Sunday, January 24, 2016

The Key of togetherness

Dear Beloveds!

The Key of the New Earth is togetherness. A lot of us have been moving through much of our Self mastery alone, experiencing so many initiations and a deepening of Soul trust. From Now on, we will be learning about the power of Soul companionship, the meaning of togetherness and the co-creation of the Beloved Essence. Jupiter Now conjuncts the North Node (the future potential) in Virgo, which is all about the deepening of our loving service. As Human Beings we often focus only on the physical side of things such as goals and manifestations! Choosing an ascending Life full of Spirit Presence is much more than that. A life of Ascension is about trust, sacredness and mystery, where the infinite not knowing plays a crucial role in our experience, with humility as our best friend! A life of Spirit is not about being a perfect perfectionist and getting everything right, but it is about perfection and refinement of our Soul Essence. As we begin to ascend, our reality becomes much more about the profound nature of Creation Essences than anything else! The initiate of Spirit is always lead into their Self mastery through devotion, courage and perseverance, even when we don't have the physical evidence for what we feel in our Heart as Soul Essence ... And especially then!!!

Sunday, January 17, 2016

Reflecting & expanding beyond the norm

Dear Beloveds!

We are still in a reflective period of Mercury and Jupiter retrograde. This was an intense week with so much deepening. Lately we may have shifted in vibration so much that some of the things and experiences have left our close energy field, including situations and people that we have previously resonated with. But the nature of Soul embodiment is such, that we always align with that which serves us and our personal evolution in the Now moment. In Truth, even seeming losses are victories, for they bring an energy opening that leads us into new energetic potential and personal development. As we rise up from the ashes of the old, we will be looking into new directions as we feel ready in our Heart. There is no forcing to this process, as it all unfolds so naturally through our Soul's guidance. We are becoming more aware of the fact that we are the only sovereign creator of our Reality that needs to choose and claim our personal timeline of Ascension!

Monday, January 11, 2016

The Year of Illumination & true Love

Dear Beloveds!

We have initiated a New year of a 9 Universal code of Wisdom, illumination and completion. Things will be coming together this year, as the number 9 carries the Wisdom of all the previous numbers, with a stronger emphasis on culmination and transcendence as well, just before that new beginning of an already integrated cycle preceding that which is yet unknown. The year of 2016 holds many potentials of even greater awakenings, but we need to step deeper into our Self mastery first, because that truly holds the key of aligning with the Universal code of this year. There are greater potentials for Love, Soul expansion and connections ... and also joining forces and working together as a Light Being group consciousness. What does this mean? As we begin our personal Mastery, we first have to complete and master the internal levels dynamics within our primal Soul connection, which we will then use for going deeper into relationships ... and this year is a lot about Divine partnerships of all kind, all in communion and devotion to Spirit first and foremost. I will be speaking more about this as the year progresses.