Here are some of the FAQ about the path of Ascension!

1. What is Ascension? AM I on the path of Ascension? How do I know I AM on the right path?

To know what is Ascension is to remember who we truly are as Divine Love. We were created as unique and individualized Source Beings and we eternally exist within the consciousness of All That Is, the matrix of all Creation. The process of Ascension is to move from one level of density to another. This means to transcend a level of density and shift into the next one while still in one particular embodiment. Ascension is not about moving somewhere else or vibrating away to another realm. Physical Ascension is the descent of our I AM Presence into this physical body. This means the integration of our multidimensional Self aspects into this body vehicle. It means to embody your highest aspects and anchor them here, in this reality. You have to understand, that we are always on the path of Ascension, because as individual Soul expressions, we are always moving along the Spiral of Spirit, always learning and expanding, through constant experiencing. So we are always right where we need to be on our path and Soul journey.

2. What are Twin Flames? How do I prepare for my Twin Flame Union and how do I recognize my Twin Flame? What do I do if my Twin Flame is not ready for Reunion?

We were all created through Source, so we are all Source Beings. Twin Soul Essence is our natural state of how we were originally created. Everything within All That Is, is polarized, and so is our Soul. Twin Flames therefore share the same Soul  or better said, they are exact polar opposites of the same Soul, meaning energetic equals of each other, representing Divine Feminine and Masculine principle of Creation. They represent the perfected state in which we were all created within the Divine Plan of Perfection. So to activate our inner Twin Flame Essence is to activate our most natural and authentic state of Being. Because our Twin Flame shares the same Soul, it is very easy to recognize our Twin, when we know our own Soul. So to recognize our Twin, we need to know our Self first. This means activating the Twin Flame Heart Essence within us, and if our Divine counterpart is also embodied in the same realm, we will attract them in Divine timing and order. We prepare for our Twin with our own sacred Self reunion, meaning embracing the totality of our own Soul and journey, remembering who we truly are as Divine Love. Then, we are ready for this Union. But remember, both counterparts need to be ready. If one of them is not ready for the reunion, then the other will serve as their guide. Whatever inner work we do, it also affects our Twin, because we share the same Soul with them. So when one grows, the other one grows as well. If one is not yet ready to embrace Oneness and Unity within unconditional Self Love, then the most important approach is being non attached. We are only responsible for ourselves and our own journey, and we always have to focus on our own inner spiritual growth. Our Twin Flame does not complete us, they share our wholeness, for they are complete mirrors of ours. There is a lot of confusion around this subject right now, especially due to the New age movement. A lot of people confuse a real Twin for a karmic relationship or a Soul mate relationship because of this misinformation. To know real Truth about the nature of Twin Soul, one must truly remember it from deep within and then embody it.

3. How do I raise awareness? What increases my vibration?

We are all pure energy, Source energy manifested in many different forms within variation of Creation. Because all energy vibrates, we all vibrate at a particular frequency. When we raise our awareness, we vibrate faster, so our frequency is higher. This starts happening within the awakening process, when we start remembering who we truly are and raising our awareness. When we awaken and start becoming empowered, we start raising in frequency. So basically, awareness is what raises our vibration naturally. So the more we are Self empowered, the less we give our power away, and the higher we start vibrating. When we realize that everything is within, we become your own guru and master, and start seeking answers within. Our spiritual growth is always an inner journey. Firstly, there are no gurus anyway! The whole understanding of "everything is within" goes "wrong", as long as we still believe in gurus. We are to become our own Master and start seeking answers from within. Then we shift from understanding something mentally into feeling and embodiment of it. Raising awareness is not about techniques, it is about Love and higher understanding, which is compassion. The more LOVE You embody in your body, the more You raise awareness. It is about seeking internally instead of externally!

