Tuesday, October 29, 2013

My path of Joy

Dear Beloveds!

I love my adventures outside in Nature. When I give myself this Soul treatment, I can never fail myself. Climbing on my personal tree companion, drawing out in the Sun, meeting new animal companions, hiking and walking barefoot on a sandy Mountain beach ... all of that and so much more is now a part of my daily/constant experience. Joy is my constant companion, and although some people would want me to speak about the old, like purging, symptoms, clearing and lower emotions, I simply cannot. It is not my purpose anymore. It would not be authentic to who I AM, because that is simply no longer a part of my reality. 

I have ascended into a Higher state of Being and living my life, so the only way that I can serve All That Is, is to remain in these higher vibrations. Service to Grace of the Divine does not mean to lower our vibration in order to feel closer to others or them feeling closer to us. It is allowing ourselves to embody the vibratory state that we Exist within, and to show the Way to others ... to those who also wish to ascend. Ascension is not a given, and I AM a pure example of that. It is a conscious choice and a constant task of raising our vibration and walking through our Spirit initiations. The old world is no longer my reality, and I AM sorry if that makes some people disappointed. But the only true disappointment is when we disappoint ourselves, and I AM not willing to go down that road, for it's simply not my personal choice.

I choose to embody only Grace of the Divine, purity and innocence of my childlike Soul and the wisdom of my Higher Self! There is nothing I desire more than complete and utter personal freedom. Here are some of the things that bring me the most Joy!

I always have amazingly beautiful days in Nature, especially while feeling that Divine inspiration deep from within. Each day we are lighter, more radiant and glowing in our authentic Presence. The more that we allow ourselves to be free, the brighter we shine. Each day outside, I discover a new corner of inspiration, and this is how I found this perfect sandy beach. I simply had to go barefoot and enjoy the gentle pulsations of the Love that this planet holds for all Life on it!

I love to enjoy a session of passionate dancing. This is perfect for honoring the sacred void, the dark womb of the Divine Mother, which gives birth to all Life in Creation. It is not just meditation or sitting in quiet pondering, that activates the Soul energy within us. There are many ways to awaken the sacred, and dancing is perfect for the rise of the sacred feminine, which is giving life to a whole new way of Being here on our planet. This deep and intrinsic connection is so important, and especially Now when we are in a deep void ... right before the completion of one cycle and entering a new one. When I dance, I don't even have a distinct style, and I could not even label it. All I know is that it's a an awakening of the passion of my Soul. When I dance, I just feel my Soul guiding my every move, each one more unplanned and deeper. I lose a sense of thoughts and all that is happening elsewhere. It's just me and my Soul. When I dance, I really feel like the Queen that I AM, and this way I honor the Divine feminine inside me and in all Life. It doesn't matter how often I do it, as long as it's completely guided and surrendered. What matters is the intensity of feeling when I do it. You need to know that it starts with You. So how do You honor the void of the sacred feminine?  

I receive many messages in the objects that I photograph, including myself. For me, pictures are beyond words, because it is easier to just feel the energy of their message while not being distracted by physical language. Lately the messages which I AM receiving are all so unanimous. The message of Divine passion constantly accompanies me, and it follows me wherever I go. It is in the luscious scents that come towards me, it's in the amazing Nature's gifts, and in the intensity of deep inner feeling. Divine passion is when we turn simple longing into something much more profound and inspirational! When longing turns into Divine creativity, we are being in service to All That Is! Do You see the message of the sacred Union within this Nature's fruit? The Union of the two within One? And they are birthing something New!  

I have many crystals companions, and a lot of them come to me as gifts from others. I took a picture of this amazing piece of crystal which a Divine companion sent me from USA. Do You see the praying priest? It is an amazing crystal companion to have as a company. I like to take my crystals with me on my Nature adventures, what about You?

I enjoy creating powerful stone mandalas/grids. It's time to Be creative in all ways, not just the ones we are already used to. It is time to open new doors, portals to new dimensions and ways of Existence. It is time to let everything flow, so if You haven't opened the doors yet ... go ahead! This is the sacred yin/yang stone mandala, which I created on a sandy beach that I recently discovered. I decided to make it even prettier, with this constant flow of the Divine feminine and masculine, the perfect dance of harmonious perfection! This is how I leave my "footprints" of beauty everywhere.

Lately I AM beginning to draw and paint again. Meet "The Lovers," my new drawing which I recently created outside in Nature. They are an Elven/Angelic couple who are here to serve All That Is! The Lovers archetype in tarot can mean many things, and one of the simplest messages here is to fall back in love with Life itself! And then Life becomes our constant Lover, and we are in a Divine/sacred relationship with everything and everyone! I can't wait to paint it soon!

There are so many messages in the sky, which we can see in deep silence/pondering outside in Nature. The Divine speaks to us everywhere and in everything. It's time to play that game we like to play again! Tune into this image to deepen your inner guidance and what it's conveying to You. There are always messages in the sky, and today the clouds were looking especially amazing towards the evening, as they captured the Sun and created an opening right after. It was just after I was playing with the energy emanating from my palms, trying to create a passage way. So I see a wizard on the left, playing with the wizard's fire! And what do You see in the sky today? Whatever You see is perfect for You at this time, and it's a message that your Soul is sending You!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

P.S. Here is my newest video on the subject of Higher states of Being: