Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Aries Full Moon: The Enlightened Fool

Dear Beloveds!

We are stepping into a completely new world, or so the energy might feel at this time! The Aries Full Moon began our New Creation cycle which is an extremely New and still unstable energy zone that we have yet to master. Those of us who are choosing the New Earth paradigm and reality are being taken to the next level of our masterful initiation. We have all been mastering Self trust during our personal Ascension journey, and yet when it comes to Ascension as a physical journey of our collective group Fellowship, the level of our trust will have to be deepened. As we will look for Divine companions and relationships outside of us, we will also need to learn to trust others and greater Life circumstances within the New. For that to occur, we have to relieve and let go of everything from the past, which means all the previous relating experiences that we have undergone until Now.

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Calling all Divine Lovers: It's time to live!!!

Dear Beloveds!

What is occurring Now for many of us is a most sacred calling for so many of us. We are feeling the deepest longings of our Soul to finally fully rise up to the surface, so that our vertical alignment of Soul can stretch our an expand into our horizontal experiences! A lot of us are here as Divine Lovers of Life, which means that we operate through the Beloved Essence of magnetism, creating new potentials and pathways for Humanity through simply loving so purely and unconditionally on our own path and sharing with others. Our New Earth partnership will be created from that very Core, no longer from the old ways of relating. As a Divine Lover, our Love is fierce and feline, touching everything that we come into contact with. We love with the absolute "parenting" Love of the Divine motherhood/fatherhood, painting a bright new future for Humanity and the New Earth. We are simply working our magic and sacred alchemy by planting our feet into the earth, creating ripple effects of true unconditional Love wherever we go and whoever our Love touches, magically and spontaneously.

Monday, October 10, 2016

10-10-10 portal of Light: Masterful completion

Dear Beloveds!

So, we are in a 10-10-10 portal and this is deeply calling us to our sovereign path of Soul freedom, leadership and empowered action! This is a very auspicious time leading into a powerful Aries Full Moon on October 16th, which will further activate the new seeds that we have been planting ever since the Libra New Moon on the 1st! Everything about this month speaks about new beginnings, but we are being reminded not to expect them as complete external materializations and destinations. This is a time of planting strong energetic seeds, which are supporting a New Creation cycle from its conception stage and blossoming into what it is meant to become for each of us as New Masters. There are some who will already feel and integrate this new Creation wave this month, and others who will be feeling it more prominently in 2017. It matters not where and when, for Ascension is all about Soul readiness and choice in the aware Now moment. These are times for conscious action and leadership, though, so we are definitely being asked where we can show up in our life with greater awareness and presence to what our true Heart desires are and how we can better serve the Whole through engaging in that.

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

New Creation cycle & The Mission of a Creation Pillar

Dear Beloveds!

There is a whole lot going on for us at this time! We were just upgraded by a new energy wave, a Creation wave that will push us into an upcoming new Creation cycle! We can feel this personally and collectively, micro and macro! With this new wave, our dreams will be created much faster Now, because a lot of us are bringing the timeless nature of our Being into our physical embodiment. With this awareness, we are embodying more of our multidimensional presence which is integrating with our Human form. We are opening up, emotionally growing up on a Heart level and evolving to a new level of being Human. As we grow up on a Soul level, we realize that Self Love is only half of the entire equation of Divine Love. When the Love of Self meets the Love of All Life in deep compassion, we embrace what it means to live in Unity consciousness. And with all the changes that we will experience during this 1 frequency month, we still need to know that alterations in the physical occur step by step, so there is no need to rush or make things happen forcefully. Regular time-outs actually help us to tune into the new energy and align on a Soul to Human level. It's time to learn how to bring the infinite into the finite and merge the gaps between the two, creating one cohesive Unit! We are so much more that we have ever dreamed of, and with this physical Ascension our brain is being wired to its primal unlimited capacity!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

New Moon: Evolutionary Soul relationships

Dear Beloveds!

It's a time for complete new beginnings, and many of us are already tapping in to a new Creation cycle. We are so going through a major rebirth! As Ascension Pioneers, we have been used to playing so many different roles and personas, including "volunteering, caretaking, assisting, helping", etc. What we are Now rebirthing ourselves into has the potential to alter our reality even more. We are going deeper and so we can become such powerful Beings by expressing what we genuinely love and accept as our authentic reality. If we passively wait for others and Life to always make the first move, we forget that we are Life, that we are the Essence of every desire that was ever held and dreamed within us! To make these dreams come true, we have to become an active force in our reality and take the initiative through recognizing the new potentials!