Wednesday, October 2, 2013

My Soul passions

Dear Beloveds!

Today is the "last" day (for now) that I AM accepting requests for personal Ascension messages/Spirit guidance, because I AM swamped and I won't be doing them for a while then. The guidance coming through at this time is perfectly aligned and accurate with what I AM already feeling inside. I need to focus on the New, let go of some of the things that no longer work for me, as I AM preparing for a new chapter of my life, which is just about to unfold. If I AM constantly busy with something else, I continue to be distracted.

Spirit is guiding me to focus on something else for a while, because I AM called to receive and ground new guidance about creating an Ascension group and work with the most devoted individuals more personally. This is what the next chapter of my life will be about, and it will only continue to expand, until the sacred Mountain retreats come into being! I AM so looking forward to everything New and exciting! It is so much fun to create through our Soul Essences!

We cannot run around like crazy all the time, trying to fulfill everyone's requests, because we need to focus on our own. We need to let go of the old. This is the way of the New, and until I receive new directions, I will be in contemplation mode. Thank You for understanding!

This message kept recurring for me lately. Last week I wanted to work again, but Spirit guided me to forget about everything and go on an adventure instead. So I took my backpack and I went hiking around my village. It was such a beautiful day, full of exciting little details and things that bring me so much joy.

I hiked up the steep hill above the town, and I was first guided to climb one of my favorite trees here. Then I recorded a video on a tree. I later hiked to the village on the hill, picked some fruits along the way, and then I had a snack at this lodge where I was accompanied by sweet little goats. They are so friendly and tamed, so they love to be petted!

I moved along, and I came to that weekend house (again), where there is usually no one around. I naughtily invited myself in, meditated there for a while, and then I played with my tarot cards. The Sun was right in front of me, and it was such a beautiful warm day. Then I also picked some beautiful dog rose around the house, which was so ripe. This will be perfect for some wintertime tea! I ended up picking some other nature's goodies as well.

I continued my trip, and hiked down the hill, where I drank some water by a pure Mountain river stream. I ended my day at my favorite Mountain beach, where I was guided to create another septagram mandala, so a 7-pointed Star with rocks in the sand. 

This was a second one in a row, so obviously I AM being pulled towards something quite magical. After I finished, I meditated with the setting sun, and the feeling was so peaceful.

I was so happy to have gifted myself with alone time/Self treatment and such a magical adventure. If not now ... then when ... if ever? Spirit is showing me, that in the New Life, the higher dimensional awareness and living, we need to continuously nurture our inner playfulness ... the inner child is no longer separated or wounded, it is magical and playful!

That day I also climbed a magical tree. What about You?
Life is in the details. Are You listening? And more importantly ... are You answering the call? Gosh, if everyone would only see what I see and feel how I feel ... Source is in the details!

Do You know that trees can act as a portal, which immediately takes You into an altered state of consciousness/Being? Yes, You got it ... portals are not places ... they are dimensions within dimensions!

Here are some of the things that are never missing in my Pink backpack, when I go out on a Nature adventure: My notebook diary with automatic writings, my Pink water bottle, my soft Pink towel, my sporty camera in a Pink bag, my Pink photo camera (not on the picture), a deck of oracle cards or a book, and ... some freshly picked Nature goodies as well.

I have many other Soul passions as well, besides from being of service through planting seeds of higher awareness. Most of You know me as an Ascension Pioneer, writer, speaker and Spirit guide ... but I also have many other sides of who I AM. I cannot be labeled, none of us can. You might not believe it, but I AM also a dancing queen! And I AM so happy to be dancing again! I just finished a session of over an hour of intense belly dancing. Note: I never learned it anywhere, I sourced it all from my own Soul. When I dance, I express the Divine feminine side of me, while in Mountain climbing, I express the Divine masculine in me, an I AM integrating both in One in perfect balance Now!

I also followed this post (a personality test) on Facebook at the beginning of this week, and it was really wonderful. This is what I got for myself and it's perfectly aligned with me: "4: You are a perceptive and philosophical person. You are a unique, one soul of your kind. Next to you there's no one even slightly similar to you. You are intuitive and a bit quirky. You are often misunderstood, and it hurts you. You need personal space. Your creativity needs to be developed, it requires respect of others. You are a person who clearly sees the light and dark sides of life. You are very emotional." 

But above it all ... I AM an Elven Mountain Princess! And this is where I choose to be more and more on my path of loving service, which is leading me to organize sacred Mountain gatherings/retreats, which will probably start next year. My desire is to work with devoted individuals, to guide them into embodying their Higher Self and live from their Monadic Presence.

Welcome to my Elvish land, full of larch trees and crispy Mountain air! May the Magic of the moment whisk You away, leaving You feeling enchanted and breathless. Isn't that how we are to feel each day living in the New? If we cannot feel this yet, we have to find something to stimulate our senses and excitement, as we continue to bring that into our embodiment.

The New is the Now!

Within Divine Love, Polona 

P.S. See me speak about becoming "New" in my latest video update: