Monday, October 14, 2013

My New Life identity

Dear Beloveds!

We are flourishing into our New Life identities, can You feel it? If You can not, please continue reading these lines. If You can, You can still choose to keep reading. There are always messages in whatever You are guided towards. As I have already shared, I AM going through a very intense and deep Soul merge at this time. What I feel is that we are all stepping into our new Soul-based personality identities. For me, it began with following my inner guidance which told me to let it all go for a while: personal readings, videos, etc. If we are constantly busy, we cannot create the productive void that this process really requires. We just keep spinning in endless circles. In this void, I began my Elven queen crowning process, which resulted in receiving my New Life name, which is "Aurea." It carries the unique vibration of my New ascended Self. Then my new Soul gift of painting began to emerge as well. Who knows what is next? All I know is that I feel completely different, and that I AM meant to show the Way in a completely new way as well. This is the way of higher dimensional awareness and living. I AM planting those seeds as I anchor my New Life identity. And if I would not have taken this step back, this would not come into Being. It is time to move from busyness and scattered thoughts into great clarity of higher Mind and the wisdom of the higher Heart!

A lot of us no longer resonate with the old ways of doing. We wish to only reside in Being. We wish to know exactly what to create through Divine perfection, in order to make it manifest. We no longer wish to feel guilty if we pursue the things that bring us the most pleasure and joy. We no longer wish to feel shame if we are taking care of ourselves first. There is no shame in saying "No." We no longer wish to hold the heavy burden of volunteering responsibility on this planet. Well guess what ... it was never truly a responsibility after all, we just needed to expand and come into this level of awareness, where the grand picture seems completely different. The New is revealed in its full Light of the illuminated Truth. We no longer wish to feel responsible for anything else but our own Self expansion and Ascension journey.

We also no longer wish to be looked at as inspirations, teachers or mentors, for we simply wish to show/guide the way of this New that is so incredible, and also so real and tangible, if only we have enough courage and will power to step into it fully, with our fully opened Hearts. We are activated on a whole new level Now. And to be honest, those two weeks of video silence did me more good than anything else before. And besides, others had an opportunity to go deeper within and not always rely on what someone else is saying, no matter how wise and Self empowered they are. We are here to embody, live and celebrate our own Divinity. And celebration should be daily ... while pleasure and bliss should not only remain a temporary experience, but a full-time way of Being ... the only Way of Being, actually. We wish to live as free Beings of Divine Love, never worrying about a single thing anymore. When we know that we are Source, we also need to experience ourselves as Source. And Source never worries or doubts. Source just plays with all of its Creation in utter perfection and completion! This is what leads to our inner wholeness. To love, to expand and to infinitely create!

Recently I have also received this non loving comment, that I AM not here to express myself as an Elven Queen, but to be there for others and answering their questions, as people need guidance. Well guess what ... the highest way of being there for all/everyone is to be there for ourselves ... and the only way this is true is when we are living as a fully Self empowered Being of Source ... of Divine Love. I AM not here to please others. I AM not here to lead others. I AM not here to answer to others or to walk their own steps. I never was anyway. I was born to embody Divine Love, Wisdom and Power and that is the only responsibility that I have. And that Self responsibility is between me and my own Soul, and the Spirit of All That Is. I was born of Love, and into the eternal Love I always shall unfold into in my own Becoming!

And the same goes for You. So think again, when You command another on what they should do or what they should be, because this will only sabotage You deeper, and You will continue to walk against your true Self, which is pure Divine Love. It will turn on You eventually. And whatever You do not wish to embrace in another, You are still denying in yourself. So think again, take a step back and take a deeper look to what is really going on within You at this time. Where are You, and where is your awareness at? What do You choose to embody at this time of Now? I choose only Grace. And if You cannot embrace me as a Queen, then You surely can't embrace yourself as One yet! Do You even consider that? All is One, so when we rejoice for another, we rejoice for ourselves and all of Life in Creation!

Saying that we are Divine is not enough anymore. It never was. I still notice how fragile we tend to behave sometimes, thinking that we are less than perfect and far from being Divine, while not fully trusting our own inner guidance. The actions and reactions of people often show me this, and all I can do is continue to empower myself in order to empower others this way as well. When I follow this Way of Truth, everything always aligns and people feel more empowered and stronger. If I do not, this is not the case. So just like our guides, angels and masters are taking a step back now for us to become more of our Self, so can we. Others will be fine, because the same Divinity is running through their veins. The inner power and knowing finally needs to reawaken and be shared in every single Now moment! Can we finally begin to trust that we are always in the right place at the right time, and that our every decision is neither good or bad ... it is simply Divine!?!

So when I take a step back for myself, I can see the bigger picture and my senses can awaken to a new level. And when I take a step back for myself, I also take a step back for others ... so they can do the same for themselves ... and invite the New in! Yes, it is up to us ... it has always been about us! We are the chosen One ... we are the Beloved!

And remember ... the "Queen" is not here to rule the people or make decisions for them. The true purpose of the Queen is to gather her tribe and guide them in making the higher and wisest decisions on their own, which was very beautifully shown in a movie which I have recently seen ... it was called "The snow white and the huntsmen."

Now think about this for a second or two! Let the New sink into your new found sense of personal freedom!

Allow your New Life identity to reveal itself to You ... then embrace it ... become it!

Within Divine Love, Polona

P.S. I sense a new video coming up soon! (winks)

Here are my New Life Self portraits ... paintings of me, my mother and my best friend!