4. Is there a particular date or timeline for Ascension?

In the Divine Plan of Perfection, nothing is considered as a certain "event", because everything is intertwined and there are constant cycles of time within even greater cosmic cycles and so on, for Creation is limitless. When we focus on external things such as a particular date or timeline, fear and dogmatic beliefs are still something to resolve. There is no such thing as a particular event, because the Spiral of Spirit is endless, and everything is intertwined, so if we believe in events and prophecies, we are missing the point, which is Divine Love, awakening to our true Self and merging with our I AM Presence. This is what we should be focused on, because this is what Ascension is truly about, and there is no timeline for that, everyone flows with Life at their own pace. Many are still focused on fear, even though the only fear is the illusion of fear itself. The only real illusion is the illusion of separation. The Ascension process is an inner journey, and it's not linear ... it's multidimensional, and we all have many options to choose from, and several timelines which we keep choosing on our Soul journey. These timelines exist within us and in Truth, we are always right where we need to be. So the focus should always be within, not without. This is what Ascension is really about, not just some external Cosmic "events". Everyone has a choice to make, which is either following others and what they say about these dates and timelines, and consequently live in endless questioning, fear and confusion, or starting to work on yourself, and this is where the path of Ascension truly begins.

5. How do I make life changes within the New? How do I heal myself? How do I deal with physical pain?

When considering making changes from the old into the New, it is always best to listen to our own Divine guidance, because our Soul will always lead us in the right direction. This is how we are always guided and protected. Every path of Ascension is a path of healing. And the Truth is, all healing is Soul healing, because when we are truly healing, it is occurring on a Soul level. Healing is nothing less but wholing, and we already are whole. Only our Soul has the ability to heal us and make us whole through Divine remembrance of the Self as Divine Love. Healing/wholing is not something as complicated as people make it. It is actually very simple. It starts with knowing that only RAISING OUR AWARENESS heals. Healing/wholing starts with us connecting to our Soul, and then our Soul activates the healing process naturally. It is all WITHIN! Wholing means embracing all aspects of ourselves – the Light and the shadow – in order to move into Union of All That Is. In this process of embracing our shadow, all the traumas, hurts, wounds, attachments and ego beliefs equal the illusion of separation. We need to become a CONSCIOUS OBJECTIVE OBSERVER. This is how our awareness is rising, and so does our inner healing. In order to heal it, we need to FEEL it. This does not mean getting stuck in the pattern or the repression of it. It means transcending it with all the Love of our Being. Raising our awareness moves us from victim consciousness to a state of compassion – FORGIVENESS heals. We need to forgive ourselves first, for it always starts with Self forgiveness. Healing/wholing is not the same as thinking positive instead of negative. It is moving our awareness from the lower – the ego identification – to our Soul – our Higher Self. Then, we can move into being NEUTRAL. When we move into being neutral, we can start merging with our I AM Presence – our Source Self. To conclude, as Souls in this Human body, we need to remember that we have chosen every single experience in our life, in order to move beyond separation and remember who we truly are. When we remember this and take responsibility for every single thing, we become conscious and empowered Divine Human Beings. Then, all of the lower no longer serves us and it can leave our Presence for good! We know ourselves as complete embodiment of Love! If there is any pain in our physical body, we need to be very conscious of it. We are to ask ourselves, why the pain is there and what it is trying to show us. No pain is ever associated with suffering, because we only suffer if we so choose to according to our free will decisions. Pain is always a sign of a particular non alignment with our true authentic Self, our Soul. And remember ... our Spirit DNA (Light DNA) is changing our physical DNA, not the other way around! All Creation starts as forms and patterns of Light, so the more we raise our awareness, the more we activate our true potential! Know that we are all Divine alchemists and we can create miracles!

