Monday, October 21, 2013

My oracles & Spirit guidance

Dear Beloveds!

As You can see and as You might know, I have many oracle decks that I have gathered within a few years. I love working with them, always in a spontaneous and intuitive way. I was never learning about how to work with them, as I don't believe in certificates and validations from others ... it's all within us, and oracles are a good way to develop our intuitive skills to a new level, always more refined and profound, as we continue to expand. The oracles itself are only serving as an external extension of ourselves, and they mean nothing if we do not read/interpret them through awareness. So the messages coming through will always depend on our expanded awareness.

For me, reading my oracles needs to be fun! I AM often playing with my oracle/tarot cards out in Nature, and it's always so fun. I will randomly take an oracle deck with me on my hikes sometimes. There is nothing better than being playful out in Nature. Personally, I don't need oracle cards to receive messages from the Divine, because I receive them straight from Spirit, my Higher Self. 

This gift is called inner knowingness, and my cards always only confirm what I AM already receiving directly through my Monad. But working with different sets of card is very amusing, and it brings me a lot of fun and joy! Each cards have a unique energy, and I tune into them differently, through my own Soul. Besides the cards, Spirit Divination is in everything and just by being observant and in a state of pure awareness, we are receiving Divination from all that is mirrored to us in the external reality ... from random events to animal messengers, etc. The Diving guidance is in All That Is!

When we raise awareness, we connect to it more deeply and intimately. This is not to be confused with intuitive guidance, which everyone is connected to anyway. We are all intuitive! This is knowing that comes straight from Source. For example, when I do readings, I don't tune into the individual on a personality to personality level. I do not even get personally involved, as it all happens on a higher level. I connect to them through my Higher Self, sourcing straight from Spirit, and then I bring this knowing in the body and transmit it back to them. This is how Spirit guidance works, and it only truly comes through awareness, which strengthens by neutral and expanded observation. Not everyone is on that level of knowing yet, because there is no shortcut to this ... we need to do the "work" ourselves. Expansion of consciousness does not just happen randomly, because we are the ones who need to step into expansion and do the conscious work of expansion and Self integration.

In the New, we are shifting from intuitive to pure inner knowing straight from Spirit ... our own Source Self! You will recognize this in yourself and others, when there is full detachment, absolute neutrality, higher awareness of the Absolute and a deep sense of wholeness within Unity of All. This is the next level ... and the next step to be taken!

P.S. The image shows my oracles when I was moving this year, and the collection was not as "expanded" back then!

As You know, I offer personal Spirit guidance, but I also love posting daily messages on my Facebook page, because it brings me great Joy!

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And now a short update about my personal services! Aside from everything that I share freely with everyone, I love engaging in personal services. So far, everyone was fully satisfied with my offerings, and I only receive wonderful feedback of Heart resonance!

I love working with oracles and other forms of Divination, but it is not about cards at all, it is about the Spirit guidance that always comes through, as I tune into them. My gift is inner knowing, and I can easily read the energy dynamics only through neutral observation. So my services always come through awareness, not about sharing facts or data.

P.S. On this image, You can see my powerful "Ascension trio" from Angela McGerr.

For personal messages, I AM offering guidance in a form of Ascension/Soul messages and additional Spirit guidance. What is the difference, You might ask? Ascension messages are about the energy dynamics and the subtle spiritual patterns within and around You at this time. They act as a Soul transmission and a strong activation for your own personal inner knowing, while additional Spirit guidance is about how to cultivate and embody those Soul Essences in order to move higher on your path of Ascension and personal expansion/freedom. Spirit guidance is sort of a "how to" embody our Highest Soul Expression at this time. Please know that Spirit always shares guidance that is important for us in the Now moment, and it's always benevolent and it shares through expanding awareness, not giving direct answers.

My purpose and Soul desire is never to give answers or advice, but to activate in a deeper sense that opens You up to your own inner Self empowerment and Spirit guidance. By tuning into All That Is, all is available to us, but we have to be pure and Soul aligned in order to tune into it neutrally, within a field of Divine Love, which is our natural state of Being. My services are never about external guidance, they always come from my own Self and the connection to Spirit through my own higher Self. The whole purpose of my services is therefore, to assist You in connecting to your own inner knowing, instead of relying on external guidance. Remember, the path of Ascension is a path of our own Divinity!

The official link to my extended personal services and energy exchange is in transition and coming very soon! It will be shared on my Blog!

Within Divine Love, Polona Aurea Dawn