalize everything, reflecting it back to ourselves!

When we respond with Love and respect, we value and honor ourselves and others. To have faith is to be a peaceful warrior of Truth that we are, a loving Heart and a brave Spirit soaring high above the lesser worlds and events, co-creating with Divinity and the Great Life force of All Life in Creation! To Be faith embodied is to Be a Master of Self!

We are One, and we always have been. The One experiences through us as infinite sparkles of Light, Sparks of Prime Creation. The more attuned we are to the resonance of One, the more we may deeply feel everything, for we connect to the Essence of the Holy Spirit of Life, of eternal Love! So we may often feel various things and emotions, desires and ideas, and because they will be so vast, we will have to bring ourselves back into the sacred Breath, the stillness of the inner knowing. 

We will travel to many spaces just with the speed of our consciousness and yet we will remain centered where we are. The more we connect internally, the more we will feel externally, for the inside and outside are also One. But as we master ourselves in our awareness, we will be able to feel much and be at many places and with many people simultaneously, and yet focused in the singularity of our Creation Self! That should not be mistaken for actually needing to be everywhere and do everything in our physical reality. It is a state of Art to Be this focused and centered at anytime and anywhere, no matter what surrounds us, and yet feel all the ways and vast forms of Creation!

As Masters of the New, we will become like a vast radiant Light that is here simply to illuminate. Often this illumination shall be placed in dark spaces, in order to act as a beacon of Light, a lighthouse that simply needs to share the brilliant Light and keep reminding everyone to come back Home to the eternal Presence of One. In our vast Being, we will often feel the world and others in its infinite creativity, but we will need to discern between what is of our Creation Pillar, and what is of the world at large working as One unit. The cohesive Life force joins everything together as One, and yet we must also focus on the uniqueness of our Life force that comes for the purpose of our own Existence. 

The individual (the ego persona) does not have a mission, only the Whole does, so as we become Radiant Masters of Divine Grace, we radiate with a Higher Will than our own. Our desires transpire and birth new ones, which flow from our Soul, then the Oversoul ... leading to the luminescent radiance of our "I AM Presence", and that truly is Unity consciousness. Unity consciousness is not just saying that we are One, but living by the Grace of the Divine, the Law of One, interconnected through Divine Will and the Divine Plan of Perfection.

As for us, prior to Mary's assumption day we were on a weekend Nature trip "off the grid" to get away from everything and seek solace and Nature connection before this day which is so precious to us! Every woman has an Essence of the Holy Mother within Her and it's all about how we develop and embody it into our individualized Self! My precious mother embodies Mother Mary energy very much, as One of her disciples! Personally, I have more of a passionate and fiery Magdalene energy, but together we make a whole, invoking one within the other as Soul companions!

I AM Her "Ascension guide" and She is my fellow Wise Woman companion, both learning from each other! Goddess blessings to everyone!!! 

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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