6. Do I need to do something particular in order to ascend? Do I have to suffer in order to grow spiritually?

There is nothing particular needed to be done in order to ascend to a higher level of vibration, but once we start awakening, all these changes start unfolding naturally. Ascension is a choice of the Soul when the Soul is mature enough and ready to begin this journey. When we raise awareness, we change in frequency, and the physical level starts functioning differently. The only thing we need to do is start remembering who we truly are. So who are You? Why are You here? Do You remember? You are on a beautiful individual journey, that is yours and yours alone. Isn't this something amazing? This journey does not need to be a journey of suffering, for we don't need to suffer in order to ascend. We do not bare the cross for ourselves or the collective. No one can, these are old dogmatic beliefs of manipulation and control. In Truth, we are each responsible only for our Self and our own vibration. We each hold our own individual frequency which we need to step into, and we are responsible only for our own path of vibrationally ascending. The path of Ascension is actually the path of Bliss, for that is the path of the Soul. Our Soul is nothing but pure Joy, which is the highest frequency. That is not the path of control, attachment and fear. It is the path of love and loving service to All That Is! It is the sacred path of Union within Divine Love. If we believe in suffering, then we will experience it, that is how powerful we are with our thoughts and beliefs. Our Soul in this body always experiences what it needs to. There is also a difference between initiations of Spirit, which are always there to strengthen us, so that we can anchor our Divinity in this physical body, or the suffering that we create ourselves from the lower self, which is not our Soul, but it's a part of us that we create as well, in order to experience whatever we wish to experience. So when there is inner belief in suffering within us, we will experience it externally as well. Those who believe in suffering, will see this world as cruel and harsh. On the other hand, those who see it as a world full of endless potential, will create a much different reality for them. There is no such thing as a general external condition or world, all is merely a reflection of our inner world. We are the microcosm within the macrocosm, and we are all interconnected, although our experiences will always vary, because our level of awareness varies. So it is all about awareness and Self empowerment. When we focus on the external, we are getting away from our true Self every single time. We become passive instead of active, and we forget that we can only be responsible for our own journey. Within higher understanding which manifests as compassion and Self awareness, there is no such thing as passive victim consciousness.

7. Is changing my diet a part of the Ascension process and why is this important?

When we are on the path of Ascension, we understand that everything is interconnected and that we are vibrational Beings. This applies to all areas of our personal life, for we begin to see everything through pure compassion. Organic living is the highest way of living, in flow with all Life within Creation. We can only shift through awareness, which brings higher understanding. Many individuals are shifting in their diet nowadays. The shift in our diet is a gradual process, it goes from solid to raw foods and liquids and eventually ... LIGHT! This process is enfolding through Divine remembrance, when we start awakening and remembering how we were created as Beings of Light. This is how our Spirit Essence was evolving through experiencing external worlds. In the beginning, we were created to feed only on Liquid Light, and each etheric level of Being was completely Self sustainable, so there was no need to take energy from another variation of Creation, the potential source of Life. There was no need to feed off each other or dominate another variation of Creation, for all are equally important. Our original source of sustenance is Light – the source of Source. When we start consciously changing our lives through this principle of Truth, we start increasing in our awareness through Divine remembrance. The Sun is also very important here. It is the energy source for life on Earth, and it is the catalyst for its Ascension. The spiritual transformation of the Sun affects the spiritual transformation on Earth and in our bodies. The liquid Light is our natural energy source, so sungazing is very beneficial for our spiritual evolution, as the Sun is a very important source for us. Naturally, the most important source is SOURCE and the pure energy of Source – the so-called etheric prana – is our most natural state where we exist in. But in the physical, our body needs to prepare for this in stages, because it's about awareness. The level of awareness narrates how our bodes react, because it is all about frequency. Also, this change will always cause a purification, so that the old and all the toxins we have accumulated in our lower bodies can exit the body. Food is energy, because ALL IS ENERGY! And although physical prana (chi) that comes into our body through food is only part of the whole energy consumption, it's very important for the path of physical Ascension through Light body attainment and physical body sustenance/maintenance.

