Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My sacred spaces

Dear Beloveds!

I AM gladly announcing that the hyper Polona Aurea Dawn is back ... after a few days of personal retreat and some hiking. Yeah, baby! My life is that of constant devotion to selfless service, so I need to constantly balance myself within. This is how I can better be of service, through being whole and balanced/integrated and grounded. My Love has expanded yet again. I AM my New shifted Self again, and the whole world is wonderful. full speed ahead!!! I AM lately guided to retreat more, and this is what Spirit is currently showing me for all of us. When we retreat into our personal sacred spaces, we open ourselves to the New all the more, and we can hear inner voice of the Soul louder and clearer. I have many of such of sacred spaces and they mean the world to me. I AM the happiest child of All That Is!

I love my sacred spaces so much! I have many of them, but one of them is really special to me. It is full of thorns, wild bushes, rocks and stones "growing" in circles, which shows a very deep Stillness of the Mother and Spirit Presence. Not everyone is allowed to enter there, and not a foot of a Human enters but me. This is where I found my perfect spot where I can be alone, do my Elven singing, speak Light language and record my Ascension video updates within the New! 

This is a sacred space where I like to sit and meditate, speak Light language and sing Elven songs of Creation. It is very special indeed. There are thorns all around the area, and it's very bushy and mysterious. There are also stones that are placed in a circle, covered with moss and everything looks rather magical. Butterflies fly around all the time, and birds are singing like crazy. My sacred Mountain beach is just a few meters down below. I always speak first and sing second, and I usually get certain keywords that are very crucial in the particular Now moment. I then sometimes use these sacred words in toning, and I was recently guided to do it as follows!

Firstly, the sacred word used for the toning needs to come through Spirit, so this is a fully intuitive process. Secondly, the sound is to be repeated/chanted through each chakra, all the way up to Source, so we can go from our base to our crown, expanding through the Higher Heart/the seat of the Soul ... and move into the higher realms/ethereal chakras. We can do this from levels 1-12/13, but we do not count mentally, we count only through feeling, so it's all about awareness in deep Presence. This is not a mental process and it needs to be approached with great reverence. Then we chant these words while going through each chakra (possibly imagining the color as well), and each time we raise the frequency of the toning/height a bit, until we reach a very high octave. Do not worry about how high You can go, for it's always in perfect Divine alignment with your natural process. When we move into the higher octaves, the energy will begin to swirl around and we will be able to see lots of colors an movement through our inner vision. This is always such a magical experience. Let me know how it feels to You, if You are guided to do it as well! 

Lately I was working with my sacred Mountain stones a lot. I wasn't just creating Soul Art with them, I was also using them as Spirit messages. I saw everything I needed to in them, always in perfect Divine timing. I went hiking to my favorite Mountain valley a while ago, and I was happy to see some of the snow melting already. I was able to thoroughly scan the Mountain beach and I found these amazing shinny stones that are full of tiny sparkles that shine in the Light. I also used them in my Elven crystal wands! So much is yet to be created! Pure Divine potential! I AM already on to my next project ... crystal attunements/grids on canvas on sacred Mountain stones, which are also paintings.

But one of my favorite creations I was doing so far are my Elven crystal wands. This was a big project indeed and I was focused on it with all of my Heart. I already created a collection of Magical 7 for myself, and they are of unique designs. They have lots of Elven symbols, some crystals and my sacred Mountain stones. The rest is just Beauty anchored in the physical.

I dedicated a whole week to these wands, and it was right when the Moon was in the sign of Aries, which is all about action and drive. Aries is a fire sign, and my wands represent the energy of Fire/Spirit. Now our Venus is in Aries, and the creative energy drive is back ... full speed ahead!!! When I was making these wands, I was sitting outside all day, creating a unique design for them and discovering my own techniques, playing with different ideas, trying them out and having fun. I also activated them on my Mountain beach, and I received Elven language for them. 

This is how I activated the wand as I was guided to put it into a triangle formation. I was as happy as a magical child! The Light beautifully touched the wand and it made it sparkle from within! I AM a perfectionist, and I take time with all of my creations so that they are just right. My sacred spaces assist me with this. The energy of the New Moon was perfect for this ... and I was tuning into the Great Void and bringing a new aspect of the Divine into my life!

I was creating on my Mountain beach all days long. I found a perfect new spot, and it was so perfect for that experience. Boy, what amazing days I have on my beach ... each one so unique! Definitely one of the best ones of my life! I AM just so connected to the stones and the mineral kingdom. When we create in the New, the energy should represent a higher sense of Joy and upliftment through simple inner Magic. This is how I choose to live my life in the New, and each day I do something (or more of it) that amplifies this and anchors it in the physical through Soul alignment. This is how I bring a higher-dimensional energy into this living existence and how I integrate my Soul. 

My Mountain beach and my Soul Art can keep me busy all day long, as my life is simple, detached and Nature based! I love to spend my days just walking or running, creating something in Nature, speaking/singing Elven/Light language, etc. This is just my daily living reality. (winks) Our reality always reflects our inner state of Being.

Lately I AM also truly guided to expand in Light language and other higher dimensional forms of expression. How to anchor higher frequency on this plane of Existence through Light language? Recently I shared about higher dimensional forms of communication and Self expression that are now being utilized by us and through us, which is those of us who are guided to tune into the New and the Way of Nature in perfect harmony and inner/outer bliss. I shared about Light language and songs, and I was asked to speak it publicly. I have to say that this doesn’t go like this. It is an intimate experience of Divine remembrance and tuning into our Soul awareness in each Now moment and each step of the Way. It is how my Soul is being of service by offering a higher expression of Light that emanates from me at the time being. The more conscious that we become of our personal emanations, the more we anchor in the New on all levels of Being!

Each moment already holds the highest Divine potential for us, and we have only to tune into it and then use it in a manner of Divine service. For me speaking Light language or singing it doesn’t have to do anything with showing off and speaking it publicly. It has to do with devotion to the path of service of the Beloved I AM, within Oneness of All That Is. The higher forms of Being that we become, the higher and more refined our Self expressions will radiate as well, and so it’s important that we stay focused on the internal component that is always Divine service through Divine Love. I AM not guided to share how I do it, but I will share examples of how we can all do it, as simply and naturally as this is for us on a Soul level. And remember ... each language and each experience will be different and perfectly unique. Don’t be afraid to step into these higher realms yourself, and usher in something brilliant and perfectly unique! You are the One! You know the Way! 

How to further anchor the New? I have the best days when I AM actually playing all day long. This is what happens when our purpose begins to feel lighter and smoother, and we see everything as a play. I will give You an example of a really beautiful and simple day. First I went for a run and as I stopped by one of my perfect spots to meditate, I was guided to create a tiny house made out of natural materials instead. It was so fun that only my rumbling stomach made me return back home. It was so much fun, and my house was so cute that I didn't wanna leave it alone. I felt like a little kid who uses only his/her imagination to create. This is what we are guided into Now ... to focus on simple joys and random inspirations, which are not truly random anyway. They activate an immense hyper flow of Bliss, and this opens our channels of Joy ... and Joy instantly raises our frequency. And You know that when we raise our frequency, the Whole does so as well, for it's all One. And since nothing is random, this miniature house is holding the space for the real life size house that I wish to create one day.

It all begins as an inner Heart longing/desire of Soul. A while ago I got this little Heart pendant, as a gift that accompanied one of my orders from abroad. It has a Bible quote that is a number 27, which is the number of my Beloved/Divine Reunion. I always see this number everywhere, so I was happy to see this, and I AM already used to it by now ... and know that it's nothing random. The back of the Heart pendant says: "With all my Heart." This is how the Beloved loves ... with all of the Heart and in deep wholeness and Unity.

Remember ... Source/God/All That Is in the details! This is how we feel it! Divine messages and synchronicities are everywhere ... we just need to learn to notice and observe them!

