Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Calling all Divine Lovers: It's time to live!!!

Dear Beloveds!

What is occurring Now for many of us is a most sacred calling for so many of us. We are feeling the deepest longings of our Soul to finally fully rise up to the surface, so that our vertical alignment of Soul can stretch our an expand into our horizontal experiences! A lot of us are here as Divine Lovers of Life, which means that we operate through the Beloved Essence of magnetism, creating new potentials and pathways for Humanity through simply loving so purely and unconditionally on our own path and sharing with others. Our New Earth partnership will be created from that very Core, no longer from the old ways of relating. As a Divine Lover, our Love is fierce and feline, touching everything that we come into contact with. We love with the absolute "parenting" Love of the Divine motherhood/fatherhood, painting a bright new future for Humanity and the New Earth. We are simply working our magic and sacred alchemy by planting our feet into the earth, creating ripple effects of true unconditional Love wherever we go and whoever our Love touches, magically and spontaneously.

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We are the Cosmic dreamers and Universal citizens! Divine Lovers are those who are never afraid to take risks, who ride the Divine waves of freedom and opportunity, knowing how to co-create with the New energy as the "children" of the new generation guided only through the One Cosmic Heart of Unity, always implementing our inner Hero. Many of us are known as indigo, crystal, rainbow and diamond children of the new Divine decree for our Heaven on Earth. We are here to love freely and unconditionally, without boundaries and with a deep reverence for the force of Divine creativity! The New Lovers are the magicians and alchemists of this world, the New leaders of what is becoming a New Humanity! We are here, and our mission is to Be Love and serve only Love. Such is the Great Divine plan in action! We have many new steps and chapters ahead of us, so it's time to prepare and rise up!

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With this new initiative, You can Now support me on PATREON here! This New Creation cycle and co-creation wave requires more conscious participation from all of us, and sharing the resources which we are individually best at. For me personally, that is sharing Ascension guidance of Holy Spirit and that is why as a Being I require additional support in other life areas, within our One Group collective. As I AM stretching out and expanding further within my projects for serving the Light of Unity (within the greater good), I AM also requiring greater support and resources. Thank You for your support in advance!!!

Many of us (especially "volunteer Souls") are Now moving into our "horizontal" Ascension, which means that all of the vertical integration we have been preparing with, has served its purpose as we open a new gateway Now. Through this process, we are strongly and magnetically being guided to break through our Heart's energetic "ovoid" of Light that served as a powerful shield when we were still moving into the New integration. For a lot of us Now a time comes when this ovoid of Light is no longer necessary, and with that release, a new activation takes place, that of the intimate sacred Heart of a Cosmic Lover. The first key to opening our intimate Heart is admitting and sharing all of our feelings with ourselves, so that we can do the same within the dance with another!

In our precious physical Ascension, the whole of us wants to come out and play, not just pieces and parts, so we are to embrace all of our Human experiences as One and rejoice ... celebrating who we truly are in all ways, in all multidimensional forms! We celebrate simply by no longer resisting the flow of the New energy Creatrix! We are the Ones who have been co-creating this since the very beginning!

We are not here to ascend just vertically, for You see ... in a way we already did that before! We are all coming from Source, and Now our vertical Ascension meets the horizontal nature of our Creation Self, which is the infinitely expanding nature of our supreme Being! We are here to plant the seeds of the Garden of Eden, moving beyond the old and anchor the enlightened Human form in deep appreciation for Life, becoming as Life itself, always moving and creating anew! We are here as awakening children in Divine remembrance, remembering our Primordial Essence, returning to original Purity as being playful, childlike and infinitely creative, drinking that Divine nectar of pure sweetness!

We are here to cherish life and each other, and live to our maximum potential, as our every Now moment is pure Magic and Bliss. Many of us are the so-called "New kids" who are here as the first wave of complete freedom in Human form, the Adams and Eves of our New Age! Yes, we have heard the great calling, and we are being summoned up! We are answering, we are rejoicing and we are ready to eat of Life with the big spoon Now, drinking from the most delicious chalice ever! Go out and about, claim your first prize and don't feel guilty or doubtful about it for one single moment! You can do it, it's your destiny, and it's our collective legacy to the generations to come! New Earth, our precious Home!

We are entering into a profound wave of the enlightened Heart knowing! Many beings around the planet are Now ready to experience rapid awakening and contemplative epiphanies! A prayer might come true, a reflection might be suddenly revealed, and a miracle presenting itself! The paths of the Great One are mysterious, and although none of us can fully comprehend "The One" who calculates everything with complete precision of the Great Divine Plan of Perfection, we feel it when our Hearts are completely open to Love. That is how we experience the Great One moving through us, accompanying us with the Life Force and making love with Life through us, Beings of the most profound Creation! As we allow for Life to remain the most profound mystery, we will learn to see everything as One giant Miracle ... the Miracle of Love!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn

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