What is my purpose as an Ascension Pioneer?


My main purpose is to just Be within my Sovereign Master Domain and usher in a higher frequency that is seeding onto this planet as it shifts into a new vibration. Apart from Being and living a simple Nature based Life, I established a network for all the Ascension Pioneers! The network was established in 2011 through Divine guidance. It was a unique way of being called to extend and expand loving service through sharing and building a Community of fellow pioneering Souls. 

Who are Ascension Pioneers? We are wayshowers, Ascension guides, Pillars of Divine Light, etc., but mostly we are Beings who are here to embody Divine Love. We are guided to share ourselves in such a way to infuse this realm with Divine Love as we share the Truth as it is within the Law (Love) of One. We are here to share the Light of the Truth! We are here to be this Truth embodied!

The thing is, as Ascension Pioneers, we needed to go through everything first and alone through many Spirit initiations. That is why this Ascension path sometimes seemed rather alone, but never lonely. We needed to go through our own experiences, from within to without in order to integrate our Self mastery. This way, we are energetically paving the way for others, those who decided on a Soul level, to go through it at this time. And who better to do this first, than those who have done it before?! Those who have a pact with Mother Gaia and Humanity, who are here to awaken and assist others in their own awakening. The Time is Now and I know why I AM here. I have remembered. Did You? 

We are in this intense process together, although the shift is mainly happening within. The bond that we share continues to build a strong web of Divine Love, Trust and Faith, which anchors a feeling of Home called Divine remembrance. We are here to reunite and help each other remember, and through this process, we get to naturally trigger the shift from within to without. This is all occurring spontaneously and without any need for control. There is no need for us to do anything special and specific other than surrendering to Being and focusing on our authentic Divine Self. There is no need to push, to do and to control, because everything is happening naturally. The only required magic is being true to ourselves and sharing our Light within a field of Divine Love.

You are more than welcome to join me on this beautiful Journey of Ascension. I AM here to share my Ascension journey with You in this Community. So feel free to browse through and connect with me and the Community of Ascension Pioneers. You are eternally embraced in this field of co-creation within Divine Love that we truly are! If You wish to receive more guidance about Ascension and Self mastery and personal empowerment, then Ascension Pioneers is the right place for You!

"Polona Aurea Dawn started following this path of Spirit after she published her first automatic writing from Spirit called "Ascension Pioneers" in 2011. It was a writing she did about herself and the path that she is on. It was like a personal confession or a testimony of the New pathway. Shortly after she published it, she kept receiving more guidance about this and her inner Spirit knowing started resurfacing. That went on up until the point that she was almost "pushed" into sharing it publicly with everyone. This was intensified after many dreams, and one specific one where she was shown how she is embodied here to assist a very specific group of ascending Souls. So basically, that is how she started with Ascension Pioneers Network. In the Summer of 2011, Ascension Pioneers got its Facebook page with the same name and shortly after that, a YouTube channel with video blogs was launched in August. The messages started spreading quite nicely, and Ascension Pioneers was reaching so many individuals and connecting with so many beautiful people all around the world. It is a "platform" based on Divine Love, Spirit awareness, wisdom and empowerment through freedom and joy of Being. The general vision is to connect Ascension Pioneers all over the world in a Community and spread the message of Divine Love and Spirit awareness in these intense times of awakening and Self empowerment. There is an intense quickening process present on the planet right now, due to grander Universal cycles and alignments. That is why we are undergoing a rapid awakening within this shift of consciousness. Because of that, the vision for Ascension Pioneers is to provide an "archive" of Spirit knowing for all the awakening Ascension Pioneers out there. This knowing is eternal and shared within the Light of the Truth and Divine Principles of Creation. Our path is that of Truth, and that is why Ascension Pioneers wish to assist others in their own Divine remembrance of the Self, so they can remember who they truly are as well. The ascending pathway is to let the Divine remembrance spread out as we are expanding in our Souls!"

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn