Thursday, October 10, 2013

My Elven crowning

Dear Beloveds!

I AM going through a deep Soul merge at this time. My inner quest is deeper every day, and I AM on a magical journey that I can simply not put into words or try to define it. It is merely about observing one mystical experience after another taking place within this grand unveiling/unfolding and the becoming of the New. At this point, it got completely personal and intimate, and so I AM not guided to report about it in videos as of yet. Everything comes in perfect Divine timing!

This is what I experienced today. In the morning, a beautiful Elven voice speaking Elven language woke me up. It was absolutely amazing, and as I woke up, very distinct words were ringing in my ears. They were so pure and so tangible, so I grabbed my notebook and quickly wrote the sentence down. As I was waking up, it was already beginning to fade, but it was the clearest voice I have ever heard, and my gift was never clairaudience (hearing). But this was crystalline clear and very distinct! They are really calling me out at this point. I had to write down what the Being said to me, as she wanted me to wake up, so I could remember and write it down, which I did. Like I said, she had the most gentle and soft feminine voice I ever heard, and there was music playing in the background as well. It was Elven, but even higher and more vibrant that in the "Lord of the Rings" movies. The voice echoed in my ears for quite a while, and I could listen to it still, but when I got up, it naturally faded. The words are now written down, although they do not carry the same intensity as in that altered state. I will continue to speak them out loud as I go deeper into my Self. I was also told, that it means something like: "Welcome, the Queen of the Light." It was a clear telepathic transmission.

I feel this is connected with my experience from last night. I was watching a movie that Spirit guided me to see. The movie ended with a princess being crowned as a Queen. I had no clue about this prior to watching it, I just knew it was guidance, and I followed it. And this is what my guidance is showing me now, a princess who becomes the Queen, and her ancient golden wisdom is sealed into this existence. I keep being shown Gold ... in all. In the movie, she was so pure and innocent, and I cried each time they said this. At the end of the movie they yelled three times: "Hail the Queen!" This is so interestingly aligned, because I just received my first Elven crown a day prior to that, and it was much symbolic for my own personal crowning ritual.

So I AM swimming in this field of inner feeling that cannot be explained Now, and it started with the Equinox portal opening. Actually, it really began intensely on last Sunday, when I saw a video from this woman speaking about the Elven Queen returning, the Elven language and the origin from the Pleiades. At this point, my dream from last winter comes into play. There was a tall feminine Being present, stroking me on my face, and she kept repeating to me several times: "Never forget that You are a Princess!" She was so loving and gentle. At first, I did not make any sense of it, although I knew I was actually visited. I wasn't even awakened to my Elven Essence yet, and they actually wanted me to wake up. They began reminding me strongly then, as I was also guided to watch "LOTR" movies all over again. The dream really made me feel so at Home, so comfortable and safe in my inner knowing and remembrance. They also told me, when I asked who they were, that they are my Family of Light from the Pleiades. The woman's video confirmed everything to me Now, and my Family of Light is making sure that I have no more doubts about it, when they are sending all of this guidance my way. They do not wish for me to hide my Light anymore.

Today I feel guided to draw after such a long time, as I used to draw a lot in the past, and then I just stopped. And my mom is painting my very first personal mandala with the symbol which I received for my New Life name. I AM not even guided to do videos at this time, because it's so deeply intimate and personal for me right now. This is what Spirit wants me to do Now, and I AM to follow.

A golden embrace from Me!

Within Divine Love, Polona