8. What are the best means to connect with my intuition and how do I establish direct and clear communication with it?

Certain means for direct clear communication with our intuition are not a particular determined thing, because there is not just one way to connect. We are each unique Beings, but what is common to all of us is a level of Divine Trust we need to develop in order to begin honoring our Self and our personal guidance. How we connect to our own inner guidance will vary from individual to individual. It is very simple actually, for Truth is always simple. It's only people who tend to complicate things. We already are intuitive and in constant connection. We just need to tune into it, because we don't always listen to it or follow it. This is the so-called tapping into our Heart's guidance, because this is where higher wisdom comes from. This takes time through quieting ourselves and observing our thoughts, but not only that, because not all thoughts are of the higher guidance. Discernment is much needed here! Also, sometimes our guidance might say something, but we will do something completely different. In that case, the direct experience of what is the result when we do not follow our inner guidance, is our best learning tool. That is how we can see how our true inner guidance is speaking to us. Through experiencing, we learn and grow the most, and it is ALL about the experience. This way we get to see more clearly how things are working within our own guidance system. So the best means would be to become a neutral conscious observer. And nothing works without trust either! When we know that our first feelings and hunches are always right on the spot (the so-called gut feelings), we start increasing the connection with our intuition, which is nothing else but our inner tuition – our inner teacher, our Higher Self, and ultimately, our I AM Presence! Many individuals like to confuse their thoughts (which are of the mind) with Divine guidance, which is based on feeling. That is why so many like to tell themselves all kinds of stories and can quickly become puppets of their own mind, not intuition. Self honesty and awareness is the best way to transcend these lower states of the ego.

9. How do I face negativity and darker energies? How do I shield myself?

Once again we are talking about the fact that everything is pure energy and that like attracts like. It is all about raising the awareness, which is the only thing that heals and brings wholeness in long term. This is remembering who we are as Divine Beings of Divine Love. Everything else is just momentary and it's an illusion. The highest awareness through our I AM Presence has nothing to do with shielding, clearing, energy vampires, "witches and demons", "dark" energy, etc. It is crucial not to give it power, because whatever we believe in, we will feed it energy. When we increase our awareness and become Masters of the Self, no one can ever drain our energy, because we simply don't feed them power. We become conscious empowered Human Beings, Self responsible co-creators. Truth is different in different levels of awareness. At a certain level of awareness, these so-called darker energies and energy vampires are not a reality, they simply do not exist. There is neither the positive nor the negative, everything simply just IS! Everything is our mirror of awareness. So everyone who believes in duality and darkness and therefore still gives others their power, should start thinking more about themselves and their own path than these people they are focusing on and for which they believe are draining their energy. When we focus on the external, we only give it our power. All that is true and Divine is WITHIN! And remember, the so-called "dark" energy is only absence of Light! It is only that which has forgotten of its own Divinity! And once we know how to just BE LOVE, nothing has power over us, and there is no shielding necessary. Only within the awareness of duality, such things are possible. Only our inner belief in duality can cause such questions to arise. Our own inner labeling and imposed beliefs. In Truth of One, all is neutral and serves a purpose, so there is no darker and lighter. But from the Human perception, things are always as we tend to perceive them. So if we have this belief in darkness, then it keeps haunting us, until we do not get to the root of it and find out why it is there in the first place. It sure is a challenge, but everything is always for our further spiritual growth and development.

10. Can I receive information about myself and past lives at any time, like during my dreams?

Yes, of course! This is all natural to us, because these are not "past" lives at all, they are simultaneous realities, and they are fragments of us as our Soul begins its journey of integration in its wholeness. Therefore, in our wholeness, we can always access them. But we won't always be able to, because we will always receive as much as it is for our highest good in our Soul growth. In this healing (wholing) process now, when we are merging all of these aspects of the Soul and starting to vibrate higher and becoming One with them all, we are always receiving information that is important to us. The answers cannot be found in psychics or healers, but within us, our own cell memory and DNA. This is where our Divine remembrance comes from, not others. If we receive guidance and it resonates, then it is our inner Soul truth and we should value and respect it. We will feel in our heart if it is true guidance from the Soul, not some external entities trying to confuse us. When we raise our awareness enough, we are always protected by it this way. Awareness is the key to everything, and when we are aware, we are naturally protected. Also, when we understand that these lives are not "past" or "future", but all parts of us and our Soul's journey and blueprint, we are moving beyond the linear ... into multidimensional.

11. What is the difference between the Soul and the I AM Presence? What is a "dark night of the Soul"?

The difference between the Soul and the I AM Presence is that the latter is our Source Essence, and there are several Soul extensions within the I AM Presence. The Soul is an individual aspect of that I AM Ray, and there are many Souls within a particular I AM Presence. The I AM Presence is our individualized God Self within the Great God Self – our Divine Self within All That Is. We all have a Soul, which is the bridge between lower and higher realms, and our I AM Presence is our individualized Source Self, our ETERNAL SPIRIT. We all have a lower and higher aspect, and because we belong to a larger Soul grouping, there isn't just one lower and one higher Self. We are multidimensional, and there are so many Soul extensions within the Source of All. The "dark night of the soul" is a phase when a Soul goes through a certain crossroad – a threshold that triggers further awakening, Self questioning and Divine remembrance. This is when we are moving from personality to Soul template. That is when further initiations of Spirit begin. They are always associated with embracing the wholeness, the totality – meaning our hidden parts as well. These are our so-called shadow aspects, and that is why it is called the "dark night of the Soul", because embracing our shadow is one of the most important processes on the path of Ascension.

12. What are Soul groups? Who are volunteer Souls?

Because we are all a Soul in a physical vessel, we are all individualized Essences. But the higher we move in density, the less this individuality principle is needed and applied. In higher density, Souls merge in groups, and we move up from the Soul extension to Oversoul, Head Oversoul and eventually our I AM Presence, which is our highest aspect. So the realms that exist are the realms of Soul, Heavenly realms and Godly realms, also called the Universal realms. Because we are all created as Source Beings, we all have the seed (the potential) of all within us. When we reach this level of awareness, we know that we are neither Sirian, Pleiadian, Venusian, Arcturian, etc., but we carry a multidimensional aspect of each of them. So no one is just a "starseed", we are all so much more. The development on a Soul level will determine where we are incarnating from. Most Souls who are "caught" in the wheel of incarnation keep incarnating here from the 4th dimension. More advanced Souls, the so-called volunteers, incarnate from higher realms, meaning they have to lower their frequency so they can incarnate in a denser realm. They do not have to be here, but they have chosen to come and assist in the awakening of Humanity and the shift of the planet Earth into higher density. They influence this realm with their high vibration, and this alone is all that is necessary for their specific purpose.

13. What is the "New age"?

There is a huge difference between the Age of the New (the path of the Ascension reality) and the "New age", which is often designed to keep Humans in the lower octaves of their Being, instead of moving into their I AM Presence and ascending to higher densities. There is also a false "Love-Light" movement present on Earth due to this, and it's all about suppressing the true complete Self. It is about only worshiping the Light, instead of moving into complete UNION of the Self, loving all aspects of it, embracing our shadow and becoming whole as we truly are. This is a huge self sabotaging process, because everyone who is on the path of Ascension, needs to start doing their own inner work, embracing their shadow, illuminating it with the Truth of Divine Love. Only this way, we are getting to know who we truly are as a Being of unconditional Love. We cannot love All That Is, if we do not love the whole Self first. Many people on the planet are now seeking Divine Truth that was repressed for so long, but we already are it, we just need to fully embrace it with all the Love of our Being. The Truth is within us, not what we have ever read or heard of others, especially in all the channeled materials that exist out there. To be Self empowered, we need to let go of all what we thought was "right or wrong", all the false beliefs that were sold to us by the few who wish to govern the collective – implanted in our brains by those few who chose to live the way of manipulation and control. That is why many people are still "victims" of all kinds of false teachings and mass manipulations on Earth. It is one thing to sleep and not know about it, but it's another to preach such false teachings to others, especially those who wish to genuinely wake up and know the Truth. As empowered Source Beings we need to start understanding the difference between following some external "truth" or feeling the Light of the Truth ourselves. There are many "teachers" who say they know what this Ascension process is about, what is happening in Divine Truth and what will be happening in the future. They speak in a way that is letting people know they are connecting to higher Beings and that this is what makes them translate these truths for everyone else, like they are messengers of Spirit for all others. How can this be, when there is no such thing as someone else telling us the Truth? There is no outer teacher or savior who knows it all. This is the main intent of the New age – misleading us so that we forget we are all powerful Divine co-creator Beings! It is time to step back into our true power and potential, and this power is within everyone!

14. How do I cleanse and purify myself?

We all have many lower bodies which undergo a purification process in the cycle of Ascension. Purification of all of these bodies in order to create a unified White column/Pillar of Light, is an important aspect and again, it starts unfolding naturally, once the Soul awakening starts taking place. The more that we purify, the more Light we can integrate in our body. We need to stretch out like a rubber band on all levels. We do that emotionally, when we allow ourselves to feel our emotions fully, instead of denying them. We do that mentally, when we open ourselves to new ideas, instead of residing within old and limited beliefs. We do that physically, when we stretch and move our body, instead of standing still. We do that spiritually, when we open ourselves to the Self, the Divine Love that we are. All levels are intertwined, because they are all interconnected as One! In this way, the shift is occurring on all levels of our Being. It is important, so that we become a pure empty vessel, that can embody the highest Light of our I AM Presence. So the best way to purify is through this simple principle: pure thoughts and words (the mental body), moving from emotions to feeling (the emotional body), pure actions, kind loving deeds (the physical body) and listening to our Divine guidance within pure Source connection (the spiritual body).

15. Should I console a psychic medium for guidance? Who can give me advice on my path? How do I decide?

Everyone needs to know first, that psychic energy is not the same as spiritual energy. There are also many levels of psychic energy, as there are many levels of the astral planes. If we seek guidance from a psychic, we will not get the highest guidance that can only come from within us and our own experiences that we are meant to distill Wisdom from. Intuitive empaths work in a way to connect to our energy and feel our Being, and so they can work with us and help us to connect to our own inner guidance. Our authentic inner guidance is always of the Divine. But we are not always in alignment with it because of our disability to connect to higher planes of reality. What psychics often do, is that they hear things or get visions (clairvoyance) and this often comes from the astral planes, which has nothing to do with the highest spiritual energy. There are many levels of reality and on our path to becoming a spiritual sovereign we need to be able to develop integrity and discernment. Psychics can tell us certain outcomes or possibilities and give us advice on what to do and what shall happen in the future. That is very limiting, since no one knows our future, because we constantly create it. We create our own reality. This is the difference between a psychic reading or higher guidance to help to connect us with our inner Truth. The choice is ours, of course. When choosing to listen only to ourselves, we connect with our Self as much to know the next step, always living in the Now. Guidance for our highest good will always be focused in the Now. And remember that no step can never be wrong or bad. Whatever we decide is okay, because all is for greater learning and spiritual growth. So yes, we are the only One who can make decisions on our path. Advice is the old energy of manipulation and control, which is fear. We already have all the answers within us. Eventually everyone needs to learn how to connect to their own Soul and not take external advice, because everyone is on their individual journey and particular level of awareness. Trusting our inner guidance, our Heart and gut feelings are our best source of direction. This is following the middle path, full of Divine signs, synchronicity and confirmations. The path of within is not always easy, because there will always be many outer obstacles that may test your trust and faith, but it is a much rewarding one, because You get to feel your Soul and remember who You are. Keep up the good work of Self remembrance, it is the only way to Divine Love, and Love is all there is, and we are it!

I hope these basic explanations help You on your path to embodying Divine Truth in Divine Love!