Sunday, October 20, 2013

Everything is intertwined

Dear Beloveds!
We are always protected and everything is deeply intertwined. Here are a few short anecdotes about this. We remember the most through direct experience. This is how we grow and expand. This weekend I wanted to climb the highest Mountains again, in the perfect alignment with the time of the Full Moon, which is usually a time for me to head out into the magical world of Mountain portal energy.

I knew there was snow in the high Mountains, covering the highest peaks ... but I felt that it will be okay, and that all will turn out just fine. I only head out into the Mountains when it feels right from within. I trust! I did not even take my winter gear with me this time. I had a beautiful experience walking all along, but when the icy snow began, it began to feel quite challenging. At that time, I invoked my Elven assistance and ask them to help keep me safe. Guess what? When I came to a certain passage on the ridge, there was a boy standing there. He was eating his sandwich, saying that he won't climb to the top, because there is simply too much ice and snow, and that it feels too dangerous for him.

His friend already climbed to the top, and I was able to see him standing there from afar. I wanted to go on the top, because I wished to return via another route that is less difficult, and so I needed to get to the top to reach that destination. I went ahead, but very shortly I came across a quite challenging part. I yelled to the boy behind me: "Are You sure that You are not going up?" I said that I could use some help ... someone to hold my hand so I could climb up. Without hesitation, he agreed, and he climbed towards me. Funny how things work fast if we have proper motivation! His friend came a bit further down as well, and so he asked him to climb to the top as well. I was actually the reason for this, so at the end, all of us climbed to the peak together. They were my Divine intervention that I needed, and they needed me to trigger them as well, so they could return through the other route as well. We were the only hikers that day, besides two extremists.

Sometimes we still cannot believe how everything is beautifully intertwined and perfectly aligned, if only we trust. I never ever felt unsafe in the Mountains. My inner knowing always guided me to the safest conditions and everything always turned out great. There were moments of subtle panic at times, but Divine assistance always came through for me. Everything is always in Divine order in timing. I always head out into the Mountains for a bigger purpose, not the usual adrenaline rush that most wish to experience ... and I know that I AM always protected within that greater purpose behind my travels.

After all, I had a pretty pleasant mountaineering experience in the end, and my Divine safety was once again shown to me. I AM always Divinely guided and protected, and so are You!

Talking about the experience of how everything is beautifully interconnected and intertwined! This time, the story comes from my mother. After we moved here, we noticed this man who was always sitting outside (in front of his house) on his wheelchair. Our neighbor told us that he used to be a farmer, and then he lost his legs, so now he was sad and depressed because he could not work anymore. We started greeting him, and then my mother began to talk to him each time she saw him on her Nature walks.

A few days ago, this man died. My mom instantly had this profound inner knowing, that his Soul was waiting for Her to come. When she spoke to him, she always told him nice things and how everything is not as it seems, how we are Souls and life has no end. One time she noticed him rushing towards her on his crutches, just to catch up with her, so that he would not miss her. This really moved me deep from within. She always spoke to him through love and compassion, reminding him of the beauty of who he truly is. Even though he probably did not consciously know it, his Soul felt it, and so it was able to leave this plane of Existence in peace and deeper remembrance. He was waiting for Her to exit this life in peace, which he obviously found at last.

I had tears in my eyes when she told me this story and when she told me that he died. I had this deep inner knowing as well, of how all is connected, and how we play these "Angels in disguise" roles for each other. No matter what they are on the surface, they are always serving a grander purpose in Truth ... behind the scenes. This is the space where we need to listen only with our Hearts ... widely expanded.

Don't You ever think that your life is not important and that You don't matter. Everyone serves a bigger purpose, and the surface of things can never reveal the whole Truth, so we need to go deeper. Remember that You are perfect just as You are, and that You are playing a bigger role than You could ever imagine. But also, that with each further awareness, that role deepens and expands even more. I see the beauty in my mother's Soul and I see it in You as well! You are perfect just as You are ... and You are enough ... just by Being You!

And talking about transcendental experiences! On one of my hikes these days, I came to the top of this hill, which is covered with grass and the meadows are very wide. I could not believe my eyes when I saw that beauty, but at the same time the landscape also reminded me of something else ... like another place and time. The stone ruins reminded me of remnants of an ancient temple or something. I felt like I was taken somewhere else in consciousness. Later I mentioned this to my friend, and she painted a picture of it with the temple and everything ... and it was simply beautiful.

We are expanding so much, and with that expansion, we are tuning into other multidimensional parts of us. In that same time, I was overflown by this amazing feeling that cannot be described, and a part of me said out loud: "Wow, such a tiny part of me walks this Earthly plane at this time, and yet it's so sacred and important." What a bliss to be able to feel such a profound expansion!

I AM wondering about your own personal multidimensional and interconnected experiences!

Please feel free to share!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn