Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Beloved

Dear Beloveds!

I would like to dedicate this blog to the Beloved energy. This is something really dear to my Heart, and because I see a lot of confusion about this amongst so many, I would like to dedicate this specifically to a topic of the nature of a Twin Soul, which I call the Beloved energy. And also, because everything happens in two's for me lately. One of the Spirit messages this week was also "Two of cups," which is about relationships and partnerships/unions of all kinds. I received this message quite a few times lately.
Last week I was hiking to a local hill, and I saw these two perfect apples on the floor as I came to the top, and they were just waiting there for me to notice them. Then a ladybug sat on me twice, and blessed me with its presence. This is a repetitive message that there is something greater happening behind the scenes regarding partnership, and it is only a matter of Divine timing for it to be revealed to us. For those of You who feel like You are preparing for a sacred Reunion, know that being patient, observant and surrendered is the Key Now!

What is a beer cork doing on this image, You might ask? It's actually a funny story of how Spirit synchronicity works! This week I was sitting by my Mountain river and I was meditating. For a while now, I have been receiving very strong guidance on preparing for a sacred partnership, a deep and lasting Union with the Beloved. At times, my guidance feels so magical and utterly amazing, that my mind cannot fully grasp on everything that is happening. It seems almost crazy sometimes. So there was this subtle doubt appearing in my mind for a slight second, and I asked Spirit to show me through a sign, that I AM not just imagining this. I shed a few tears of the intensity of my deep Love, and suddenly my eyes were guided to turn left and I looked at the floor. There were remnants of a camp fire there, and obviously they have been drinking by the fire. I was guided to pick up something shinny, and it was a cork, a beautiful golden one. On it says "Berg Konig," which means Mountain King in German language. I could hardly believe, that this is what I saw. I knew it was a sign and a confirmation to leave me in a state of inner knowing that is doubt free and in full Self power! I found a few others, and altogether I found five of them, which is a number of change!

My Mountain King already lives and breathes somewhere, and isn't that something so romantic to feel deep from within? It is only a matter of Divine timing for a Divine partnership to unfold. And how do we truly prepare for such a Divine/sacred Soul reunion in the physical?

Do You know your Beloved? A better question to be asked here, would probably be: "Do You know your own Self?" There are many who will tell You, that we are all One, and that there is no Beloved, because Source Love is all about Being One. But then let me ask You this: "Why are we each so unique?" There are those who will say, that we are our own Beloved, and that there is nothing else. Yes, a part of this is true. We truly are, indeed. But there is a deeper Truth here, one that is only felt by those who know the experience of it. How can You know about something, if You have no experience of it? Wisdom is only born out of knowledge that is sealed through direct experience. And many have forgotten, and they do not know. But everyone does know in their deepest Truth of the Source Self. So in order to know that You also do have a Beloved, You need to remember it through your own Soul. It needs to come through You!

Each Soul is birthed in the same way, through the sacred geometry of how Source creates. Everyone is birthed as a unique and individualized Soul spark with a Twin Soul Essence. This is what the symbol of the vesica piscis represents. There are so many false "truths" and agendas here, and all come from those who do not know. For one who does know, only feels, and they do not need to explain it to anyone. It does not need to be justified. They just know. And they don't need to fight for their Truth, for it is already true, no matter what external appearances wish to make of it. The external world does not have the answers here. Only the internal world does. This is the world of our own birthed Soul. And the Soul knows, and it remembers ... in its own perfect Divine timing. But as long as You still live from the egoic personality self, You cannot fully know. If You embody your Monadic Presence, You do know.

Yes, I AM my own Beloved, and so are You. I AM always whole, and yet ... there is more. We were also birthed as polarized counterparts, mirroring the Divine perfection of the sacred/holy trinity: the father, the mother and the child! And our Twin Soul Essence carries all these aspects, in the three-folded flame that burns inside of our diamond Core Essence. And to know this Truth, we need to be in our Higher Self, and we need to find a perfect balance (neutrality) between the random physical explanations of the sacred union, which often focus around false interpretations that deal with attachment, non understanding and running from our true Self ... and the Truth of our Spirit Self, which is all knowing. In order for us to bring the Truth into our Being, we need to merge Spirit and matter (embody our Self), and finally admit to ourselves this Truth:   

Yes, I AM my own Beloved ... but Yes, there is also more. I also have a Beloved, one who shares my Soul signature in Divine perfection. And it has nothing to do with looking outside of myself, of physical attachment and egoic projections, false fairy tales (illusions of the mind) and wishful thinking. It has to do with the vibrational Truth of who we are. The Beloved is an energy Essence, and it constantly speaks to us when we are open to it. It is an energy of who we are when we are merged/harmonized within our Divine feminine and masculine ... the sacred perfection of both in One. And yes, this Truth can also be anchored in the physical, when I AM spiritually aware, mature and ready for it. It begins when I experience a full Divine Reunion from within."

How do I see this merging of One Soul in the physical? It is so simple and pure, and only the simplicity of this statement tells me everything, because it's about the feeling of inner knowing: "I love my Beloved and my Beloved loves me. Always. Forever. We are One. Period." This knowing instantly brings me back to a state of inner bliss, where it's fully recognized what is truly of importance. Divine Love. Union. Selfless service of that Divine Reunion. Within that awareness, everything else can fall away instantly. If we can hold this space of consciousness, we are definitely ready ... and we surely do know.

The Love of the Beloved is beyond words and thinking/imagination. It is the Love of two lovers who are deeply One, who walk together in everything and can stand together against all the tests of time. Nothing is in their way, because they know that their Love is their true Source and it can dissolve all "obstacles." Their Love therefore always comes first, because Source flows through this Love first. Because of this knowing, they are strong, vigilant and deeply devoted. But mostly, they are devoted to each other and their unique and intimate Soul expression of Love for each other ... and therefore, the Love of All Life in Creation ... as All truly is One!  

And now meet my Beloved! He is my Divine counterpart. I drew his/our Soul portrait this week. I came to this wooden house that I often "break into" and I was sketching outside in the Sun, and I loved what was coming through. He is a Man of the Heart, but a warrior Spirit, shining with his own personal inner Sun! He is my sweet little Elf King!

The next day I painted Him. I was painting for hours, and it was such a delight to paint my Beloved. This is my Mountain Elven King of my Heart. He is always with me, in all that I do and all that I AM. If You notice, he is wearing an Elven crown with the 7-pointed Star. He has Pleiadian eyes and energy Essence, and He is a Being of the Heart/feeling, which is what his pendant represents. He shines so brightly that He is like his own Sun, and he is wearing royal blue, symbolizing his royal Soul lineage. We are always working together in service to All That Is and all that I do, I do because of the Love that we are.

We are all born of Divine Love!

May this inspire You as well!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn  

P.S. Here is my latest video on the Beloved energy: