Saturday, October 12, 2013

My New Life portrait

Dear Beloveds!

Recently a New Soul gift was revealed to me through "random" exploration. For a while now, I was asking my best friend who started going to art college and paints a lot, to draw me like she has seen me in one of her visions. The time of her drawing for me never came, and all of a sudden Spirit showed me, that I AM actually to paint myself. So a few days ago, I took a pencil and my sketch book and I began drawing ... it was how I see my Self in the New and it was the vision that came through my own Soul. But the vision was not physical, I was merely sourcing in the moment, and what came out was a beautiful painting of my New Self. And guess what ... the moment I decided to do this, my friend also started to draw me ... a funny synchronicity!

Here is a preview of my painting of my Self, an Elven Queen. It is how it looked like when it was merely a drawing.

And here is the final end result! This is my Elven Self portrait painting that Spirit guided me to create. I used to draw way back, and then I sort of stopped, but this is actually my first real painting. I was kind of surprised that I was able to do it so easily, in perfect flow. But on the other hand not so much, as new Soul Gifts are being revealed to us as we continue to expand on our journey of personal Ascension.

On this painting, You can see me as an Elven queen, dressed in my favorite Magenta Pink, with golden hair, crown and aura, and soft pink veil for compassion and devoted Love. There is silver violet fire in the background, the energy of purification that I AM working with, including the platinum ray (pearl) and 13 golden rays on top, expanding through my violet crown chakra.

This is how it came to me, without any sort of vision, just automatic drawing. You can still let me know what You think of it ... I don't want your opinions, I only operate through feeling. I would love to hear your feedback. Personally, I feel it's not too bad for a newbie!

I already received some wonderful feedback on my new painting work, but I AM guided to share this as well. Being creative comes from our Soul. I AM my Soul embodied Now, and it's my Soul that guides me to express myself in my own unique way, not improvements or techniques. I do not believe in that, for I only believe in uniqueness of the Soul expression through our Soul Essences. And it's already perfect. Today, Spirit showed me that my painting is actually my New Life Self portrait. It is not connected with parallel lifetimes, but the new ascended state we are walking into. And Spirit also showed me, that I have a gift to offer this to others some day. I will see, but for now I will enjoy expanding into my new Soul gift through my unique Soul Essences.

When One expands within the cycles of Creation, he/she has the ability to lift up all Life together with him/her. As One remembers and becomes the pure Divine Light, others can remember as well. Seeds of Divine remembrance are opening the portal for higher awareness and a totally new way of living. It is spreading from inside out, and it extends out like a thoroidal field, reaching further and further. When light and dark are equally balanced, Life can begin a new cycle, and when we reside in that neutral point of Christed awareness and conscious embodiment of it, we move up with Life to that Reality. This is what is happening with this planetary and personal Ascension. Embrace the Divine Light that is beyond light and dark ... it is the Light of the illuminated Truth! I love playing with Light. And I love the Magenta ray of the Higher Heart Essence.

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. Also, here is finally my very own personalized Soul mandala called "Aurea." It supports my New Life and Divine Self embodiment frequency. The symbol within the mandala is the symbol for the matching frequency of my New Life name.

So many people loved their own personalized mandala, which captures our Soul frequency, so I thought it was finally time for me to have my own, by the vision and the symbol that I have received for my New Life name.

If You ever wish to receive your own, write me at:!