Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The awakening of Magic

Dear Beloveds!

A lot of my inner Spirit guidance is about Magic now. Not just magic of the Now moment, but the actual Magic when we can work with the elements and influence them through our awareness ... which is pure Soul alchemy. Lately, I have been guided to see so many movies that had a topic of Magic in them: The mists of Avalon, Sorcerer's apprentice, Twilight, Legend of the Seeker, etc. In all these movies, it's all about Magic. I feel that this is trying to tell us something. Spirit wants us to awaken our inner abilities through Magic. This is all natural to us, when we activate our Soul codes/memory. This is also connected with much heat/fire being generated through our bodies at this time. Those who feel this, know exactly what I AM talking about.

Something is up in the air, and our Souls desire to awaken the Magic of the ancient Wise Ones ... and You have guessed it ... we are these Ancient knowing Ones ... we are the High Priests and Priestesses! This was also the oracle message that I received today ... the High Priestess. Something deep and ancient desires to awaken and resurface within us. Can You feel it? Awaken the cellular memory of deep Magic! 

A lot of us feel this period as a threshold between the old and the New. The old world doesn't exist for us ascending ones anymore, and the New world is not yet physically here in its full completion. So right now we are in a period of deep void, where we can only live by Magic. It is the only reality that will take us to the next level. Only inner knowing is the Key Now. Our Spirit knowing is strengthening, and because we have entered the New so deeply, we are continuously being shown Spirit guidance of our New higher/future potential. Our lives are New because we are New. A lot of us feel this guidance deeply ... we see it, we taste it, it's as real as it can get, because it's not separate from us.

It is a not a future goal or a destination, because we already embody it and it's only a matter of "time" when it will become a full-time tangible reality. Things are always moving from the ethereal into matter, and Now we can truly survive and thrive purely on Magic! There are signs of the need to awaken this Magic and keep it alive at all times, in all that we do and all that we are ... as the potential for Divine Love embodiment. Keeping the vibration high and Soul aligned makes us live in constant Magic and vice versa. We are each being prepared for something grander on a deep intimate level, where no reason can survive. Only the knowing that the Magic is actually that which is real, will get us through this transition phase.

A lot of us are preparing for deep and lasting Unions, while a lot of others are still tumbling in the dark, looking for something greater outside of themselves. This is not where a true lasting Union truly takes place ... so take a deep look and turn within! This rite of passage is not given ... it's always earned through inner integration and Self embodiment. The Beloved energy lives within us all already! Awaken the Magic!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn 

P.S. Keep the vision alive!