Each day in my sacred space holds a specific energy of focus for me, and they are so unique. One of these days was all about the perfect balance of the Yin Yang reflected in the black/white polarity. I created some new stone Light grids that I added to my Light grids page on my Art Blog!

The Mountain beach where I spend a lot of my time has both black and white stones, so it's very harmonious and balanced. A whole ago I was guided to spend more time there, and create a huge sign that says "You are not alone." This way when someone walks by it on the path above the beach, they might read it consciously or subconsciously and not feel so alone on this planet, which is how many people still feel. Share your Divine remembrance with others in your own unique way ... You never know what impact it might have on others!

This was another busy/creative day on my Mountain beach, and my passionate pursuits totally sucked me into a powerful Vortex of Divine Love. I created this huge sign that says "You are not alone!" I was guided to do this by Spirit, which showed me how to do it and where. It stands on a location where people can easily notice it and take it into their Hearts. Or they might think that the ET's did it! You are never alone ... there is so much Love everywhere and consciousness is vast!

I always find so many interesting things in Nature and all of my sacred spaces. I see faces, shapes and Spirit messages in my stones. This is my favorite finds so far, although there are so many to choose from! I wanted to chill out and relax on my beach, but my Soul guided me to get up and browse for special stones. I barely got up, when I saw this perfect stone ball of perfect white color lying on the ground. I picked it up, showed it to my mother, and she grabbed it like a little child. We both totally loved it and played with it, and it's already resting safely in my "Aurea" bag of my most precious items. 

I also found a perfectly white empty snail shell, which was resting alongside another colored one that was broken. Soul message; the old is done and over with ... New Life is here .. expect change! I found many other ones just like it at this time. They are all messengers of the spiral of Spirit and the White Light of Creation.

I found the most precious Golden feather as well, and it was by the most random act, as I was trimming the thorny bushes on the beach to prepare it for creating stone grids. This baby is perfect for my personal Soul frequency, so I already added it to my sacred "Aurea"/Golden bag. 

Do You wish to know what is in my sacred "Aurea" bag? This is my personal Golden-White bag that acts as my lucky charm wherever I go. I added my most precious items in it, and I take it with me on my spontaneous Nature trips. It holds that which is most sacred to me, and it means more to me than anything "valuable." The beauty of Life is in the details and magical things that make our Heart skip a beat!

Here are the items in my bag; a shinny/sparkly holed stone that I found by the river of my favorite Mountain valley to anchor my connection with the Mountains, my Elven pendulum (self made) for fun, my favorite crystal with the opposing "V" shape (representing "Aurea/Aureon" Soul Spark), a golden bead ring that came as a gift in mail (representing sacred marriage/union), a Heart pendant with the Beloved message and energy to carry my Divine Reunion number of 27, my personal charm bracelet "Aurea" (self made), and now I also added a white stone ball to play with and a tiny golden feather for Spirit connection.

So far I have many totems in the bag, but it doesn't end there ... as I always find something new and exciting ... which I will continue to add to the goodies inside. I love the Magic of Life so much! 

I always find amazing messenger stones. This stone really called me to take its photo on my Mountain beach. Each messenger stone shows different things to different observers. For me this one ushers in a lot of fire energy, which was perfect for the time of our Sun in Aries, and the Aries New Moon ... which was so when I found it. It is also in alignment with the orange band of color in the middle. There is balance with this, and there is also a tiny Heart on the right. There are two figures just above it, flying in their purpose together

Lately I only see Hearts and perfect balance reflected in Nature's harmony. I also see many triangles, which represent Unity and wholeness. This is only a mirror of my own inner state of Being. When our inner polarities are whole and complete, we become a Master of Self integration! 

Everything in Creation holds a message for us, and it comes to us through our awareness/perception of the Soul.

My sacred spaces make me create silly things as well. It is good to have fun this way. This is the tiny house that I made. How does it feel? It still stands there, by the way!
Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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