Thursday, September 24, 2015

The powerful culmination Eclipse & Twin Gateway

Dear Beloveds!

We are moving into a culmination and new creative potential through the Eclipse Gateway! The Twin Gateway is coming into a completion! Recently many of us Ascension Pioneers were faced with new choices and opportunities, and for that to be truly experienced in the times to come, we needed to let go of the past, our old ways of behaving and our self limiting patterns and ideas! That is why our Soul created the kind of situations that showed us where we still hold fears, projections and assumptions, so that we could fully liberate ourselves and step into the New! We recently went through a mental clearing that got us out of an old spinning wheel and into a new creative cycle! The powerful culmination Eclipse that we are moving through holds the potential to be a powerful game changer!!!

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Our ascending Group Soul

Dear Beloveds!

It's so good to be back from my seaside Holiday and here with all of You again! It feels like I never left anyway, for my Heart is always within Divine service to my fellow Ascension Pioneers!!! In these upcoming days I will be preparing much new material for my expanded work of service ... looking forward to this current Mercury retrograde phase ... it's indeed a huge blessing of the Divine, so that we can keep up with all that is shifting and prepare for his first ascending wave!!! We are currently moving through a rapid acceleration phase, which can feel like a powerful culmination, the coming together and the unification with our true ascended Self as we are in the higher density/ethereal template. This "homecoming" might feel very expansive and overwhelming at first, but we are simply moving through the first ascending wave of Light, and it's all occurring very naturally because it's the pathway of our organic personal and planetary Ascension.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Living the Law of Grace

Dear Beloveds!

The the keyword at this time is "Allowing Grace." Grace is the Law of Life, which is the Law of Love. Divine Love always flows through the sacred Breath of the Holy Spirit, and it moves all Life in Creation in most beautiful and profound ways, through constant expansion of the infinite Soul. Living the Law of Life means that we always live in the flow of our authentic Soul, always reaping what we have sown, and always living in the infinite Presence of knowing that we are Divine Sparks of All. The more that we live through the Law of Grace, the more Love we will feel and vice versa. Grace is not something that we have to earn or become, as a natural state of Grace already and always Is, and is the reason behind all things that are of Love, and is the Essence of all that is alive with the sacred Breath of Holy Spirit.

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

The path of a Divine Lover

Dear Beloveds!

Our whole planet is going through a balancing stage at this time, and this affects all life upon it! Our messenger planet Mercury also entered the sign of Libra, the archetype of balance and harmony! The pendulum is swinging from left to right, and sometimes we might feel this as extremes of polarity playing themselves out in our realities! We move from left to right as well, feeling intense feelings of elevation and then we come down to Earth again! We need to trust that this is all a part of a much greater planetary and Cosmic process! We also just had the Pisces Full Moon at the end of August, setting the tone for the month of September. This was a super Moon that will bring us many new spiritual insights and revelations! Life just isn't how it used to be anymore, but that is perfect and just how it needs to Be! A lot of us are Earth Angels who belong to the celestial Realms, and Now we are bringing this Light of illumination to this planet and all Life on it! We are a part of this intrinsic balancing act, for we are this balance of perfected polarities ... Inside out! This is the path of a Divine Lover!