Monday, November 21, 2016

Neptune direct: Higher calling

Dear Beloveds!

This weekend on November 19th we had Neptune going back direct with a simultaneous occurrence called the peak of the Leonid meteorite showers. How does this relate to our personal Spirit journey? As these greater celestial events (cyclical transmissions) are occurring, we are often reminded that we are a part of something much greater than we often perceive through our mundane occurrences. As Neptune was in retrograde motion for about 5 months, we could often "fall in and out of Love." This means that this beautiful great celestial Deity influences our area of spiritual Love and compassion, and that is why throughout this period many of us have been working on integrating that exactly, especially those of us who are far more connected to the celestial planes than the physical planes. We were doing the work of that merging integration for many generations to come. Through deepening our radical sense of Human compassion, we have been bringing the Essence of Neptune and what this celestial body represents into our earthly experience. That is what many Beings who are on a mission of a Divine Lover are here to do exactly. Often our achievements are more "ethereal" than mundane, so we have to be patient for them to birth results on the physical plane of manifestation. The more outwardly focused the planetary body is, the more subtle its influence is on our psyche and behaviors, and yet it reaches far into our infinite potential due to that fact exactly.
Neptune connects us more deeply with the crystalline Realms. Recently I have created a mini audio book on Crystalline Creation levels. Through it You can tune into the Crystalline levels of Creation. This mini audio book is a walk through the understanding behind the Creation Principles, Crystalline Realms and our belonging Human consciousness within it, including the crystalline children and creating on crystalline levels of Creation!

If we were challenged in any way during this transmission, either through Life circumstances, events or people in our lives, we are Now realizing that these were all leading us to far greater understanding about our personal and collective Ascension, which moves from planetary and beyond. Because many highly evolved spiritual Beings are deeply connected to what the Essence of Neptune represents, we might have felt a lack of deeper inspiration and fusion of our deeper senses. Of course this never goes away, as all Essences always live within us, but our focus went more into practical matters and how to get things done. As we Now open up to a new wave of inspiration, we may feel increased levels of spiritual passion, creative bursts, relationship changes (due to many personal transformation journeys during this pivotal period) and romantic pleasures that emanate from our earthly spark of Life, to live in order to Be Love and share that Love with All. If there was a particularly challenging life situation during this time, perhaps Now we are able to see it from a far greater perspective and energy dynamic that we have managed to integrate at this time.

If things, situations and relationships are ready to return to us after this forward movement, we will know that we have already done the work of conscious integration, and we are Now ready to move into the next level of experience. Whether that be in that same energy dynamic/relationship or a new one, matters not. What matters is the understanding that the Divine Lover requires on this path, which is that all energy is always about embodying more Love, embodying more Soul, and evolving through this in the spiral of Spirit. As a particular energy returns, it never ever returns in the same way. Energy is always cyclical, and we become Master Alchemists when we manage to turn that cyclical energy into a spiraling one. That is when we have mastered the spherical nature of things and understanding went beyond linear and into multidimensional and infinitely vast. So when we are engaging with Life through conscious Presence, we will quickly be able to observe and discern how the energy returns to us, and under what circumstances. These circumstances always carry messages for us to synthesize and understand by looking into it more deeply than before the energy returned.

With each passing cycle, we will be able to Be more in our Spirit Self, while also radically on Earth, grounded and embodied as New Masters of energy. This means that we will not make the same repetitions, but instead we will evolve these energies into new levels and carry them out into the world with our renewed creations, which will always flow through new refined levels of Being. We will be able to witness how our own personal way of relating has changed, how more humane we have become, for the Human consciousness when in its utter Purity is all about the Light of the compassionate Heart that is here to Love and be loved in return. As Spirit Beings, we cannot master ourselves without the Human component. So if we wish to radically take out the Human component out of our Divine equation, we will also limit other parts of us, for in greater Truth they are all connected and intertwined, and the denial and suppression of one component leads to disrupted energy dynamic within another. That is how it all flows when we are fully aware and engaged with Life.

In the middle of everything it's all about bringing more Light of the Holy Spirit into this living reality, which is the living Life force of all Creation and our own personal representation of it. We are not just these minute creatures, we are far greater than life as we might perceive it, unless we become aware of the fact that we are the Essence of Life ourselves, every single one of us, regardless of how much Life Force we have already managed to embody and transfer unto the Whole. So in a way, our greater Ascension journey is just as Divine as it is Human, as the Great Source knows no separation, for nothing in Source truly is separate ... all emanates from it. A very known Sage Osho called this sacred merge the "Buddha-Zorba", which is the merging point and the middle path when our enlightened Self meets the self in the Human body and experience through all of our senses.

We are coming close to that merging point Now, as many awaken to their full Presence in Human form. Ascension and descension run as One Life force this way, and our Human experience becomes so fascinating in its every detail and intricate design, from the most mundane to the grandest of things, for we are seeing the reflection of micro in the macro and vice versa. Every experience we (and the vastness of all Cosmos) ever held within us, reverberates throughout the Whole, and we become aware of just how much important we all are in this game of Life. We see the ripple effect of every Life situation and relationship, and how they all dance together in this most beautiful dance of Life, knowing that it's safe to be fully Human Now, held in our every experience, nurtured and protected through our Higher Force that is always with us ... and within us! No separation! As Neptune lights our higher path yet again, we are taking it all in and dropping it into our form as it is right Now, not somewhere in the long distant future. Only what we create Now truly matters, and the fullness of our Presence in it creates those ripple effects that are able to move through the fabric of time and space.

Many have been Soul searching or searching for that Home space, somewhere or with someone they could feel safe and loved. But as Divine Lovers, we first had to activate every single button of safety from within, to become fully independent and nurtured from within, before taking our Love into the world at large. This is also the effect of Neptunian Love, as illusory as some would imagine it, that is not an illusion to those who can live up to those higher ideals in Love and are able to truly embody them. Illusion is only a true illusion when we are yet unable to embody it. But the moment when we truly become enlightened from within, we are able to turn every single partial illusion into a reality that lives and breathes through us. We birth Love of the Most High this way, and it comes through so many of us Now. We are those conscious seeds of the New world, and it doesn't matter how that Love will be expressed through us, or who it will move to ... but rather how we will be able to move it through us first as that Source and that belonging Home, knowing that to have faith means that we trust that the Life Force of Holy Spirit will always go exactly where it needs to, and we are just humble conduits, vessels for the Divine Love running through.

The more in Love we are, the more we are moved by Life, by relationships and Human experiences, just as much as we are being able to feel touched by Higher ideals. Those who know how to harness higher ideals in physical reality are the true Masters of Divine inspiration, muses of the New world ... Lovers of all Life! We are here and Now, and we no longer limit the flow of our Love and how it wants to move through us, how badly it wants to love and nurture, so that our own seeds could spark up new seeds and allow all Life forms to be moved on far greater levels than before, for all Life constantly moves up and evolves in its form. We are those constant agents of change, Divine co-creators with All!

We are able to turn everything into Gold Now, because we are becoming golden ourselves. This wave of inspiration is coming just as slowly and deeply as swiftly as well, and we are able to always respond properly, in Divinely timed fashion. We can trust ourselves Now, that we will always do what is right for us, communicate what is good for another as well, and Be what is meant to Be within a greater Whole! Ignite your Life force, spark up all of Life ... because your Greater Self is already aware of itself doing so, and we are merely catching up!
To sum it up, this Neptune going back direct was a powerful and deep shift into Divine Love which many of us have experienced quite deeply and literally as well. We are feeling those subtle waves of Divine inspiration yet again! They might come to us as dreams and visions of new directions or radical shifts on our path, with a deep knowing that this is exactly where we need to be. In the Era of Scorpio, we have gone really deep in order to master and refine yet another level of Soul embodiment, and this current wave was intensified for many of us, for it occurred during a culminating 9 Universal year. For many of us it felt like a strong merging of old and New, of a fiery Spirit and the compassion of the Human Heart. In our physical Ascension, we are going where no one has gone before, turning our Human experience into what it never was before. A true Gem! The experience of it is to have so much fire of our Spirit present, and yet at the same time remaining in the fullness of our Human experience and its feeling Heart. 
As our Spirit and the Human Heart fully merge, we will begin to feel the sweetest Love imaginable. Know that this is possible and that we can experience it Now, as being fully Humans and all that comes with it, while living as a fully enlightened and Self realized Being at the same time. We don't need to choose between this or that. Merges are always within Unity field, so this experience does not happen outside of us, in a "future" probability or somewhere else, somewhere "out there." It is already here, and ever so deeply for the first Human Masters. No, we are not just "ascended Masters" anymore, we are also the compassionate Human Masters, the merge of our Divine masculine (the awareness) and the Divine feminine (the sacred flame of the Heart). This New mastery level brings change, it's inevitable. The only question is, what will we do with it, and how will we use it for all that is to be created, for all that is New and serves a greater good?

The journey of Divine Union is not a goal. It has so many stops, activation and breaking points, and it's all designed for us to move deeper into the embodiment of our own Soul, our brilliant Spark of Source Self! Until just recently, many Cosmic travelers have been allowing themselves to go beyond the norm, exploring the deeper nature of true Union. But there is a crucial destination where we also have to allow ourselves to become fully unique, as the brilliant sparkle within us knows exactly how we are and why. When we find that perfect "soulmate" and Divine counterpart within and create a space of complete intimacy, the longing to have that outside of us will dissolve, and what will be created instead is a natural birthright of our Divine legacy, allowing all of the external to come to us through that unique Life force of our own Creation Self.

During the course of our lifetime we meet and experience many partial Unions, while that true and lasting Union feels like the utter attainment, that rewarding prize at the finish line. True or false? It's both, actually! There is no final destination for Divine Union, for we are cosmically unifying always at even greater levels of Self. Some might settle and wait at these partial stops, while others feel like infinite children of the Universe who always want to go deeper, knowing that with each unifying step we are moving into ever greater Soul depths and landscapes. The true nature of Union is magical and mysterious, and only by diving deep into its abyss can we actually experience it, unafraid of what else is there, always going beyond and wanting more. That leaping doesn't come from non acceptance of what Is, it merely represents the far greater levels of Soul intimacy that we can create through the Self and with another. Union is all about intimacy, and whenever we feel challenged in our experience of it, we can go into Nature and share our hopes, dreams and concerns with Her. She is a wise Mother that knows! She has witnessed much, just as we did! In deep Union with the Earth we will move deeper in our own Soul Union as well.

Watch my video on how to shift timelines within the Quantum level of Unity:

Neptune is a lot about the inner innocence and Purity. The innocent Heart is the Essence within that we can always tune into. It goes beneath all stories, intelligent archetypes and makes its way straight into the Essence of everything that makes us whole/holy. It's the Essence that lives and breathes for Love, sees with fresh new eyes within each new dawn, foretelling everything as a new opportunity and beginning, living in the constant blank slate awareness. We all have that marvelous simplicity within us, and when we plug right into the Core of it, we become like tiny Divine rebels, wanting not more of Life, but just as much as we need to play and create with our infinite imagination of the immaculate design! Let us create a bright new dawn, each day anew, singing new songs, making new acquaintances and allies, birthing new projects and giving our thanks for all that Is and always surrounds us! We are bright sparks of Love, and so we dance away to the beat of that drum!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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